Vanc RE, No change – “..really mildish weather that’s very livable..”

“The weather’s good.. things have been good. …
This is the first time that I’m here.
And, umm, I have to say it’s .. I’m going to add it to my list of favourite places in the world… I’m sorry, you’re going to have to deal with that..
It’s ridiculous, you have really mildish weather that’s very livable, and nice, and an easy way of life.. a lot of craftsman style houses to live in.. really good marijuana.. very good marijuana… microbreweries, just everywhere… hip coffee places, really good restaurants.. gorgeous-gorgeous women, very hospitable generous men.. so, I think,… I think this is a good place. (laughs)

– Reggie Watts, Rifflandia 2012, Victoria, BC

photo copy

Vanc RE, no change; yet.
– ed.

22 responses to “Vanc RE, No change – “..really mildish weather that’s very livable..”

  1. A bit further afield than Vancouver has changed; it doesn’t get much press and capital costs are still very low but prices in some areas are what I would characterize as a bit “off”.

    Perhaps not near a craftbrew/craftsman/cafe/brasserie/seawall, but… the weather is the same, as (I’m sure) is the marijuana.

  2. Real Estate Tsunami

    Who do we talk to about buying your planet?
    That would be Bob Rennie in Vancouver.

  3. Real Estate Tsunami

    If you want to turn this into a music blog.
    No problem with me.

  4. really mildish weather…..ha ha thats epic. i guess that means almost mild!!….

    vancouver has a really ‘mildish’ climate not unlike Southern Califonia right
    dont forget the hip coffee places and really good restaurants …the worlds most expensive budget restaurants too….

  5. pffft! … … sorry, sorry couldn’t resist the coma … but, a good little piece of perspective for the trouble …

  6. The aliens can definitely talk to Vancouver council, since they are willing to sell last piece of land and construct new condo towers (for the possible alien invasion). After that, they will come out with their big smiles and talk about growth, visions, great opportunities, and use many more empty phrases to hide the fact that the housing market is in the state of decay, with more and more people not being able to pay off their mortgages and debts.

  7. Bank of Mom & Dad lending to first-time buyers in Vancouver. Funds lent, in turn, are borrowed against Mom & Dad’s own inflated house price. “Intergenerational wealth transfer” doomed to become “intergenerational bad feelings”.

  8. Former and Future Renter

    Get ready, here it comes…

    What’s most ironic is the comments from those living in Vancouver and denying its happening yet. Sometimes when you live in the forest, you’re the last to know it’s on fire.

    • The year of reckoning has arrived.

      • Cranston Snord

        We’ll revisit this comment in December.

        Every prediction about regression to the mean has been wrong for a decade. I don’t think this year will be any different. The numbers don’t make sense. Everything is crazy. Something that’s not yet been fully characterized is happening in Vancouver. What it is, is anyone’s guess. I just feel that it probably isn’t just HAM or cheap credit.

        It really is different here. But not in a good way. Hope you bought pre-2001ish, brought a lot of cash, or have one of the very few high paying legitimate jobs in the Lower Mainland. Either that or you’re harboring four international students in your illegal basement suites at $1000/month each and have a grow op in your garage.

      • …”We aren’t speculators. We just want an explanation from the developer,” said one 35-year-old home buyer, who said he had bought an apartment and gave his surname as Wu. “This is very unfair.”

        [WSJ] – Angry Chinese Homeowners Vent Frustrations After Price Cuts
        Homeowners Demand Their Money Back After Developer Cuts Prices on New Homes

        …”Property developers say privately there isn’t enough transparency in land sales and land use, which sometimes give rise to overbuilding in many smaller cities.”…

      • #BonusZen #CondosOfFury #BruceLee ReactsPoorly to Developer’sBadNews – DemandsRefund

      • rod_jonsson

        pffft! … just decorating sir_nem …
        … meanwhile -lol unbeelababa! …

      • WayBeyondTheUnbelievable, JR… Truly, a new milestone in stupidity – so, let’s file that one under:

        #SeemedLikeAgoodIdeaAtTheTime #CokeologistsReunion #IfYouCan’tBeatIt-CatchTheWave #CavalcadeOfImbeciles!


  9. Sounds like a good place…lol

  10. Nice to see you back VREAA….I checked this site out on a hunch and a welcome surprise greeted me.

    btw, this was published in The Province today about creative ways people get down payment for this home. As usual about 25% are counting on a lottery win. The surprise was that 20% would consider marriage or common-law as a way to get sufficient down payment for a home.

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