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How To Use This Site

1. Read ‘ABOUT VREAA‘ for background and introduction. 2. Send VREAA an anecdote by either e-mailing vreaa at OR by posting your anecdote as a comment on the latest thread. Logging in is not necessary, but please leave a ‘handle’. All stories are welcome.

1. He said, She said, I said

Over the BBQ, at the office party, during Thanksgiving dinner, in the check-out line-up.
Accounts of civil dialogue, overheard tid-bits, and heated exchanges about Vancouver RE.

2. Profiting from the Boom

sunbather002-copy.jpgStories about folks who’ve made a killing, either by selling appreciated RE, or by accumulating enough RE to feel like land barons.

3. Changed my Life

leap_house010-copy.jpgStories about folks who have made big changes, directly because of the current value of Vancouver RE.

Early retirement, bought more toys, stopped other saving, etc. etc.

4. Changed my Career

career_change004-copy.jpgStories about folks who’ve changed their line of work to RE related endeavours.

5. Where do Buyers get the money?

magician_money009-copy.jpgFirst hand accounts of where buyers are getting the cash for their downpayments.

Financed by Mom & Pop? Grow-ops? Four jobs? Offshore funds? Robbed a bank? Commodity trades? And so forth..

6. Held my Nose and Leapt

Stories about people buying out of ‘priced-out forever’ fears, spousal cajoling, or other pressures.