“Is your daughter still renting? Why doesn’t she jump in?”

(Conversation overheard today at the gym. Two boomers.)
Man: Is your daughter still renting?
Woman: Don’t tell me… It gives me anxiety. Who is renting those days?
Man: I do not know. Every one I know owns. Why doesn’t she jump in?
Woman (looking at the far away horizon with empty eyes): She is waiting for things to change…
Man: What ?!?!?!
Woman: This is what she says….
Man: Do you really think things could change? This is Vancouver.
Woman: No…uhhghgh… maybe, who knows?
jumpin in at VCI 4 may 9:26pm

19 responses to ““Is your daughter still renting? Why doesn’t she jump in?”

  1. “Everyone I know owns”

    To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant. – Alcott

    Some days I wonder who is really going to bear the scars of Vancouver’s speculative excesses. That few can identify “subprime” in Canada is, perhaps, because of the predominant colour of the malfeasants’ collars blends better in the snow.

    • I just overheard a startling conversation while I was waiting for the bus at Broadway & Cambie (apropos “subprime”) – a 35ish couple just on their way home from an open house/discussion with mortgage broker. The female half of the couple was exalting over the fact that the interest on the “huge” amount of money they could borrow was only $1400 a month. She was quite excited over the fact that they would only have to pay the interest if they had money challenges at any time (aka – all the time). Neither of them seemed to think that interest rates would ever change from where they are now and that if they did experience “challenges” they could just pay the interest until they could sell for a profit. I am always amazed by how many of these delusional individuals there are, it really does not bode well for the future.

      • reality check

        People on this blog must be real experts at eavesdropping. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a conversation that personal about money between two people I don’t know.

      • realitycheck,
        I’ve never heard them either. In fact, the only anecdotes I hear are from renters – and the stories are decidedly negative. I’ve come to take them with a grain of salt given the all too familiar tone and considering the source of the information

      • Renters Revenge

        “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway

      • Most of the topics here could very likely be made up. There are no evidence of these events even happening. It’s he said, she said shit talk.

      • Yes, nothing really matters but real declining prices…all the rest is background noise.

  2. Paul Streppel

    the question was asked: What do you find good about Vancouver?

    Vancouver is ruled by Neptune, as is the whole West Coast. With Neptune in its dignity in Pisces, Vancouver appears to be set as a spiritual mecca. All those people on the road to pilgrimage need to be housed, right?

    HilorySkott: “Vancouver is a very Neptunian city, in the astrology of location, astro-cartography, the entire west coast is along a Neptune Line, and the qualities of Neptune are embodied in the cities along this line. The glamour of Hollywood and illusions of film as well as the harsh reality of the junkies on the corner of Hastings and Main street; Aka, wastings and pain. The other side of the coin is escapism- always two sides. Neptune is as active in the charts of drug addicts as it is in the spiritual leaders, artists, musicians, writers; those that are inspired know the domain of Neptune.”

    • + when it’s cold, dark and wet, you’re on a mission from god … to buy fruit, bread and milk … or you’re in blade runner
      + pinpointing exact place where they filmed that x-files
      + electric trolley buses … especially when they screw up running off the cables and the driver has to run out reset the fishing poles … or are they chopsticks?
      + az visitors on kits beach sun worship … “these have gotta the be the whitest people i’ve ever seen”
      + late summer day pitch&putt at sp – pretty shadows … and goose problems
      + almost nightly moron’s car fashions show, robson st catwalk … sideshow, people pretending to shop
      + who builds a 3 lane bridge and causeway?

  3. Note to Realty Check – try taking public transit and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll hear.

    • Confirmed. Also, to any fellow transit riders to whom this might apply: I don’t need to hear about the antibiotics the guy sitting behind me needs to take nor how he acquired the infection. Yuck.

  4. VREEA,
    got another one for you.

    Here is a chart of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa and Canadian House Prices, Indexed to 1980 and adjusted for inflation. Most here would agree that the majority of cities in Canada are overvalued/ in bubble status, but only one city in Canada is in absolute bizarro land. Maybe two.

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