“You’ll have to pry my cell-phone from my cold, dead hand….” [Off-topic, but irresistible]

The annual ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona resulted, this year, in three gory gorings [MailOnline, 12 July 2013].
The most ghastly is getting lots of airtime, but one of the others is noteworthy for how the fellow involved, despite being attacked by a bull, managed to hang onto his cell-phone each step of the way.
Check it out:





21 responses to ““You’ll have to pry my cell-phone from my cold, dead hand….” [Off-topic, but irresistible]

    • [NoteToEd: I almost forgot… After the extremely ‘rude’ afternoon I spent with his cousin in a comped Sylvia EnglishBay OceanViewSuite… I suspect BillyC. would not receive me politely. Just kidding. He loathed her. She was Smokin’Hot, though – which is probably why she adored Vancouver’s best SzechuanHouses. Of ‘repute’. Scratch those apostrophes, I only added them to momentarily titillate Dr. J. ]

      • yvrhousing

        Me won more

      • I’d best not elaborate, Dr. J… but I will say this, the entire adventure would never have occurred but for my doctrinaire insistence on scrupulously adhering to Zorba’sDictum [the one unforgivable sin].

        And two more things… 1. Contrary to popular belief, HollyWood is actually a Matriarchy [on steroids]. 2. Unaccompanied Bachelors are encouraged to exercise extreme caution/vigilance whilst loitering on the Venice fishing pier.

      • My last, pending IllustriousEd’s return…

        And this is how the story ends:


        Forlorn and dehydrated, a bachelor ‘exercises’ an aggressively yappy little dog as StreetSweepers & DonutScarfing LAPD UniformPatrolMen glide silently past…

        [NoteToEd: It was 1AM and if I hadn’t seen Sting doing exactly the same thing {we exchanged silent, knowing glances} I swear I would have just tossed TheLittleBeastie into the surf and thumbed a ride to LAX. Just kidding, I had actually thought to turn him loose in KoreaTown. MyBad.]

  1. Put that on your twitter feed D-Bag.

    • A BridgeTooFar? It’s just Reflexivity in aid of Credibility, BX.

      It’s also the CockTailHour… a time to reflect/recreate, as it were.

      But If it makes you feel any better, BX – that entirely truthful anecdote, as lived in RealTime BackInTheDay – was really just a GreaterGood, WorkRelatedTthang.

      PS – my Twitter isn’t for BroadCasting. It’s set to receive only…. for the most part. Would you like ED to remove my codicil? Billy has many cousins, ergo, any TrackBack would be unlikely to embarass the actual subject.]

  2. Receding Gains

    whoa, that’s a little harsh BX. Our Nem is providing a decent distraction to these bullish days.

  3. Real Estate Tsunami

    No running of the bulls here in Vancouver.
    Just bears roaming in the burbs, and coming closer.

  4. CanuckDownUnder

    Bulls in Vancouver are so busy running they still haven’t noticed the puncture wounds yet.

  5. Bull to the guy: “Can you hear me now?”

  6. And what pray tell does this have to do with real estate?

    [look up meaning of ‘Off-Topic’ -ed.]

    • Kabloona’s spectacular de-construction notwithstanding, everything… and nothing. Never mind… ‘cuz here’s the best of the WeekEnd RE media flow:

      [Telegraph] – House price falls worsen in Greece and Spain

      …” Prices in Greece, where the economy has been crippled by the weight of government debt and by austerity measures, fell by 11.8pc in the year to the end of March, according to estate agency Knight Frank. The rate of decline worsened from 9.8pc a year earlier.

      Other countries in the so-called PIIGS countries – Spain (-7.9pc), Portugal (-6.9pc), Italy (-4.1pc) and Ireland (-3pc) – were also among the weakest markets (see the table below). The fall in the value of Spanish propery was marginally worse than the year before when it was 7.3pc.

      Ireland’s fall, however, was a vast improvment from a 16pc plunge the year before.”…


      [LAT] – In urban L.A., developers are building trendy homes on tiny lots
      The latest in Los Angeles residential development: Clusters of skinny single-family homes in the city’s hippest neighborhoods.

      “It’s sort of the iPhone or Prius of homes,” said Christian Návar, co-founder of L.A. architecture firm Modative, which designs the projects and hired five more employees this year to handle the boom.


      • “it’s hardly wise to put all of one’s life savings into a single, highly leveraged investment in a home — as millions of underwater borrowers today can attest.” – Robert J. Schiller [NYT OpED]

        [NYT] – Economic View: Owning a Home Isn’t Always a Virtue


    • He was on the phone with his Realtor, dropping the asking price for his Kelowna condo.

  7. Hmmmmmm…..let’s see what we have here……Pamplona, which is located in Spain…….a Spanish real estate crash…….some angry Bulls loose in the streets…..Americans getting gored….

    Just gotta connect the dots…

    Quick, somebody call Amanda Lang!!!

  8. Ouch! That looks like it hurt! I would have ran!

  9. Oh my gosh! That’s funny/crazy:) I know its off topic, but thanks for the share!

  10. I like the image of the bull (real estate market) gouging the Huffer (you, the bitter anti-real estate types) …. Come visit us here…. http://realestatetalks.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=128605

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