Trump on Vancouver – “Your people, they go to New York, they go all over the world, and they speak so highly.”

“I love Vancouver. I have had so much experience with Vancouver and with people who live here. You don’t even realize how important it is in terms of a destination and also your people they go to New York, they go all over the world and they speak so highly.”
Donald Trump, as quoted in ‘Trumps announce exclusive tower deal in Vancouver’,, 19 Jun 2013 [hat-tip jesse/YVR]

Did he try to say that people in New York speak highly of Vancouver, but just couldn’t?
– vreaa

37 responses to “Trump on Vancouver – “Your people, they go to New York, they go all over the world, and they speak so highly.”

  1. What do the people talk about, how much their house is worth . More b.s blah ,blah , blah. People around the world must be getting tired of people from Vancouver talking about how much their home is worth.

    • pricedoutfornow

      My American cousins laugh every time I post pictures on facebook showing “Hm…what can I buy in Vancouver for $1 million (dilapidated house) vs some major US city (mansion)”. They think Vancouverites are nuts! (and experiencing an unfortunate housing bubble that will eventually crash, no doubt about it). I think most are really feeling sympathetic towards us-for we are blind and do not see the freight train coming down the tracks.

  2. Does it really matter what he says so long as he’s here? Swoon!!!!!

  3. The biggest self absorbed, self promoting,douche bag in the world. Should fit right in Vancouver

    “I have a great relationship with the blacks.”

    “I’ll tell you, it’s Big Business. If there is one word to describe Atlantic City, it’s Big Business. Or two words – Big Business.”

    “You know, it really doesn`t matter what [the media] write as long as you`ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

    “All of the women on ‘The Apprentice’ flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

    “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”

  4. Was engaged to a 1%er multi generational NY’er. Lived off and on in NYC for 25 years. In the city, everyone knows hes a broke douche.

    He travels to the far flung provincial village in the middle of nowhere and wows the locals with a little goombah sneer, his pimp son and [arguably unfair adjective deleted -ed.] daughter on display. Thanks Daddy.

  5. Seth Myers Donald Trump diss says it WH Correspondents Dinner

  6. playing squeeze box ferociously

    Seth’s accordion jokes, wowsers…

  7. Trump….he’ll fit right in with MAC and Rennie smoke and mirrors show in Vancouver.

  8. Real Estate Tsunami

    Who is Donald Duck?

  9. CanuckDownUnder

    Spruikbot Telephunken to the rescue! Just set to Vancouver real estate.

  10. …” your people they go to New York, they go all over the world and they speak so highly…” – TheToupee

    Hmmm… let’s finish TheToupee’s sentence: “…of having finally engineered their escape.” [?]… well, that was at least one turn of thought that had occurred to me as I pondered his actual meaning.

    Never mind TheToupee musings though, DearReaders – as this morning’s eminently RichPickings [brought to you by the LA Times] are positively guaranteed to demoralize RainForestRealtors™ pining for the GoodAuldDayes….

    “It’s kind of a sign of how crazy things have gotten.” – Ryan Mathys, SanDiego Realtor™

    [LAT] – Motivated home buyers skip the bidding wars: Southern California real estate agents are using reconnaissance and back-channel networks to find houses that haven’t yet hit the market. Some even offer bizarre gifts.

    …agents like Mathys are resorting to reconnaissance and back-channel networks to find homes that haven’t yet hit the market. They’re cold-calling homeowners with offers and targeting specific neighborhoods with direct mail. Some come bearing bizarre gifts in return for a listing. One agent offered a seller the use of his exotic car; one of his clients offered free dogs.

    And they’re chasing so-called pocket listings, homes privately marketed among those in the know. The low-profile nature of the listings makes them hard to quantify. But agents and other real estate experts say they’ve become common in the booming Southland market, where the median home price shot up nearly 25% in the last year.

    Mathys — a 10-year veteran who, with his partner Tracie Kersten, specializes in high-end San Diego properties — said he’d never before seen the market this tight or felt the need to get this creative.”…

    [NoteToEd: “BackChannelNetworks&BizarreGifts” does rather make for some SalaciousSpeculation as to the lengths to which our own Hungry Developers&Realtors might ‘StoopToConquer’, wouldn’t you agree?]

