A Veterinarian’s Dilemma – “Living in a 300-square-foot closet, moving to northern B.C. or renting for life.”

“My veterinarian, owner of a successful west-side practice, emailed recently to say young professionals like him “are left with a choice between living in a 300-square-foot closet, moving to northern B.C. or renting for life.”
– from ‘Here in B.C., we’re richer than we think — on paper’, Barbara Yaffe, 24 Mar 2014

[Posts are, as you can see, very sporadic. No change in our outlook for Vanc RE market. -ed.]

21 responses to “A Veterinarian’s Dilemma – “Living in a 300-square-foot closet, moving to northern B.C. or renting for life.”

  1. #TheNativesAreGettingRestless #PoliticalBackLash

    “We want to use planning policy to end the scandal of new homes being wasted in this way.” – Mr. James Murray, Islington Council Executive Member, Housing & Development

    [UK Guardian] – London council plans to fine ‘buy-to-leave’ investors:
    Islington seeks to ‘end the scandal of new homes being wasted’ by investors who buy properties and then leave them empty

    …”Buy-to-leave” investors could be fined up to £60,000 in an assault on empty housing being considered by a London council.

    The charge on the growing phenomenon of vacant homes in high-value areas, exemplified this year by the scandal of empty mansions on the Bishop’s Avenue in north London, has been proposed by Islington council. Close to 300 of homes built in the area since 2008 still have no one on the electoral roll, which the council says may mean they are vacant.

    Owners would be obliged to ensure properties are occupied “regularly throughout the year” or face a charge as high as £60,000, a discussion paper set before the council last week suggests. On request, owners would be expected to supply evidence such as utility bills to prove someone lives there. The fines would help fund affordable housing elsewhere and would be written into planning agreements…

    …Islington analysed electoral roll data for half a dozen new apartment buildings constructed since 2008 and found that, of the 587 dwellings, a third had no registered voter living in them or were marked as empty. For the Orchard Building, a block of 45 flats, 23 fell into that category.”…


      • #BonusZen

      • #tOObADsOsAD

        [CNBC] – And the best city to move to is…

        …”Vienna, the home of Mozart and Freud, has held on to its title as the city with the highest quality of life, according to the 2014 rankings of the best places to live and work by management consultancy Mercer.

        Vienna was followed by Zurich, Switzerland, and Auckland, New Zealand. In fourth place was Germany’s Munich while Vancouver, Canada, was in fifth — the highest-ranked city in North America. Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, also in Germany, take sixth and seventh place.”…


      • “London did not make the top 10, thanks to poor scores for its air pollution and traffic congestion. Mercer did note that London, which made it to 38th in the survey, did have world-class recreational facilities and a great selection of shops.”

      • “L’Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers.” — Napoleon I

        [NoteToIllustriousEd: As chance would have it… I might have well have remained if ‘LeBoutiquiers’ hadn’t executed a LBO on TheMagicCircle. Never mind… for ‘Nemesis’, it’s always been a question of triage, so to speak. I go where the need is most urgent… http://tinyurl.com/njkpd2u ]

      • [AddendumToIlustriousEd: http://tinyurl.com/nkktc5f – Great Viennese Architecture. TrustMe…. otherwise, just file this one under #IronicContext {VidelicetSource}: Apologies, Ed/All. It’s been a RoughOldWeek. And it’s only Tuesday.]

        # Cryptonyms

    • “You know what else I think when they say, tax the rich? Most rich people are able to avoid taxes, and if you can’t raise enough money from taxing the rich, guess who pays the taxes? Yes, you do.” – George W. Bush

  2. Judging solely by my walks along the False Creek seawall, I’t think veterinarians would be classed as first responders and given preferential housing opportunities.

  3. come back anonymouse we need to hear how awesome vancouver and its mountain views are ..and how vancouver has so many huge innovative companies like lululemon….i heard they manufacture airliners now…or is that Boeing

  4. man vancouver’s taking a beating lately…the lost smart phone study showed vancouverites as the most dishonest thieving people in Canada by a wide margin, then the study that showed vancouverites the most stingy tippers in canada……………….whats it like living in the most rat-like place on earth

  5. That’s BS! Vancouver is the BPOE!


    Quit it! My brain can only take so much brainwashing before it starts thinking on it’s own!

  6. just tell the people that you are wrong about your RE view, you have bought a place, and enjoy your RE ownership, so people here can move on with their lives. you dont have to give people a false sense of hope.

  7. Whipmaster~kerthwack

    exactly like Fred said.
    Why don’t you let the malcontents be happy?

  8. fred’s never left canada in his life, so he doesnt know much about real cities, , hows vancouver’s biggest company 1-800-got junk, doing

  9. Whipmaster~kerthwack

    Ted, we live in the best place in the best country on earth so why in the world would you want to go anywhere else? Maybe you can’t get a job here so you had to a place with lower standards and get hired.

  10. I endorse deleting the above four comments. And this one too once “the deed is done”.

    • Thanks for the sincere attempt at decreasing the noise, but we archivists are loathe to interfere with the public record. (Except, of course, when we do).

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