Taking A Break

Hi All:
Priorities greater than even the Vancouver housing market have encroached upon vreaa, so we’ll be taking a break from daily posting for an indeterminate period. [This is not health related, so not to worry.]
This doesn’t mean we’ve change our minds about the trajectory of the Vancouver RE market — we still expect weakness and price drops ahead.
In the interim, we’d direct readers to the blogs below for good local RE discussion.
Keep well, all of you

Vancouver Condo Info

Whispers from the Village on the Edge of the Rainforest

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  1. VREAA, have you considered choosing an interim caretaker? It would be great to avoid a gap in coverage while you take a well-deserved break.

    • Yellow Helicopter

      +1000 to this.

      Thanks for all you do Vreaa.

    • Receding Gains

      ok Nemesis – this could be your shot in the big leagues. Can you re-start your PostCards series and keep us entertained until vraa returns from speculating on condos in Phoenix?

      • You’ll have to take my word for it, RG – but, the ‘BigLeagues’ aren’t really that much fun once you’ve cracked ’em.

        VREAA, on the other hand… is a Ton ‘O Fun… and emblematic of the FutureOfPublishing.

        In that spirit… A TinyTreat/NonSequitur from a recent Expedition:


        [NoteToEd: Albeit, there’s more enough content on Nem’s TeraByte CloudDrives to master an entire BonusBlastRadiusSeason… It’s just too depressing! Actually, not. I’m just too lazy. That said, if inclement weather should confine me to my ‘hovel’ – I could well find myself compelled to whip up a little something for the sake of morale/esprit de corps. “Na-Nu Na-Nu”, All!]

  2. I See Dead Sheeple

    Say it Ain’t So.

    I guess I’ll go buy me a condo now

      • And speaking of which, Nemesis (since we cannot overlook your sarcasm) I am strongly opposed to the recommendation by Vreaa to move to VCI (Vancouver Condo Info) to post commentary as it is just a hack site of sheep speaking to the same tune as one another and offering little in the way of genuine creative commentary on the Vancouver Real Estate situation. I will admit I have posted there once or twice but I really don’t consider it a useful or intelligent venue for discussion as its focus is popularity centric and voting counts for more than honest dialogue. The conclusion I have come to after only a few brief visits is that you must fall in line with your peers for validity or be cast out and down-voted into oblivion. That is self defeating in my opinion and does not represent true democracy (unless mobs of one-dimensional sheep are considered to be democratic all of a sudden) and it does nothing to foster genuine debtates or discussion. VCI gets my veto. Two very big THUMBS DOWN for that site. I encourage readers to move on to “The Greater Fool” or other open discussion forums that welcome more varied opinion and have a host with an actual personality.

        Sorry to see you have ended your run here Vreaa. You will be missed.

      • Since posting my comments about not participating in VCI (just a short time ago) my IP address has been banned and I can no longer leave comments in response to a post I made earlier today.

        Hilarious. But what a joke! Thankfully it is not really at my expense.

        That site obviously has an agenda and wants to hide it by banning commentary that does not conform to the popular view. Personally, I do not appreciate an agenda and particularly one involving real estate.

        I again encourage all readers (incuding the media) to ignore commentary and discussions there as that site strikes me as having a heavy negative bias that should not be a part of the the developing narrative surrounding the Canadian real estate scene.

        VCI is out. The site is finished.

      • I agree with Farmer. The other local sites are lacking for a variety of reasons. I’m stuck reading Garth now, how depressing.

        Maybe Farmer wants to take over while VREAA tends to his other garden…

  3. Bummer. Another of my daily faves just went on hiatus as well. It’s a conspiracy!

    Hope all is well, and best of luck. Thanks for the coverage.

  4. I See Dead Sheeple

    I nominate Many Franks

    He’s tipped enough hats on VCI and Whisperer to earn a shot

    I’m sure glad he didn’t go to the Boston Marathon this year

  5. Try #VanRE on twitter (you don’t have to join)

    Also open thread right here?

  6. Well deserved, enjoy.

  7. Thanks for the great posts! Hopefully all is well! Take care!

  8. Take a break….you’ve earned it.

  9. Good god, first a metals and commodity crash, then boston and now this !?!?

    My world is crashing in on itself.

