For Those Who Have Lost All Perspective, Think On This



After surviving a serious illness and divorce, Denise Franklin was more than ready to start over. With a $25,000 budget, she approached architect Henry Yorke Mann to help her build a home fit for a fresh start in rural British Columbia. Mann saved money by severely restricting the size and material cost. Designing the 280-square-foot space in a mandala shape, Mann gave this home all the essentials and more. Franklin loves nature, and it was important that the home feel connected to the outdoors. A front porch reaches out into her front yard and vegetable garden. Mann used all natural and local materials — no synthetic or plastic materials were used in any part of the home. Durable, insulated metal roofing keeps the home well protected from the elements.
– from ‘Tiny B.C. cabin — at 280 sq. ft. — provides more than enough space to start a new life, and garden’, National Post, 14 Jun 2016




13 responses to “For Those Who Have Lost All Perspective, Think On This

  1. What a refreshing change of perspective from the rat-race, consumerist, beat-the-Jones culture in Vancouver. Don’t me wrong, I’m a full-fledged capitalist. Just not stoked on superficial pursuits and phoney wealth like Vancouver’s ponzi-scheme RE market.

    May I recommend an outstanding blog on the value and methods of living a simpler, financially smarter life? Mr. Money Mustache:

  2. Nice yard. 280 sqft doesn’t quite capture the FSR equivalence…

  3. a very Vancouver thing happened to me a few weeks ago. i was crossing the street when your typical short tempered self absorbed vancouverite in a Mercedes started screaming at me for walking too slow, looked like the vein on his forehead was gonna blow,
    he then pulled over, got out of his car and went to stand in line at Earnest Ice Cream……….i thought that was a little funny

    even the angry vicious vancouver urban tough guys like their trendy ice cream.
    the new vancouver

  4. Great for a staycation during warmer months.

  5. coastal scenarios ~

    Pod-like Survival Capsule protects those who can’t flee a tsunami

  6. Btw, in China, it is almost expected now that if the average salary guy wants to get married, the parents will be at least footing the down payment amount. At least – which generally means entire parents savings. But given the rapid increase in housing prices, most parents are more than willing to gift this.

    Also, there is a HUGE chasm between high skill workers and low skill worker wages. My wife’s niece and her hubby that works in local Chinese SAP consulting firm in a 2nd or 3rd tier city pulls down a $2K CAD/month salary when they aren’t on a project – basically hanging around doing not much, and when on projects, easily pulls down $4K to $5K CAD/month salary. All figures are after tax. So, they buys million yuan condos easily. Nor are they statistical outliers like $1M+/yr doctor / lawyers. So, the reported average salary figures in China can be a bit misleading as well.

  7. Oh yeah, only wages are taxed in China with no tax deductions, etc – so basically most people never have to file anything called a tax return or even have to think about tax. Capital gains, dividends, interests, RE cap gains, etc are all non-taxable either.

    The best thing is that when a company offers a salary, you will get that salary. Unlike here where $100K salary doesn’t mean anywhere near $100K take home pay.

  8. what are you still doing here? let pack up and move there, shall we!

  9. Wow, $25,000 home? So what if it is only 280 square feet. A home bought outright with land for that little in Canada anywhere, WOW. Can’t even buy that cheap in Thailand.

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