‘Policies On Housing’ – The Positions Of Local Entities On The Challenges Facing Vancouver Housing

Posts in the series, thus far:

#1 – NSV (‘Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver’)
[Not a response, but jesse’s discussion/critique of the publicized NSV position]

#2 – Joe Carangi, NPA Candidate for Vancouver City Council

#3a – Sandy Garossino, Independent Candidate for Vancouver City Council
[Excerpts from interview with ‘The Mainlander’]
#3b – Sandy Garossino, Independent Candidate for City Council
[Response to our questions]

#4 – Tim Louis, COPE City Council Candidate

#5 – Ellen Woodsworth, Cope City Council Candidate

[#6 – “Mayoral candidates Gregor Robertson and Suzanne Anton each said they would not put limits on foreign investment.”]

#7 – Non-Responders; Delinquents; Hall Of Shame

Dear Candidate:
_Invitation to publicize your position on housing policy._
The ‘Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive’ (VREAA) is a local blog that focuses on the personal stories of Vancouver citizens meeting the challenges of housing during a real estate price boom.
We are currently running a series of posts called ‘Policies On Housing’ in which we feature the positions of local political groups/entities who may end up shaping future policy.
We would like to invite you to lay out your policy in that regard, around the following questions:
1. What do you see as the main housing challenges facing Vancouver?
2. What measures do you propose to address those challenges?
3. What is your policy on housing densification?
4. Would you support policies that would lead to a drop in real estate
5. What is your own family’s housing situation?
Your answers to these questions will be headlined as a separate post, and discussion will ensue.
This is an opportunity for you to have your position on this central issue publicized and debated.
Please send your reply to: vreaa@hotmail.com
‘jesse’ (frequent contributor at VREAA) &
‘vreaa’ (vancouver real estate anecdote archivist)

Regular readers know that we at VREAA have been pretty much agnostic when it comes to the finer points of political policy: Our focus here has rather been on the massive market forces that the speculative mania has applied. We have argued that differences in the approaches of different groups to ‘affordable’ housing in Vancouver pale into relative insignificance when it comes to the effect of the bubble, and that, when the bubble implodes, an approach to a sustainable and sensible housing policy will face challenges different from those now apparent. Debating details of policy, we’ve argued, is like debating precisely where to position the proverbial deck-chairs on the Titanic. So, we’ve argued, let the bubble play out, then respond to the terrain that remains.
We respect the fact, however, that many (most?) disagree with that position, and we acknowledge that some regular posters on these pages may have a valid point when they argue that policy is important, now. So, out of respect to that position, we will headline the housing policies of major local political groups/’players’, and discussion thereof, over an ongoing series of posts, ‘Policies On Housing’. We have invited candidates to voice their opinions by open invitation and via the e-mail above.
All of these posts will be linked in the 24. Policies On Housing sidebar category, and via the sidebar graphic, too, linking to this post.
Please, do not misinterpret any of these posts as endorsements of positions. Our aim here is to record positions, and to encourage discussion.
– vreaa

One response to “‘Policies On Housing’ – The Positions Of Local Entities On The Challenges Facing Vancouver Housing

  1. Many thanks, here vreaa.

    I hope others can step up and provide some commentary on various proposals. I started with some on NSV but other parties I’m sure have comprehensive housing policy platforms as well.

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