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“Has the Vancouver market peaked? Good question—one that bores many a Vancouver dinner party, and one that preoccupies such Internet sites as the Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive.”Macleans, 20 Apr 2010

“A super collection of eye-popping anecdotes from the last of the really great remaining real estate bubbles: Vancouver BC.”Paul Kedrosky, Infectious Greed, 15 Apr 2010

“This site collates anecdotes from the Vancouver Real Estate Market. It is a real eye opener. It is just madness there at the moment.”Bernard Hickey,, 16 Apr 2010

“Prices are marching higher again. See Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive. This will end badly.”Seeking Alpha, 21 Apr 2010

“… an interesting site that provides anecdotes on the Vancouver real estate market”Plan B Economics, 26 Apr 2010

VREAA’s ‘Prediction 2010-2019’ cited and posted at, Dec 2009

“Interesting stories from Vancouver, and its over-heated market” – comment from Michael Webster at 17 Apr 2010

“I’m in Toronto but Vancouver is even worse. I found this blog called Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive this morning and I like it as a sample of the madness going on over there.” – Rachelle,, 2 July 2010

“A pretty cool vancouver housing blog”, poster ‘jwb’, at ‘The Australian Bubble Forum’, 11 Aug 2010 11:42 UTC

“A blog I enjoy”, Ben Rabidoux at financialinsights, 6 Sep 2010

“..the Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archivist (VREAA), a blogger who’s tracked the housing run-up since early 2008..”, Joanna Pachter, in her article ‘Rental Complex’, in ‘Canadian Business’, 14 July 2011

“..a very informative local housing blog..”, ‘Faculty of Science Professor’, UBC, 11 Oct 2011

“The soaring price of Vancouver real estate is the topic on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately speculation is plentiful, with little concrete fact — just open a newspaper or scroll the Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive for the latest horror stories and heated opinions.” – from ‘Are Canadians the New Chinese’, blog post at Key Marketing (home of local realtor Cam Good), 16 Dec 2012

“For more lunacy in Lotusland, I recommend VREAA.” at 9 Apr 2012 4:27pm

“There’s always been a high home-ownerships rate here, but through this recent mania, the stigma on renting has grown more extreme,” explains the Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archivist (VREAA), a blogger who’s tracked the housing run-up since early 2008 (and whose unpopular opinions have led to a carefully guarded anonymity). “It’s very [common] for renters to go to a barbecue and feel sheepish when they speak to the brother-in-law or colleagues. And if you claim online that you can afford to buy but choose not to, you’re jeered as clearly lying.” While the average price of a Vancouver home is now more than 11 times the average family’s income, the rental market has stayed earthbound. But VREAA notes that the bubble has raised the “social cost” of renting. “[It’s] become broadly socially synonymous with being relatively impoverished and disenfranchised,” he wrote in a post that drew passionate debate.”
Joanna Pachter, in her article ‘Rental Complex’, Canadian Business, 14 July 2011

Choice Vitriolic:

“People should get familiar with this website [VREAA]. It proves time and time again with endless examples why owning a home has been the best thing to ever happen to people in Vancouver whereas for the renter – well you know what happened to them folks – walking around shellshocked and kicked to the curb. This is maybe the best PRO home owner site on the web.”
‘BPOE’, a mindlessly RE-bullish regular poster at, 14 Jan 2012 12:56am