  10. Take care! I’ll miss your posts while you’re gone!

  11. All the best. Going to miss you, so come back soon.

  12. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained. Mainstream media will be issuing a collective sigh of relief. Tales of “sold for over asking”. and “sold in 3 days” will abound in homes sections throughout B.C.

  13. All the best, thanks for the entertainment.

  14. Take it easy, vreaa. Thanks.

  15. Cheers vreaa! My ipad wants to spellcheck vreaa to break. Hmmm, coincidence? I think not… Enjoy!

  16. Wish you the best, the archives of this site will be priceless in the future once all is said and done. Hope to see more anecdotes in the future (but not too many, I suspect they’ll stop in a few years).

  17. Thanks for everything VREAA!

  18. 4SlicesofCheese

    Thanks for all the fun times, you will be missed. Come back soon!

  19. To be continued…

  20. ciao … pfffft! … http://tinyurl.com/chhdvh4

  21. I am a regular to this great blog although I don’t regularly post comments. I’ll keep checking back. Please return to provide great coverage on the Van RE soon, vreaa!

  22. homelessindunbar

    Thanks VREAA for all that you’ve done and offering us real estate group therapy. You will be missed.

    Ps – I don’t suppose the timing of your departure has anything to do with the election (officially launched today)? If so, let us know how to vote for you!

  23. Cyril Tourneur

    Thanks for what you’ve done vreaa. Enjoy your break! We’ll miss you.

  24. This blog saved me from joys of home ownership. I had fully drank the Vancouver BPOE/Condo Kool-Aid, and VREEA was the antidote! I’ve been a faithful reader (and non-homeowner) since, gaining work experience, travelling the world, and socking away money. I would have never been able to live the life that I am living had I bought. Thanks and enjoy your time off.

  25. Seeking Knowledge...

    Thanks vreaa. I did find plenty of knowledge here in your blog. Don’t stay away too long, there’s still much for me to learn.

  26. Thanks for all the hard work. I learned plenty here. =)

  27. What? You are pregnant? Is this any way to break the news!!!!

  28. Can I nominate Froogle to take over in the interim (you will be dearly missed). Thanks for all you have done and best of luck with everything.

    Seriously…..did you buy a condo or something……are you maybe pregnant?

  29. Realtor behavior

    Wish you the best, and thanks so much ever!

  30. angelapinsent

    Well, they say the grass is greener where you water it, so I imagine there is plenty of watering to do considering how much time this site takes to run and organize. Thanks for all the great information. Look forward to your return.

  31. Froogle Scott

    Like everyone else here, vreaa, I’m sorry to hear this daily gathering spot will be on a hiatus. And I really hope it is a hiatus, and that you decide to return at a future date. You’ve provided a fun, civilized, and informative space for discussion of all matters related to Vancouver RE and this crazy bubble. And an important countervailing voice in the general sea of manipulative media coverage we’ve been subjected to. I’d also like to thank you for providing an outlet for my own RE-related writing and for your support along the way.

    As much as I’d like to see VREAA continue, I fully understand the time and effort involved with keeping a daily blog stocked with as much material as you’ve been providing. It’s a big commitment, and at a certain point you may just want to do other things with your life. Perfectly understandable.

    I’m flattered by Farmer’s suggestion that I could take over hosting VREAA, however I’ve got time and energy issues of my own that I continually struggle with. What I can say is that I have two additional episodes of The Froogle Scott Chronicles that are not that far away from completion, and have been that way for some time. Various time pressures have kept me from completing them, but I’d certainly be more than willing to have them appear on VREAA at some point if that fits with the plans of the host.

    Best to all, thank you to the readers who responded with their thoughts and ideas to what I had to say, and I’ll look forward to engaging here or elsewhere at some future date.

  32. VREAA Host, thank you for all the very helpful information you posted here, your wise and perceptive comments, and your striving to keep the debate civilized. Many readers are quite indebted to you, and so is Vancouver. Best wishes with what’s coming next in your life.

  33. Thanks for all that you’ve done for BC families. Group therapy indeed.

    I’m surprised to be the first person who is concerned that there may be more to this story than is indicated in the brief and ambiguous description above.

