“I went to Berlin because it was a place where you could afford to have space and time, which was a tricky thing in Vancouver. Time to work on my art because I wasn’t on this insane anxiety of the financial pressure of the city.”

“Berlin and Vancouver are very, very different cities. Just culturally, it’s extremely different. I went to Berlin because I was making music and art consecutively and it was a place where you could afford to have space and time, which was a tricky thing in Vancouver, and continues to be a very tricky thing as an artist. So Berlin allowed me time, more than anything. Time to work on my art because I wasn’t on this insane anxiety of the financial pressure of the city. So, the working is different. In Berlin you have to be quite self-motivated, because you can easily just go down a hole and not work, because of the lack of pressure to pay your bills. I still love Vancouver deeply and it’s where I’m from, but at the moment Berlin is where I call home.”
Artist Jeremy Shaw, winner of the 2016 Sobey Award, in interview with Canadian Art magazine 1 Nov 2016

34 responses to ““I went to Berlin because it was a place where you could afford to have space and time, which was a tricky thing in Vancouver. Time to work on my art because I wasn’t on this insane anxiety of the financial pressure of the city.”

  1. “I love Vancouver deeply”.

    Who says that?? Sounds so weird to me now. In my case it was never love. I did like it though… In the 70s, 80s, and even 90s it was still sort of cool. Kind of. Alas, no more.

  2. #Alternatively,There’sMinehead,Somerset… #VeryPopularThisTimeOfYear…

  3. Latest release from the used house salesmen at REBGV.


    Apparently people are in a “holding pattern”. LOL.

    Detached prices are down 16% annualized.

    It’s over, Vancouver.

  4. 1113 e prospect – zombie real estate rodent

  5. I was astounded to see the list of benefactors at the LA Center Theatre Group. I like art and theatre, but it ain’t free.

  6. ‘Space capsule’ pods rent for up to HK$2,800 to HK$4,500 a month, with tenants sharing a kitchen, a bathroom and cmmon area.
    A 700 sq ft apartment can fit a maximum of 10 pods.
    Landlord Wong now makes a profit of HK$120,000 (C$15,000) a month.

    This house, a stone throw away from BCIT, has 16 bedrooms. Owner can add a laneway house on top of that garage to fatten his wallet.

  7. Good recent piece on CBC Marketplace on Real Estate Rodents – but they missed the boat.

    It would have been far more interesting had they filmed a variety of Rodents giving their “free” market evaluations; seeing the cons and manipulation to get the seller to sign the contract – the Eureka moment when they finally have the property owner by the balls. It’s all about getting that signature. That’s when the power shifts.

    The show’s segment showing a real estate auction in Melbourne was illustrative of silliness. Why have a Real Estate Rodent in the middle acting as auctioneer? When the government sells property they do it by sealed bids which are opened in a public place. Don’t need the Rodents at all.

    I don’t know what my parents paid for our family home – a shack in the woods on four acres, but after owning it for twenty years they sold it for around seven thousand. When they bought their crappy old attached house in the city, they knew the seller and paid cash.

    There was no agent involved – no lister, no buyer’s agent – no real estate office on either end. There was no bank, no mortgage broker. There was no home inspector. There was no stager, no photographer. There was no MLS listing with a virtual tour. All excrescence. The only middle man with his finger in the pie was a lawyer who vetted the sales contract.

    • Well good luck since BC gov’t almost made RE agent a required participant now in all RE deals. You can’t have anyone who acts on behalf of someone else without being a licensed realtor. All in the name of protecting consumers.

  8. 651 53rd Ave E – underpriced by at least a quarter mil, so the Rodent can crow about selling over ask, or get a quick double-ender from a builder.

  9. rod_jonsson_pmd

    look at those t-bond yields spike! … bond bull is done … get used to steadily rising rates for years

  10. Coal Harbour penthouse is for sale at just a smidgen under $59 million

    A numbered company (0996109 B.C. LTD.) whose lone listed director is businessman An-Ban Wang bought the property in 2014 for the bargain-basement price of $16.6 million, which was actually $6 million below the asking price.

    An-Ban Wang is also listed as a director of Tentimes Holding Canada Inc. along with Ruo Xiong Wang and Dong Huang, which appears to be linked to Chinese real estate giant the Tentimes Group (or Tiantai Group). The founder of Tentimes Group is Ruoxiong Wang, who is also a founder of the China Entrepreneurs Club, sometimes referred to as the ‘billionaires club,’ which toured Canada last month.
    Wang Ruoxiong

    Chairman of Tentimes Group. Co. Ltd., a property development firm that has been a leader in branding and green housing. No. 947 on last year’s Hurun China list, worth $630-million. A villa he owns has been named one of China’s top-10 luxury homes. In recent years, he has become an outspoken Christian executive. “I am merely a housekeeper of Jesus, assisting him in taking care of the company,” he told the BBC.

  11. foreign buyer tax will not apply to purchases of pre-sale condos

    Vancouver presale market strong, attracting interest of foreign buyers

    • [Guardian] – New Interpol head is Chinese former deputy head of paramilitary police force: Vice-minister Meng Hongwei’s election has sparked concerns his position may be used to boost China’s campaign to pursue dissidents around the globe

      …”China has worked through Interpol to bring back officials it says fled overseas and last year issued 100 “red notices”, a type of international arrest warrant.

      It says about a third have been returned to China, but many western countries are wary of complying with extradition requests given China’s harsh treatment of prisoners, use of the death penalty for economic crimes and a lack of concrete evidence.

      Most officials on the list had fled to the US or Canada, and China does not have extradition treaties with either country. But in a surprise move in September, Canada announced it would start negotiating a treaty.”…


  12. YongMing Yan aka Willian Yan aka Bill Liu
    turned himself in to Chinese authorities, after hiding in ANZ for the past 15 years


    • 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand !!!

      Fugitive businessman returns to China after 15 years on the run overseas
      Former drug company chairman Yan Yongmin, who was on country’s 100 most-wanted list, sent back from New Zealand

  13. There is no extradition treaty between China and Canada. Hmm … does it mean that the former book-keeper (xin Jeff Li) and former legal assistant (Qian Pan) will live happily ever after back in their native land? Also, a cursory impression I got from speed-reading SCooper’s excellent news report is that – Ms Guo’s clients were all real estate investors (aka foreign buyers!?,

    “In court filing, Guo (immigration and real estate lawyer) alleges her former bookkeeper and legal assistant developed a relationship beyond their office work and conspired with accomplices to unlawfully remove the money from her trust account. Some of the millions missing from Guo’s account were converted to cash in a B.C. casino before the bookkeeper and legal assistant fled to China, a civil suit filed by Guo in B.C. Supreme Court alleges.”

  14. rod_jonsson_pmd

    pffft! … latest msm anthem … http://tinyurl.com/n2jc2jy

  15. U.S. Returns Chinese Fugitive After 13 Years on the Run

    the septuagenarian’s demeanor says it all. at last, no more mashed potato and chips. time for real food.

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