House Painting

ken kewley - model with house

‘Model With House’ by Ken Kewley

8 responses to “House Painting

  1. any art that has a chance of even being sold in vancouver needs to have a Real Estate connection, vancouverites live for Real Estate. RE reflects everything in a vancouverites life

  2. Real Estate Tsunami

    Rennie owns both paintings.

  3. Painting accurately reflects size of house which Vancouverites can reasonably afford to purchase in the future…


  4. Ken has done some decent work. See here

    Certainly well out of my area of expertise, but perhaps the City of Vancouver councilors can comment more meaningfully.

  5. For some inexplicable reason, IllustriousEd… that painting is oddly reminiscent of MickeyRourke’s infamous ‘bottomless’ popcorn box scene in, “Diner [1982]”.

  6. Real Estate Tsunami

    Regarding the transgender issue, why did you wade into this morras, knowing quite well the responses.
    How many public school students are in Vancouver?
    How many are transgendered?

    • The post is to document the fact that, bizarrely, RE values were cited in this debate, not to wade in anywhere.

      That said, the people objecting to tolerance of variations in gender identity in the population are demonstrating ignorance of the science, and are making primitive, bigoted arguments. They need to be educated, with word and deed, and should definitely not be shaping our social policy.
      About 1 in 30,000 people are transgendered. So what? The principle would be the same even if the proportion was even smaller.

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