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Vanc RE, No change – “..really mildish weather that’s very livable..”

“The weather’s good.. things have been good. …
This is the first time that I’m here.
And, umm, I have to say it’s .. I’m going to add it to my list of favourite places in the world… I’m sorry, you’re going to have to deal with that..
It’s ridiculous, you have really mildish weather that’s very livable, and nice, and an easy way of life.. a lot of craftsman style houses to live in.. really good marijuana.. very good marijuana… microbreweries, just everywhere… hip coffee places, really good restaurants.. gorgeous-gorgeous women, very hospitable generous men.. so, I think,… I think this is a good place. (laughs)

– Reggie Watts, Rifflandia 2012, Victoria, BC

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Vanc RE, no change; yet.
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