‘Vancouver City Hall: Housing Report Card 2012’; Plus Revised Version

The following ‘Vancouver City Hall: Housing Report Card 2012’ appears at VanCityBuzz 8 April 2013.
The cheekily truthpacked revised version below that is from a source that is as yet unknown to us (but was passed on via e-mail by ‘B’, 9 Apr 2013).



10 responses to “‘Vancouver City Hall: Housing Report Card 2012’; Plus Revised Version

  1. This is just waiting for a good satire. This is a tactical misstep by VV.

  2. Cyril Tourneur

    I am always astounded by how “managed” housing is in Vancouver.

  3. That’s pretty funny stuff. What’s up with the poodle next to the 2012 in the satirical version? Ideas?

  4. To be clear I’m a RE bear, but for anyone to state that 0% of Olympic Village is social housing is false.
    I live in a rental apartment in OV (paying market rent) and I know for a fact that many of my neighbours in the building pay the minimum, around $400 a month…and still complain while living on the sea wall!
    In comparison I pay $1400 for the same unit. Yes I’m moving as soon as possible.

    • I think even if they lived in the new Fairmont Hotel right on Downtown waterfront for free, they would still complain. You just can’t please some people.

  5. Tax payers in Vancouver will pay for the 2010 Winter party debt for the rest of their life …..enjoy !!!

  6. You lost me at the rent control bit there. Look at NY to see what kind of destruction that bring with it in the long term. Mess with economics and you will get unintended consequences. Rents are reasonable here, real estate prices are not.

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