Where Life Is Absurd, We Need Art – “Why I pranked Torontonians with fake condo signs”


It was a mock proposal so realistic that, for a moment, Toronto collectively gasped – was Old City Hall really being turned into a condo? The artists behind the stunt, self-identified ‘urban interventionists’ known only as Glo’erm and Tuggy, intended to spark outrage when they erected a fake public notice last week. They wanted people to be angry – so angry that they started caring about how this city is developing.

“In the real estate frenzy this city is experiencing, it feels like nothing is too sacred not to be considered for development. Our faux proposals featuring Toronto’s most beloved buildings address our concern that the development proposal process in this city is broken. How many of us are meaningfully included in the shaping of Toronto?”
– Daniel Rotsztain

– from The Globe and Mail, 27 Oct 2016

26 responses to “Where Life Is Absurd, We Need Art – “Why I pranked Torontonians with fake condo signs”

  1. LOLOLOL, I approve!

  2. 2923 44th Ave: on the massive Killarney Bog – bought Nov ’06 for $577K – listed at $2.58M. Basically up $2M in 10 years while having a place to live -with an illegal second suite for extra cash.

  3. When Richmond built their first two highrise condos, a family friend commented that that it was reckless and irresponsible. What we need is an art piece that also functions as a reminder for the brainless who think with their 5-inch in the Rathaus.

    Nowadays, trade delegation arrived complete with lubricant, figuratively or not, straight from the spokeswoman’s mouth. I almost choked on my beef ribs while watching the ctv news.

  4. I fail to see the humour; by all accounts I would be in full favour of this proposal.

  5. 3475 Matapan: sold April 2014 for $820K – listed at $1.699M. Exorbitant.

  6. 2623 29th – a busy street with roller coaster dips and rises: last assessed at $1.319M – listed by the same Real Estate Rodent @ $2.85M – 104-year-old house valued @ $22K would cost a fortune to keep up. Would only approach this value as a land assembly/redevelopment.

  7. #IsNothingSacred?,Or… #SpeakingOfArt,Artists&PropertyDevelopers…

  8. 5800 block of Witshire Street
    $260 per month to live in a storeroom

    Ms Xie, the tenant rented the house for $3,500 a month and illegally sublet it to 16 others.
    She has keys to 3 other houses in Dunbar St, W 47th and Richmond, and may be sub-letting them too.
    It appears that the police can’t do anything as she only produced an expired PR card, possibly to hide her current legal address.

    • So maybe charge her with something and then put her in jail while awaiting trial. That would probably make her spill the current legal address pretty quickly. I’m surprised that you can get away with not showing your current address / ID to police nowadays and not being arrested or shot right then and there.

      Sometimes, mob / vigilance justice is the best way to ensure things like this doesn’t happen.

      I guess the only positive for the landlord is that she is actually paying the rent? Unlike the more professionals who pays for 3 months and then stop paying while drag the landlord before RTA board to delay eviction.

    • $260 a month to rent this living space …

      in a westside detached home located on Wiltshire Street .. nice roof ..

      Some people have a knack for saving, and sniffing out deals. A Pattison’s supermarket regularly offers $3.99 for a lunch Combo that normally goes for $7+. Customers in steel-toe boots and safety helmets line up. If only they knew that “fried rice” are left-over cooked rice from the night before.

  9. Shanghai head office of the People’s Bank of China has asked commercial banks to prevent illegal sources of credit, especially wealth management funds, from entering the land market.
    The city will strengthen checks on property downpayments,

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