    In fact, it would not surprise me if the MSM and/or the REIC have applied some of their considerable resources to determining VREAA’s identity.

    What with the REIC not being the world’s largest promoters of truth and honesty, they might then have threatened VREAA with more legal action than he can afford to defend against.

    The “settlement” that they offered was that he must stop blogging forever and not discuss the reasons. (The text of his Last Post feels uncharacteristically neutered; as if it’s been approved by opposing counsel.)

    VREAA: if there is the smallest grain of truth to this, we will pull together a legal defense fund. You know our email addresses and can be discretion if you would like to discuss it further.

    (Hope I’m wrong though.)

    Burnabonian out. Take care all.

  34. today’s accordion shows Mercury, the communicator, in Early Aries, conjunct the rebel planet Uranus, square Pluto in Capricorn and square Moon in Cancer. Karmic Release for VREAA is Libra, the sign of justice ……. there may be legal reasons behind VREAA’s abrupt halt.

  35. Don’t always agree with you but gonna miss you VREAA. Thanks for the forum.

  36. damn, I’m kinda hooked to this blog… gonna get withdrawal symptoms

  37. “Stories From The Boom & Bust”

    We’re just starting the bust and you’re leaving us? 🙂

    Thanks for all your great work throughout the years, it’s been highly appreciated by so many people. We all hope to see you back here soon. In the meantime, enjoy every minute and your life and stay safe.



  38. You’ve been a trooper, VREAA.

  39. Have a good break, take care!

  40. Dimitri Tishchenko

    Looking forward to your return.

  41. Thanks for running a most excellent, not to mention classy, site. I hope this won’t be the last we hear from you, whether as vreaa or under another name.

  42. Is there some way to ensure that this archive remains accessible for the next little while (10-20 years)?

  43. [NoteToEd: ForgiveMe. A Surfeit ‘O Bubbly tonight… Occasioned by Hiatus. FYI: The only Angel I ever knew or saw in the raw was a FeaturedGirl in several of Hugh&Bob’s Gentleman’sPeriodicals… and, as it happens – a ClosePersonalFriend of HenryMiller… I digress. At the considerable risk of PapalCensure&Excommunication, I willingingly confess to a diminished universe of beliefs… inclusive of, but not restricted to: AirCooledVtwins, GoodManners, OldFriends… & BBQ. NoteToDearReaders: if He isn’t too preoccupied, a last minute pre-Hiatus BlastRadiusTeaser has been rushed through the SatelliteDish & thence the FibreOpticTrunk for EditorialApproval…]

  44. Thanks VREAA, it’s been good times. Hope to see you back sometime. Look after yourself.

  45. Vreaa, I don’t want to pry, but in fairness to your many loyal readers and followers could you not elaborate just a little on why you are departing so suddenly? I can appreciate if the reasons are strictly personal of course but if it is legal issues as Burbonian suggested I think we would all like to know. Maybe it is too much to imagine that many who have been participating here regularly feel a kind of ownership of the site even if it is you who hold the keyboard that determines the fate. I would like to see this site carry on in any case even if that means only irregular updates or that it is hosted by another (a trusted person obviously). Not to push the point too hard, but could you please offer more than “I am going on hiatus indefinately” as I don’t feel that is really fair after so many thousands of posts have passed between all of us. Is this not more like a family than just a mixed disparate group of people posting random thoughts on the future of real estate in Vancouver?

    If you don’t mind………respectfully, can you please offer an explanation?

    • Hopefully it is something good, a bundle of joy, a new job, the band getting back together.

      Please don’t tell us that you are busy house hunting!

    • fire up your own blog asap
      “advertise” here while you can
      easy peezy

    • Of course something is up.

      We know VREAA well through his writings: we know his classy, candid, prolific, high-road style. We know through intuition when it’s him at the controls and when it isn’t.

      Notwithstanding his sincere efforts to instantly disappear without arousing suspicion, this exit is out-of-character. It’s unusual. The brevity and the timing of his last post do not feel like his doing. The whole thing sets off alarm bells.

      But we also know that VREAA doesn’t owe us anything and we wish him the best. If nondisclosure is in his best interest, which it apparently is, then now would be the time for us to let this issue lie.

