Eight of the Top Ten Donors to the BC Liberal Party are RE Industries

– from The Vancouver Sun, 17 Jan 2017

This requires no commentary. – vreaa

42 responses to “Eight of the Top Ten Donors to the BC Liberal Party are RE Industries

  1. Quelle surpise!!!!This is Clarkistan after all!!!

  2. Love to see the top 10 donor lists to all the major civic parties. Probably just as bad and RE are control more by the city than province or federal gov’t.

    • Controlled by the city how, exactly? Other than local taxes, bylaws, permitting, etc., it is the provincial and / or federal governments that collect taxes, provide RE subsidies, influence lending policies, control immigration, and generally wield influence. Case in point is the B.C. Liberals new, interest-free loan program. You are a bubble apologist.

      • City decides how much density and hence housing is build, what the cost to build is via various permit fees, development charges, “Eco” standards, etc. Not province and not federal gov’t. It has the biggest influence on housing supply. In Vancouver, you can’t even build a standard 2000 sq ft for anything under $200K construction cost, and you have to wait at least 6 months just for the permits. In many parts of US, you can buy house + land for that much.

        You are the one who’s blind.

      • Exactly as I said, city does permitting. But to dismiss market influence of provincial and federal governments is a mistake.

  3. Vancouver and various cities have the power to crush the speculators easily and effortless, without all these new regs against empty homes, AirBnB, etc if they really want. But they don’t, why? Cuz it would affect developer profits, that’s why. There are many easy pickings that could have been done years ago if anyone at city hall actually had any foresight and cared about their cities.

    No, instead the city politicians mostly either catered to developers, or wanted to be some big global hotshot in creating green liberal eco utopian city like CoV’s Robertson.

  4. Vote Liberal. Imagine NDP is in power, how much more bitching bears have to do!

    • Probably much much more and far more vitriol given the bears are also likely to be either out of a job, or face reduced wages and higher taxes. So even if the house prices crash by 50%, the bears would probably worry about paying next month’s rent than buying any deals.

      Well, except for the smart VCI bears who apparently all have at least mid-6 figures investment portfolios. Amazing none of those investment gurus never bothered to start their own hedge funds and makes tens of millions with that kind of track record.

      • Dude, I don’t get why you bother going on vci. At least we have intelligent debate here. How does a blog work when you can actually start to silence someone’s comments by down voting it. That is one screwed up mechanism. But whatever, I am sure the bears on vci will reach puberty one day and move out of their parents basements, one can only hope.

      • “I am sure the bears on vci will reach puberty one day and move out of their parents basements, one can only hope.”

        bears on vci have puberty disorder; they can never grow fur and be matured.

  5. The NDP doesn’t have much time left to convince voters that the donations are directly related to the “housing crisis”. They aren’t out in front of the debate, they are trailing in the wake of the fourth estate.

    • [CBC] – West Vancouver population drop causes concern: Aging population, increasing housing prices and foreign buyers blamed for population decline

      …”The province says the population of one of Canada’s wealthiest municipalities has taken a noticeable drop.

      A report by B.C. Stats says between 2015 and 2016, West Vancouver’s population dropped by 2.1 per cent — the largest year-over-year decrease of any B.C. municipality with at least 15,000 people.

      Just under 41,000 people now call the municipality home…

      …West Vancouver Councillor Craig Cameron calls the population decrease in his district “concerning.”

      “It speaks to some of the challenges we have in the community.”

      “What we’re seeing a great deal… of foreign buyers coming in and either purchasing for investment or moving in,” said Cameron.

      “And often they only live part of the year, if they move in, in Vancouver and live part of the year elsewhere.”…


  6. 4085 Lillooet – reno-flipping beavers at work. Sold 14/June/2016 for $1.35M – this coolly depressing monochromatic modern staged hospital aesthetic was just listed at $1.699M. It has the coziness of a meat locker. If the past price trajectory had continued, it would be closer to $2M.

    The good is that it has a big playing field in front. The bad is that it has an east-west orientation halfway up the Renfrew Height’s hill, which will be in perpetual shade until the western sun sears in. Being so close to a high school is decidedly not good.

    The kitchens have atrocious layouts. Staging a couple of patio chairs on the driveway is laughable. No one would ever sit there – and the chairs would be stolen in a heartbeat.

    Not a horrible house and location but, with the topography and orientation, far from the top on the desirability scale.

    • [Guardian] – Squatters turn oligarch’s empty London property into homeless shelter: Vast £15m home bought by Russian Andrey Goncharenko, who wants to add a pool and leisure centre, is housing about 25 people

      …”A veteran group of squatters has occupied an empty £15m central London property purchased by a Russian oligarch in 2014 and opened it as a homeless shelter…

      …The squatters – Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians, known as ANAL – said they entered the building through an open window on 23 January and have accommodated about 25 homeless people so far, many of whom had been sleeping rough around Victoria station.

      Tom Fox, 23, one of the squatters, said: “It is criminal that there are so many homeless people and at the same time so many empty buildings. Our occupation is highlighting this injustice.”

      New rough sleeper figures published this week have revealed an increase of 16% from last year, to more than 4,000.

      More than 200,000 homes have been empty for more than six months, according to new government figures.

      Fox said ANAL members had set up a projector so they could hold movie nights, are collecting portable cookers to provide food for homeless people and are planning to host talks about homelessness and other issues. They have also established a free shop offering clothing.”…


      • We’re the BPOE — the Russians just don’t know it yet. When they find out, prices will go “sputnik”. Buy now!!

        @Arnie, @Brian, #TheOligarchsAreComing

  7. 141 21st Ave: a repellent “luxury” property – overpriced by half a mil.

  8. 336 58th Ave E: the progression of a property – numbers rounded for simplicity.
    Bought and scraped in ’93 for $245K – sold with new house in ’94 for $447.5K. Sold again 7 years later for $363K. Sold 2.2 years later for $428K.
    Now listed at the “hot new price” of $1.798M – “down” from $1.998M – about $240K over last assessed instead of $440K over.
    No view, no Skytrain, no laneway house. A Van Spec mess.

  9. [CBC] – Breaking: Province to exempt those with work permits from foreign buyers tax, premier says

    …”Premier Christy Clark said her government is planning to make changes to the foreign homebuyers tax, saying it will exempt those who have work permits.

    Clark made the comments Sunday while speaking to reporters at a Lunar New Year event in Vancouver.”…


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