Mayor Robertson Selling His House

912 W 23rd

912 W 23rd Avenue, Vancouver
2,922 sqft SFH
Asking price $1,950,000
Assessed (reportedly) $1,600,000

– for the whole story, see ‘Guess who’s trying to cash out of the real estate market in Vancouver?’, at ‘Whispers from the Village on the Edge of the Rainforest’, 9 July 2013
[hat-tip Burnabonian]

33 responses to “Mayor Robertson Selling His House

  1. Oops! Think you meant Robertson?

  2. If this is the biggest “gate” they could come up with, I can almost guarantee Robertson will be re-elected in 2014.

    Sam Sullivan rented when he was mayor IIRC.

  3. Yeah, lamest scandal ever.

    C’mon, Gregor…at least give us a crack video to chew on….

  4. Yeah, people move, people downsize, even Mayors. Whatever. Interesting bt not scandalous IMHO. I like Whisperer a lot but I’ve gathered from previous posts he is no fan of Robertson.

    • Agree it was not quite that substantial as news even if it had the whiff of influence regarding bike lanes (!). Holy crap batman I could not stop laughing. That Robertson guy is a regular Mubarak with the way he snapped up a house at the terminus of the bike lanes and actually had the raw guts to vote on that troubling issue months before. It may only be a matter of time before his new home is surrounded by a defensive wall of tanks and battled hardened imperial stormtroopers. Hey….stop tickling Batman. I swear I might pee myself!

  5. mr bojangles, the mouse

    Don’t miss my three comments at Village regarding the Reversal of Robertson’s Lunar Nodes, back in March 2013, and how that heralds the big push to build Broadway Subway. You can bet that his house move is related to this project. And the financial sums will be gigantic, for him, the city… special interest groups…

  6. Paid $450,000 for the house in 2005. That should put some perspective on the insanity.

    • Eight short years, Burt. Yes, that is the real story. I give the guy credit for being smart enough to cash out but he lost points by buying back in again too early.

    • UBCghettodweller

      So, really, inflation, taxes, interest payment, etc. adjusted for, he’s still essentially won a small lottery jackpot?

  7. Of somewhat related interest, I saw this humourous (by our standards) article today…

    Not a new idea of course, but reminders can be amusing.

    • Oh Man!!! That is priceless Lurker. I cannot believe Travolta has TWO airplanes at his house! Only in America for the top 1% I suppose. The comparison to Vancouver is so laughable it is not even funny. Especially when you consider the local digs are rotted on the inside with mold and mildew and leaky basements. The best part is that up here some vendors are throwing in a free Fiat if you sign on the dotted line!

      Frick man……give me a heliport or get the hell out of town.

      • Trivia: One of those is ‘just’ a Gulfstream IV [or a V?], but the other is his vintage/retro Boeing 707… look closely and you’ll see that it’s tail is adorned with the Quantas livery… Travolta loaned it to Quantas on the occasion of their 50th anniversary of transcontinental/inaugural 707 jet service… in return, Quantas provided Travolta with access to their 747 training program [and plenty of ‘stick time’] to enable him to upgrade his FAA ATR with type certification for the Jumbo.

      • It’s 50 years old? Hell, a guy could probably pick one up for the price of scrap. What might that be in tonnage? I checked Wiki on this for fun. They claim that of the 1800 aircraft in the 707 series that were originally built only two are still in active service. Both in Iran of all places. So I guess Travolta has something special there after all if it still flies. The Iranians are probably not into the idea of lending. Lets call it one very strange investment.

      • [NoteToEd: Yes. Once upon a time, that was me… semiotically speaking. NoteToFarmer: And here’s one 707 – or should I say Air Force One – you should definitely add to your RoadTripBucketList: ]

    • She is comparing land value of $2.5M to houses valued at $25M. Am I missing something here?

      Maybe the seller reduced the price by $23.5M while she was writing her blog.

  8. 4SlicesofCheese

    But! “Means average Vancouver resale home price is up 68% in past eight years”, I am sure the next 8 will be just as high.

  9. TimeForZen!… [finally! – also includes ZenBonus: ChartOfTheDay]

    [Economist] – The price of men: Are high house prices in China hurting women more than men?

    …”CHINA’s communists attacked many bourgeois institutions after taking power in 1949. But marriage was not one of them. On the contrary, they enacted a marriage law in 1950, four years before they introduced a constitution. The pressure to marry remains heavy in today’s China, where almost 80% of adults have tied the knot at some point, compared with only 68% in America. But today, in contrast to the 1950s, marriage is bound up with another bourgeois institution: property.

    In China mortgages often precede marriages. According to popular belief, if a man and his family cannot buy property he will struggle to find a bride. In choosing a husband, three-quarters of women consider his ability to provide a home, according to a recent survey of young people in China’s coastal cities by Horizon China, a Beijing-based market-research firm. Even if a woman herself dismisses this criterion, her family and friends, not to mention the country’s estate agents, will not let her forget it.

    “Naked marriages”, as property-less ones are known, are endorsed by increasing numbers of young people. But as they get older, their attitudes may regress faster than society’s progress. One 28-year-old Beijing woman married her husband after falling in love with him at college. But “if you introduced a man to me now, and he couldn’t afford a home, I wouldn’t marry him,” she says. “I need to be more realistic. I’m not a 20-year-old girl.”…

  10. Real Estate Tsunami

    Naked marriages!
    By the way, where is Naked Official.

  11. Not buying the “downsizing” argument one bit. In my opinion, Robertson seems like a low key, thoughtful and calculating sort of person that prefers to stay off the radar. Quite frankly, he is a bit of an enigma. He and his close associates are deep pocketed enough that trading down for the sake of saving a few hundred grand and easier maintenance are likely not real issues. I betcha there are more moving parts to this story than meets the eye, but this is pure speculation on my part. Any idea who lives in the other half of this duplex? I figure if it is a complete stranger, how on earth does he expect to keep all this under wraps?

  12. Speaking of Politicians getting new Digs:


    “In Kelowna on Thursday, Clark said she has already been on the Internet looking for a home but would also like to hear from anyone in real estate about a home that requires low maintenance.

    “I have a cat, but I won’t be bringing her. So no pets, no smoking and low maintenance,” she said.

    The premier told reporters at her victory party on Wednesday night that she didn’t want to be “presumptuous” and start looking for a house while she was campaigning, but she’s getting serious now.

    “I think the market’s good, it’s a buyers market. And you know the riding is really getting stoked again, so I want to make sure I get in before prices start to rise.”

    Yeah, better buy now Crispy….or be priced out forever.


  13. Real Estate Tsunami

    Priceless. 🙂

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