A Bed in the Bathroom, Why Not? [Let Us Count The Reasons…]


“Here is another great Vancouver rental listed on Craigslist [link no longer active]. A bed in the bathroom..”

“Rental information:
Newly finished 1 bedroom with own ensuite. Furnished.
Access to dining room, living room and kitchen on main floor.
$500/month includes utilities, washer and dryer, and wireless internet.
Close to transit and shops.
No smoking. No pets.
Perfect for international students and short term renters.”

– from ‘Vancouver rentals: A Bed in the Bathroom, Why Not?’, vancitybuzz.com, 28 May 2013 [hat-tip space889]

The underlying message, of course, is that we are Tokyo.
Again, consider this idea in relation to Canada’s vast expanse of land.
The bubble continues to grossly distort our thinking.
– vreaa


39 responses to “A Bed in the Bathroom, Why Not? [Let Us Count The Reasons…]

  1. 4SlicesofCheese

    I wonder, do you crap in the shower or the sink?

    • Under the bed.

      • that’s a really innovative space saving idea! 🙂 Actually I think this might be closer to HK than Tokyo. I wonder how long before monthly rental bunk beds with a small storage locker appear in Vancouver…..all because our housing supply is too tight, there are too many people coming to Vancouver, and housing prices are too un-affordable. But hey, no large scale re-development at Oakridge! It will destroy the neighborhood and make us like *gasp* other major cities in the world.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        I think we have come full circle.
        Communal toilets in the hallway are the next wave.

      • I think Vancouver RE has shit the bed on this one!

      • Actually……they do have rental bunk-beds in Vancouver. You can have one today if you like. By the month if you need. They come with the obligatory high school locker, 6 people to a room, shared showers and toilets in the halls and a community kitchen. They also have free WiFi, games rooms, library, flat screen TV and big kitchens where a continental breakfast is included with your stay. It is not the Salvation Army, City jail or Harbour Lights for down and outers either. They call them “Youth Hostels” and they are probably the best accommodation available for young travelers. Vancouver has three that I know of and the best of the group is right in the downtown area on Burnaby Street. Twenty five bucks a night is heck of a good deal for the kids who are job hunting from city to city or just travelling for the hell of it. Have a look:


      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Remember: “Europe on 5 Dollars a Day”.
        No wonder the kids don’t travel any more.
        What a shame.

      • Yesterday you said “we have come full circle”…….man, you could not have been more right! Europe on 5 dollars a day is going to return in our lifetime if things keep disintegrating over there. Just look at what is happening with tourism, hotel rates, discounting at the wicket for tourist sites etcetera and a virtual deflation settling in.

        And the standard of living there is crashing as unemployment shoots through the roof and tremendous pressures are being applied to labour which is in a massive surplus across the continent.

        So given those conditions I checked on the value of one dollar’s buying power in 1957 (when the book “Europe On 5 Dollars A Day” was first published). Then I compared it to equivalent buying power today.

        The answer is that it would take an equivalent of 42 dollars in today’s money to meet the price conditions of the same trip you might have enjoyed almost 56 years ago. You know….. by living cheap, staying in hostels, hitchhiking, camping on the beach or taking “Magic busses” from country to country etcetera.

        So it can still be done. And it is getting cheaper by the month.

        The only downside is that travelers will not be able to pick up work enroute anymore to make ends meets if they run out of funds. There is little available for young tourists in the way of work other than the free accommodation and meals offered by local farms in exchange for day labour. But a one month budget of 1300 dollars (excluding flight) is still possible for the adventurous to have a great European summer holiday.

        Provided they avoid the rioting!

  2. International students is the new black

  3. That is criminal.

  4. “I have been an agent in London for 30 years and I have never marketed a property that is so small.” – Matthew Fine, Director Hunters Estate Agents

    [UK DailyMail] – Is this the smallest flat in London? Home measuring 10ft by 8ft goes on sale for £90,000 (and it even has a view of Harrods)

    …” Somehow its previous owners have managed to squeeze in a bed and kitchenette into the main room, and a shower above a toilet in a much smaller adjoining room.

    The property has already had 100 responses, 30 viewings and five firm offers after being advertised online last weekend at £89,950. So far, the top bid from the cash buyers is £120,000. It has an 85-year lease and is currently owned by a company.”…


    [NoteToEd: See! Evidently, the LandLord in today’s VREAA feature suffers from a decided paucity of ambition. Clearly, he should either offer an 85 year lease… or go STRATA. Right?]

  5. Here’s a good one:

    “Richmond Hill, Toronto Suburb, Bans Number 4 For New Addresses”


    “Richmond Hill’s town council voted May 15 to avoid using the number in new addresses after residents of the town’s Chinese community complained.

    Residents are upset because the number four sounds similar to the word “death” in Mandarin and Cantonese. In China, buildings often skip the fourth floor. The fear of four is called tetraphobia.”

    Too bad the main highway into Richmond Hill is the 404.

    I wonder how long it will be until our own Richmond picks up on this idea.

