Making Sense Of It All


– Leandro Erlich’s Dalston House is at 1-7 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL until 4 August as part of Beyond Barbican.
See here for video from The Guardian 26 Jun 2013: “A Victorian terrace has popped up in east London that lets you swing from its ledges, run up its walls and generally defy gravity. Architecture critic Oliver Wainwright hangs loose at Dalston House, the novelty installation by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich.”


14 responses to “Making Sense Of It All

  1. Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich’s brilliant illusion is missing just one thing… the smoke machine, as it were.

    Still, installing it in London/England was a stroke of sheer genius!

    To wit, take away the smoke and mirrors… and the gravitational reality begins to ‘sink in’… HenceDearReaders, your Quote ‘o TheDay – brought to you by no less than TheChancellor himself….

    “The damage from our banking crisis is worse than anyone feared. We have to deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be…” – George Osborne, British Chancellor of the Exchequer

    [UK Guardian] – George Osborne unveils tough benefits curbs in £11.5bn spending cuts package [144,000 Further Public Jobs Lost]

    [UK Independent] – Spending Review: George Osborne announces sweeping cuts to benefits and public sector pay while promising investment to boost economic growth

    • And now DearReaders, your GenuineWednesdayMorningZen…

      “We don’t want our district to become a refuge for dictators of all kinds.” – ParisianLocalAuthorities in correspondence to then French president Nicolas Sarkozy

      [UK Telegraph] – Bashar al-Assad’s uncle sells Paris mansion for 70 million euros: Bashar al-Assad’s uncle has hastily sold a sprawling Paris mansion for 70 million euros after it had been on the market for 100 million euros, apparently fearing it could be seized by police, it emerged on Tuesday.

      …” Rifaat al-Assad, who allegedly has the blood of at least 25,000 people on his hands, sold the seven-storey home on one of Paris’s most desirable stretches of real estate overlooking the Arc de Triomphe.

      Avenue Foch has been dubbed “the avenue of ill-gotten gains” by French media since police seized another mansion two doors down belonging to the son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of misuse of public funds by foreign leaders and their families.

      Mr Assad owns a string of properties elsewhere in Paris and other cities abroad, including a £10 million Georgian mansion in Mayfair, London….

      …The buyer of the house is thought to be a Russian billionaire.”…

      [NoteToEd: …”of all kinds.”… Nope. Just, “some kinds”. There, fixed it.]

      • Ah yes… I had nearly forgot. In a world of “Smoke&Mirrors”… two very timely parables from the realm of aviation, one from Manchester [Monday]… and one a ‘little’ closer to home – PowellRiver [Sunday].

        “All of our aircraft are meticulously maintained.” – Terry Hiebert, SeaAir Operations Manager

        [CBC] – Float plane loses propeller mid-flight: Pontoons damaged, but plane lands safely

        …whereas in Manchester, they couldn’t even get off the ground – albeit, the TakeOffRoll was nevertheless quite exciting…

  2. Real Estate Tsunami

    “Generally defy gravity”
    That describes the Vancover RE to a tee.
    Until it all comes crashing down.

    • There is no sense, only dollars and sense.
      I may have capitulated my dear friends.
      Looks like I will be the next in line for a long life of debt servitude, oh well life goes on.

  3. Thanks for the cheer up Nem, it’s been a whirlwind of emotion – thank god it is nowhere near a strip mall or mega mall, although it could use a strip joint …

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      “Given that the average person in BC owes around $40,000 of credit card debt, I don’t find those numbers surprising. I think they are endemic of a larger issue that people are just carrying too much debt. In some cases, if you are already carrying that you start to think ‘what’s a few more thousand?’ but it’s part of a downward spiral.”

      40k? Good lord.

      • “$40,000 of credit card debt” – that’s not entirely accurate.
        $40k is average in BC (highest in Canada) and it’s all consumer debt (lines of credit, credit cards, payday loans, etc.)
        Still pretty bad.

      • It does sound pretty bad if you read the debt numbers as being credit card debt. That is not the case though. CC debt is actually a lot tamer at 3,463 average in Canada according to the Transunion quarterly report. Have a look for yourself for a breakdown of what is included, by percentages and province. A big chunk is Lines of Credit followed by auto loans. CC’s are the little puddle in the debt pond.

        1st Quarter 2013 Transunion Canadian Credit Report.–Personal-Debt-Levels-Experience-First-

  4. Whipmaster~kerthwack

    Good thing you guys are so smart otherwise where in the world would you be?

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