‘Flip Vancouver’ Speculator Invite Flyer

– flyer targeting local RE speculators, found downtown June 2017, archived for the record [thanks to Westside Frank]

3 responses to “‘Flip Vancouver’ Speculator Invite Flyer

  1. well, like it or not, these guys have been right about the market performance thus far. unfortunate, bears choose to get in bed with the El nino camp, the armchair economist, hence landless forever.

  2. Seeking Knowledge

    Good looking young hosts – check. Society’s love of reality ‘stars’ – check. Exotic sports car – check. Make a life time of income in a less than a year – check. Real estate zeitgeist – check. Pretty backdrop of Vancouver – check. Marble countertop – check. Free refreshments and an iPad!!! – where do I sign up?!!?

  3. white_angelos_honest_ombra

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