    • That is starting to skim the edges. Realtors have served time for not getting clients the best deal, and when you scoop a dormant tender the courts use all sorts of fancy words that amount to, “if you’re a Realtor you are in a position of authority and your mark is also your client even if you tell him he’s not”. Judges say the darnedest things

  11. Why this clown is even relevant?

  12. maybe he wanted to say New Yorkers think highly of Vancouver….just to make Vancouver feel better about itself, but he just couldnt bring himself to make such a ridiculous false statement… because 99% of New Yorkers have never heard of Vancouver…but many proud Vancouverites think New Yorkers dream about Vancouver

    • UBCghettodweller

      How much do New Yorkers, or hell, even most other Canadians, think about Vancouver?- not very much at all.

      • tedeastside

        according to realtors every single human being on earth dreams about Vancouver every day of their life

  13. [NoteToRJ: AccordionFrameLeft. NoteToEd: It’s a timely Parable. Hopefully my PassPort will still be valid. If not, there’s always SenorCaballero and his StealthCessna.]

  14. One aspect that I think will help Vancouver avoiding a very serious RE dislocation (the bubble, as far as I now it has already popped) is the NETG factor for the residents of the city….the “Nowhere Else to Go” factor.
    Shoveling snow in the rest of Canada in winter is too much for many of them even if affordability and job opportunities are better and moving to the US is simply not an option for many others (not having the right skills, etc…)
    Now, If US and Canada were to work out a deal similar to the countries in the European Union (free to work and reside for anyone) then that would be an Armageddon event for RE in Van, the exodus south of the border would be biblical crashing property prices along the way (let’s remember that Vancouver does not have an actual real economy)…in that case I would expect Vancouver RE prices to finally stabilize at about the level of Bellingham WA or so….
    However, i do not see any chances of that happening anytime so Vancouver is somewhat safe from a very serious crash in my opinion.
    Ask any recent immigrant (wealthy or not) in Vancouver if they would swap their PR card or Canadian Passport for a US Green Card or US passport.

    • Necessity is the mother of all inventions (so to speak). Likewise necessity makes unpleasant things tolerable.

      Like shoveling snow for example. Many people cite that they love it here for mountains and so on — but we’ve had record numbers heading to the high flood plains of Calgary (and Alberta) in recent years. There aren’t many mountains there (aside from the Rockies).

      So, when you don’t have any food on the table and you’re forced with a choice of living on welfare or moving, I think people somehow will find a way to tolerate something they wouldn’t have fathomed a while ago.

    • NETG may explain high rents and prices, but not high prices without high rents. People want to buy and in most cases can just as easily rent. That they choose to spend more on buying than renting is telling.

      (And for those who think that price-payment means buying is affordable compared to renting, I know a few bond funds who, these days, might have some quibbles.)

      • People can afford higher house prices thanks to the loosening of lending standards and conditions (ever lower down payments, lower interest rates, longer mortgages), prices go up but the mortgage payment not as much…rent tend to track more closely real income opportunities….It does not surprise me that people would sell their first born to afford a mortgage payment (the myth of RE as investment, owning your own house) but would no go as far to pay a rent.
        Then you have the notorious overseas cash buyers where the quick return on investment on that property (rent income) is a secondary consideration (many condos actually empty).

  15. Moving to Van from Europe was one of the biggest mistake of my life…I was very lucky to find my way out after only 3 years…..within one month of living in it I figured out that the Vancouver Myth is was just….a myth….all smoke and mirrors…

    • Sorry to have disappointed. Let us know how we could have served you better next time. Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds.

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      Did you fall for the false advertising that were the 2010 Olympics?
      Were you lured by the images of people dancing and singing in the streets?
      Or by the unseasonal warm weather with people sunbathing in February?
      If so, I think you should ask for a refund.

      • No I came in 1999 and at that time was actually much better than now, according to the friends I left behind in Van.
        The “best city in the world where to live” would definitely qualify as false advertisement in my book….reality is much different.

  16. “…certain types of density have become kind of religious… particularly when you can greenwash it.” – Michael Kluckner, CommercialDrive resident, Historian, Artist, Co-recipient of 2013 VancouverCity Heritage Award

    [Tyee] – At Ground Zero for Vancouver’s Towering Debate: High-rises up to 36 storeys proposed for Commercial and Broadway neighbourhood raise looming citywide question: who decides?

