Home As Financial Instrument


Visual insight by R.O. Blechman

12 responses to “Home As Financial Instrument

  1. A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the company’s parking lot and saves 90% of his income

    • JOhn Oliver running a tight censorSHIP

      Ugly downside to economic growth: Housing Vancouver

      Number of unsold condos in Toronto raises red flags

  2. I have to say my impression was NOT about housing or anything housing related.

  3. in vancouver people worship their property value more than any other people in the world

    • You’ve obviously never been to Asia.

      • And you obviously have not met Mr Irishman who bought 4700 acres in the Upper Lands or his compatriots who are now landlording all over the LML. lol you two.

        However, the love affair with our real estate by foreign dirty money is obvious. The only way to fight back is to keep your money offshore and then trickle it back slowly as “foreign” to circumvent all the inconveniences. I’m already seeing that happening.

  4. YVR Housing Analyst (@YVRHousing)

    A 3-4 story house as depicted sounds like the right amount of density for the city.

  5. Mr Pau Martin addressed a crowd of academics and journalists at the Canadian embassy in Beijing, on October 26th. He says, “A new government led by Justin Trudeau has thrust Canada into a “new era” in its relations with China and the rest of the world”

    Asked how Mr. Trudeau might approach China differently from the Stephen Harper government, Mr. Martin said: “This is a new era … The opportunity to work with China in the G20 is one that Canada will take advantage of, and we should have been taking advantage of for some time.”

    It would make “enormous sense,” he said, for Canada to pursue a free-trade agreement with China, particularly as part of a broader global trade deal.

    In the last three paragraphs of the article, is he articulating that – Canada will continue to welcome China’s corrupt officials who escape here with their ill-gotten loot?

    And, he said, in Canada, “We have our own problems.”
    Amen. And God bless the Queen!

    Here is an excerpt of his interview with China CAIXIN media.

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