    • what's in a name?

      Toronto’s mayor 4d, makes the May 25th issue of The Economist

      • From Wikipedia:

        “Born in Etobicoke in 1969, Rob Ford is the youngest of four children of Diane and Doug Ford, Sr. Ford, Sr. was the founder of Deco Labels and Tags, which makes pressure-sensitive labels for plastic-wrapped grocery products at an estimated $100 million in annual sales.[2] As an indication of the family’s wealth, the success of the family business allowed the family to build a six-bedroom home in Etobicoke, which has a swimming pool and gardens that can host nearly a thousand visitors.[2]
        While growing up, Ford attended the public Scarlett Heights Collegiate in Etobicoke.[3] Ford dreamed of becoming a professional football player and his father paid for Ford to attend special camps of the Washington Redskins and the University of Notre Dame. After graduating from high school, Ford went to Carleton University to study political science. Ford made the football squad, but did not play in any games. Ford left Carleton after one year to return to Toronto and did not complete his degree.[2][3]
        Ford continued his involvement in football as a high school coach. Ford first coached at Newtonbrook Secondary School in 2001 until he was dismissed over a dispute with a player. He coached at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School from 2001 until 2013 until the Catholic Board dismissed him after a controversial television interview led to a review of his coaching.[4] Ford had donated $20,000 to equip the Don Bosco team and started a foundation to fund teams at other schools struggling to field football teams.[5] Ford continued coaching after becoming Toronto mayor and was criticized for involving his political aides in the Don Bosco program and the football foundation. His fund-raising for the football foundation on city letterhead led to his being sued for conflict of interest.[4]
        After Carleton, Ford started a sales job at Deco.[2] After Doug Ford Sr.’s death in 2006, the Ford family retained ownership of the firm through the Doug Ford Holdings corporation.[2][6] Ford, along with his brothers and his mother are directors of the company.[6] Ford resides in Etobicoke with his wife Renata and their daughter and son.[7]
        Ford Sr. became a Member of the Ontario Legislature during the term of the Progressive Conservative (PC) government of Mike Harris.[8] After Ford Sr.’s death, Rob has maintained political connections with the provincial PC party and the federal Conservative Parties. A picture of former Ontario Premier Mike Harris with Ford’s father adorns the mayor’s office. Ford describes his father as his “political hero, my business hero, he’s my hero overall.”[9] Ford has worked on the election campaigns of several PC candidates, including John Tory in a 2005 by-election.”

      • Can’t fool me. Now I KNOW you are not the real Vreaa.

    • Just between the two of us, Davers… One of my BakerStreetIrregulars who toils away in the MustyLabyrinthineCorridors of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation tells me that a VeryLargeOrder has been placed for new HighwaySignage numbered “808”.

  6. I thought boarders were only common during the Great Depression.
    Are these people hurting that bad?

  7. This definitely proves this is The Best Place on Earth LOL

  8. Why isn’t there a bunk bed in there , lets go right to the bottom of the shitpile .

  9. vancouver……worst living standards, worst quality of life in North America

    • Well… not ‘quite’. But apparently not for lack of effort, though…

      [TorontoSun] – City on fire: The Detroit Fire Department versus what’s left of their city


      [NoteToEd: And you definitely don’t want to know what’s going to happen to The Detroit Institute of Art’s collection.]

  10. I have lived in Japan for 10 years…. not even in Tokyo will you find somebody trying to sell a bed an bathroom as an ‘ensuite’.

    Vancouver is really in a world on it’s own at this point.

  11. This seems to be the Matsqui Institution school of interior design.

  12. Dear VREAA,



    • Thankyou, Space889… Future scholars will doubtless appreciate the juxaposition of a BathRoomShitterSleeper Renters’Hell VancouverSpecial with the Emir of Kuwait’s recently purchased CDN25M CoalHarbour Pied-à-terre.

      Personally, I prefer the CBC piece… which coyly references the purchaser’s origins without revealing ‘too much leg’…

      “Penthouse One will cost the new owners $68,000 a year in taxes and $4,200 a month in condo fees.”

      [CBC] – Vancouver penthouse condo sells for $25M


      [NoteToEd: My favourite ReadersComment? “I was going to buy it, but I didn’t like the blinds.”]

      • [NoteToEd: NotSurprisingly, some SturdyInternationalStudents coping with adversity have nevertheless managed to host a SmashingBathroomParty or two. Jonnson’sRod will note the obligatory Concertina to lower frame right. Personally, I still fantasize about returning to the EisenhowerMemorialToilet one day… iPhone to hand… the better to relive the thrill of his MIC SwanSong [and forbidden assignations with KaySummersby!] as I pull the chain and ponder the future…]

  13. Real Estate Tsunami

    Never mind the tiny cubicles.
    The first floor will be occupied by Bob Rennie’s Art Gallery.
    So you can say you are only steps away from an Art Gallery.

  14. the worlds greediest city lives in delusion, some Vancouverites think their city is more important than Los Angeles and New York put together

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