    ….”Ian Gillespie, the developer of the Woodward’s project and the Oakridge site with architect Gregory Henriquez, spoke in January to a San Francisco audience about how he’s dealt with Vancouver’s senior planners in the past. According to Easy as Pie, a participant in the online SkyscraperPage Forum, he described it as freewheeling: “Gillespie said that he’d never once built a project in Vancouver that fit within existing zoning — a huge laugh line for the SF audience — and he described a somewhat astonishing development process for the Shangri-La, which basically consisted of a few lunches to get height and lot coverage settled before even acquiring the land.”

    Only then, wrote Pie, did Gillespie finish a co-venture deal with the property owner “on the back of ‘a Tim Hortons napkin’… There were also plenty of other stories that reinforce the ‘discretionary’ nature of discretionary planning in Vancouver, but none so powerful as Gillespie’s flat-out admission that you get what you want as long as you buy the city off with daycare space or whatever they want.”…

    [NoteToEd: I know what Gollum would say…. “They stole it from us… Sneaky little Hobbitses”.]

    • Bonus’Zen’…

      …”Everyone here understands that if a musician — hip-hop or symphony — can’t afford a home, neither can a janitor and her family. And competition for those apartments is fierce, so fierce that these days no one I know can find a rental on the open market. I couldn’t when I moved in 2011; neither could a physician friend earlier this year. The tech kids come in and offer a year in cash up front or raise the asking price or both, and the housing supply continues to wither, while rents skyrocket.” – Rebecca Solnit [SanFranciscan]

      [TomGram] – Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, How to Act Like a Billionaire

      “Carl Nolte, the old native son who writes a column for the (dying) San Francisco Chronicle, said this month of the future inhabitants of 22,000 high-priced apartments under construction, “These new apartment dwellers will all be new San Franciscans, with different values. In a couple of years we’ll think of the progressive politicians, circa 2012, as quaint antiques, like the old waterfront Commies your grandfather used to worry about. This is already a high-tech city, an expensive city, a city where middle-class families can’t afford to live. It is a city where the African American population has dropped precipitously, where the Latino Mission District is gentrifying more every day. You think it’s expensive here now? Just you wait. These are the good old days, but it won’t last. We are at a tipping point.”

      [NoteToRJ: There’s more than one variety of UncleBen’s RiceInAnInstant!…]

  17. 4SlicesofCheese

    “A bipartisan group of senators is planning to introduce a proposal today for replacing U.S.-owned mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (FMCC) with ………………………….a newly created government reinsurer.

    What does that mean? Are they just renaming it? Maybe they will call it USMHC.

  18. Has anyone else seen the advertising hoarding on Georgia for Trump Vancouver. It is the single most bizarre condo ad ever. It is reproduced on the website:

    I honestly have no idea what message they are trying to convey. Under the tagline ‘inspiring’ they have a guy without socks lighting a cigar from a candle. Under ‘passionate’ they have a girl in a red dress trying to give a lap dance to a bear wearing jewels. For ‘uncompromising’ they have a barrista dressed in a Gaddafi cast-off uniform opening cheap champagne with a sword. And according to Trump, dancing on a table with a chef is ‘glamorous’. WTF!!!

    The whole thing has to be some kind of post-modern ironic hipster joke.

  19. You know that a town has jumped the shark when Donald Trump arrives.

  20. Same story…Vancouver RE, I ‘m just gonna copy paste my comments from another thread 😉

    Living in Chicago IL – this is what I think of Vancouver housing – WHAT THE HECK ARE RESIDENTS OVER THERE SMOKING!!

    Rathole homes(?) selling for million plus in an area with crappy public schools. Somebody on another forum tried to justify the pricing by giving example of Tokyo, SF, New York, Chicago – definitely the guy have never been to those cities. They are financial and tech hubs with hundreds of multi-bullion companies based there..Vancouver is definitely a hub of rain and clouds…been there few times now..

    I also looked at schools ranking in Vancover area – although not a rule, but general trend if you have to send your kid to Ivy league University – you have to send to private school. Here in Chicago, public schools in good area has good chances to send you to a Ivy league University…and you can buy a decent 3B3B updated house with around 500k in a quiet crime free area…

    Good luck Canucks!! I hope the next generation of Canadian kids can afford these homes, but looking at their average incomes, it is a definitely not looking good…

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