‘Canadians obsessed with real estate, poll suggests’ – “Just as many people reported talking about real estate on a regular basis as they did about hockey.”


“Most Canadians think about real estate on a regular basis, and a good number of them are obsessed with it, an online survey suggests.

That’s the takeaway of a recent poll by online home selling firm Zoocasa, where the real estate company commissioned Abacus Data to poll 1,000 Canadians online between June 3 and 6, 2013.

The poll found that 84 per cent of respondents across the country think about real estate on a regular basis, and 85 per cent have gone as far as shopping online for a new home in the past year.

“In ever increasing ways, Canadians seem almost obsessed with real estate. And it’s understandable,” Zoocasa president Carolyn Beatty said in a release. “For the vast majority of Canadians, their home is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime.”

Nationally, more than a third — 34 per cent — described either themselves or a loved one as obsessed with real estate. In the Greater Toronto Area, which has the second-highest average home price in the country after Vancouver, the percentage of people who identify themselves as being obsessed jumps to 47 per cent, the highest in the country.

Zoocasa notes that the survey took place during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and just as many people reported talking about real estate on a regular basis as they did about hockey.

Some 28 per cent of respondents say they have gone to an open house at some point in the past 12 months.”

– from ‘Canadians obsessed with real estate, poll suggests’, CBC, 20 Jun 2013 [hat-tip elchavo]

Not me!
I can quit whenever I want!
– vreaa

31 responses to “‘Canadians obsessed with real estate, poll suggests’ – “Just as many people reported talking about real estate on a regular basis as they did about hockey.”

  1. Besotted? Not for long. Your Quote ‘O TheDay, DearReaders….

    “What’s going to happen is instead of staring at a beautiful wide street that is tree-lined all the way across, we are going to be staring at someone’s brick wall,” – Nizar Assanie, Economist, MarpoleCornerLotOwner & VP [Research] IEMR Corp

    [CBC] – Vancouver residents reject thin streets plan

    …”Some homeowners in Vancouver’s Marpole area are opposed to the city’s plan to pilot the so-called ‘thin streets’ programme in their neighbourhood.

    Planners want to run a pilot project on Ash Street between 59th Avenue and 64th Avenue that would see city-owned cross streets cut in half so that affordable housing could be built on the land.

    The programme is part of Mayor Gregor Robertson’s plans to create up to 20,000 new affordable housing lots. The plan calls for pilot projects in three neighborhoods.”…


    [NoteToEd: My leader would’ve been, “Marpole’s SlimCustomers ChickenOut: Caught Between A BrickWall & A ThinPlace”.]

  2. pffft! [whispering:] “Curses! RoboRedaktor!”

    • Wow! For a moment there they actually had me – “…service features such as an illustrated directory of Top-Performing RealEstateAgents”… and then I realized that ‘RodeoStyle’ probably wasn’t what ZooCasa had in mind.

      In other news ‘BarnYard’, Vancouver WestEnders are FedUp with hosing down their toddlers…

      “We’re finding dog owners are abusing the policy here, and it’s causing major issues with dog feces on our children” – Sonja Dueck, Lord Roberts PAC

      [CBC] – Schoolyard poop could lead to West End dog ban

      “Dogs could soon be banned from the grounds of one Vancouver elementary school after parents complained about their children coming home smeared with dog feces.”…


      [NoteToEd: You can’t make this stuff up.]

      • That should actually have been appended to Monsieur Cramdown’s remark… appearing below.

      • However, in stark contrast to Vancouver’s WestEnd… the SchoolYards of Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region are scrupulously K9FecesFree – never more so than today, FestivalDay [PETA advocates are strongly urged to skip this one.]

        [Xinhua] – China Focus: Dog meat festival: healthy tradition or “bloody carnival”?


        In other news ‘DoggieStyle’, Downing Street confirms that former governor of the Bank of Eeeengland, Sir Mervyn King will be joining the HouseOfLords. QuelleSurprise.

        [UK Telegraph] – Sir Mervyn King to receive a life peerage


        [NoteToEd: Now you know why MarkTheCarney will, for the time being, put up with his paltry GBP5K weekly housing allowance. Just between the two of us though, if he hits his performance targets, I’d wager that Mark’s ‘ExitPackage’ will include a modest, occasional Grace&Favour residence at KensingtonPalace to complement his ErmineRobes.]

