The Tyee to Host “A Storytelling Night in Search of Vancouver Housing Solutions”

[The Tyee is] hosting ‘Housing in the City: Beyond the Headlines’, a two-hour public exploration of ideas on how Vancouver can avoid becoming a place where only the one per cent can afford to live.
Throughout the evening, seven experts will tell stories about places and people who are creating affordable, suitable and secure housing in Canadian cities. Speakers include University of British Columbia geographer David Ley, Whistler Housing’s Marla Zucht, Metro Vancouver’s Tom Lancaster, Gail Joe of the First Nations Market Housing Fund, and Robert Brown of Catalyst Community Developments.
The event will focus on some of the most stressed contributors to Vancouver’s economic and cultural success: those in working households at or below the city’s median wage.

Source: Next Month, a Storytelling Night in Search of Vancouver Housing Solutions | The Tyee 5 October 2015

5 responses to “The Tyee to Host “A Storytelling Night in Search of Vancouver Housing Solutions”

  1. Let me guess – more density!!! More eco-friendly & creative housing solutions aka tiny micro suites that are more like cages than homes.

  2. I have always imagined more density is adding more family friendly townhomes and apartments. Ie. 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1300 sq ft ones.

    • Well there are proposals to force developments to have a certain % of those types of units, but realistically at the current price / sq ft, 1000+ sq ft units will be out of the reach of most local income buyers.

      What’s most likely to happen I think is that the 3br units will all be tiny 900 sq ft or maybe even smallers, to be sold to investors who will in term likely rent them to students, single professionals, etc. Not the families who needs actual family sized affordable housing.

  3. It’s good to keep talking. Dr. Ley will have some interesting comments on the human geography at play. This is an interesting time in the City’s development, and one key aspect to watch out for is what happens when incumbents, income aside, refuse to be displaced. ie San Francisco. (If you think Vancouver is down the rabbit hole you can only watch SF with respectful awe at its Dali-esque grip on reality.)

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