  3. Ralph Cramdown


    Coming soon to street furniture near you!
    N.B. The lone comment is priceless. Don’t we all aspire to live in an “Affordable Adult Lifestyle” community? I’ll have to wash my brain to get those images out…

    • UBCghettodweller

      >I’ll have to wash my brain to get those images out…

      Too bad that there’s no mental equivalent of bleach… Although lots of low grade tequila solvates the brain pretty well too.

  4. This is what a real estate “professional” would call a healthy obsession.

  5. Real Estate Tsunami

    The American Medical Association is now calling obesity a disease.
    Next up: The Canadian Medical Association is calling RE Addiction a disease.

  6. MSM diagnosed as Celiac

    not obsessed with RE as much as we are with Bubbles, especially the bubble in consumer debt. Main stream kaka won’t report this. They desperately hang on to the last pillar of their significance.. television sports.

  7. Probably a little response bias here. Who is more likely to complete a survey about obsession with real estate than someone who is obsessed with real estate?

    • Randy Randerson


    • Real Estate Tsunami

      Response bias? Not sure.
      Some things are just to obvious.
      With 70% home ownership and many of them up to their eyeballs in debt,
      I’m not surprised.

      • UBCghettodweller

        I have a feeling that if the vast majority of your net worth is in a single asset class such that your retirement and life-long financial well-being are affected by fluctuations in that class, you’d be paying very close attention to any news about it and thinking about it regularly.

        For me, I’m interested in real estate because the effects of it splash over in to everything else in Vancouver culture and lifestyle. I haven’t encountered any other North American city, other than maybe New York, were people place so much weight on were and what you live in, rather than how you behave, speak, work, and think.

  8. Real estate focused company claims its target market is real estate focused

  9. It’s easy to be “an expert” in both NHL and real estate. That is a main reason. People don’t have much to talk about, as they don’t read, or have real knowledge….

  10. Seeking knowledge...

    I know people explaining why a team lost the game when they’ve never played ice hockey. I also know people giving RE advice with little or no knowledge on economics or finance.

  11. The Canucks and Vancouver real estate have both peaked and our now in a downward trend…

  12. Everyone needs it, in one way or another.

    If you do it right, it might make you hundreds of thousands and you will retire a decade early.

    If you do it wrong, it might cost you hundreds of thousands and you will retire a decade late.

    How could you not be obsessed? Who the hell would not be obsessed by this subject?

    The informed are obsessed.

    The uninformed are obsessed.

    Those who have not bought are obsessed.

    Those who have bought are understandably obsessed.

    In other news, water is wet and shit runs downhill.

    God I can’t wait for this to end.

  13. Aldus Huxtable

    Oh you all missed out, I saw this live on CBC Vancouver where the analyst stated that just like tech stocks in ’08 this has all the trademarks of a bubble but she left it up to the anchor to decide….. Her words….

  14. pffft! … http://tinyurl.com/mm98y8q … ps – check that 10yr going down – uncle ben finally losing it(?) – lol!

    • [NoteToRJ: The whole point of the ‘MinstrelShow’ is to distract you from inanities like YieldCurves. Magicians employ a similar methodology… Albeit, in UncleBen’s case there will be no Prestige following ThePledge and TheTurn. More’s the pity… UncleBen’s InstantRice illusion hasn’t so much as a single SequinClad FetchingAssistant. Alas.]

  15. nobody you know

    Vancouver Sun: Forget the gloom and doom — Vancouver’s house prices won’t tank


    Paul Krugman is dismissed as “alarmist”, the OECD economists are a bunch of “worrywarts” and Vancouver real estate is predicted to be “one of the most resilient markets of all.”

    Good stuff all around! Lots of patronizing sarcasm and a “we are special” attitude directed towards those silly outsiders who can’t possibly hope to understand how different it is here. Mocking bears never goes out of style.

    But they save the best for last: “Most parts of Canada will see, very soon, a modest upward trend in housing prices, and those that don’t are unlikely to see anything worse than a small decline. Meanwhile, Vancouver is high on his list of the least likely places to see any problem at all.”

    Everything is fine because SHUT UP, THAT’S WHY.

  16. its funny… people in great places to live like New York and Southern California never talk about about real-estate… but people in horrible places to live like Vancouver BC. can’t stop getting seizures over real-estate …i think its the fact Vancouver is a city of no opportunity to make an honest living

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