      For all we know, this thread is being watched by a team of corporate anti-freedom-of-expression crusaders (aka [redacted]’s lawyers) who have insisted that VREAA turn down this blog and disperse our community into the wind or face their consequences. Because saying what you think in Canada is a privilege, and not a right.

      Perhaps these interests will decide how much heartache and misery to visit on VREAA and his family based on whether or not he succeeds in disbanding this little knitting circle.

      This is probably not the case, but it could be. So a final thanks to VREAA for hosting, and a reminder to whatever syndicate may have triggered this that THE CAT IS OUT OF THE FUCKING BAG ANYWAY.

      You can shoot messengers until you have a stack 6 feet high and you won’t change what’s coming: The actions of the developers, lenders, advertisers, regulators, and crown corporations who created, allowed, and/or profited from our recent speculative mania have been well-documented over the years, and not just on this particular weblog.

      As in all the other countries where the RE Ponzi scheme has already collapsed, historians will study the profiteers and propagandists responsible for years to come.

      And there will be no way to expunge yourselves from that record.


    • I think you’re reading way too much into it. He’s probably a little tired since this likely takes up a huge amount of time and energy and he probably feels that he has done his part in documenting these anecdotes.

  46. many speculative reasons:
    -vreaa finally made an offer to purchase a home like vhb
    -change the point of view
    -accept the facts
    -finally realized the wrongs
    -reallocation the misuse of resource

    • Trolling a defunct blog after the author declares that he’s not going to post anymore.

      You win the entire internet.

    • “Accept the facts”? What facts are those, Fred? That nobody has any money? That we *still* have some of the most overpriced real estate on earth, even as we’re well into the correction? That the government propped up this bitch as long as it could so our economy wouldn’t fall completely apart? That the cost of living here is destroying people?


      Hey VREAA, Gord here. I haven’t contributed anything anywhere on the real estate bullsh*t front for a couple months now. My feelings haven’t changed at all – I’m still disgusted by all of it and more confident than ever that our mutual predictions of a 50% slice and dice will “bear” out. I’ve just been really busy with my new job. Too zonked to put time into much of anything else.

      I can only imagine how tough it is to bury oneself in this blog every single day, and I want to add my voice to those who’ve thanked you here for offering and managing (and slaving away on) this wonderful “truth” outlet.

      But dude, if you can offer anything – anything at all – beyond the brief message above, please do. I don’t know why I suggest that, because if you *could* you obviously *would.*

      Take it easy. Hope to hear from you again sooner rather than later.

    • Pop goes the Bubble

      Fred, you lowlife.

    • why do you little fish always swallow the bait?

    • Fred coming back to troll the defunct blog while vancouver RE is crashing (vancouverpricedrop –> facts) is almost cute.

      But i feel a bit of second hand embarrassment too.

  47. pfffft! … fisarmonica al fredo … http://tinyurl.com/c29hloq

  48. Hi Everybody:
    Thanks for all the kind words.
    My break really is simply related to activities that, out of pressing necessity, take higher priority than even VREAA. There is nothing more sinister about it than that, really. I’m certainly not pregnant (last time I checked), and there are no threats, legal or otherwise.
    Chat here or at the sites noted above in the meantime.
    keep well

    BTW, there are a few pending posts that I’ll still pop up when they’re ready… one or two episodes from Froogle Scott, and the invited headline post from BLM.

  49. Much of the appeal of VREAA is of course his editorial work, but a good portion is also the design. This site is easy to read.

    Note to RE bloggers: get a decent theme and pay attention to your comment’s layout.

  50. Thanks for all you have done, Vreaa. I hope you will return again in the future. In the meantime, all the very best to you. Have a great break and try to get your energy back for this very unique and fascinating blog you have created.

  51. [NoteToDearReaders: During the Intermission, Patrons are encouraged to visit our SnackBar… where a ThoroughlyWholesome assortment of SensiblyPriced, AllNaturalTreats await your delectation. NoteToRJ: That… is the world’s most valuable accordion. The veritable HolyGrail of SqueezeBoxes… in the LovingHands of Jovica Petkovic; in his prime, the globally acknowledged GrandMasterAccordionist.]

    • In other news, sadly unrelated to Accordionistas of the FormerYugoslavia…

      [UK Independent] – London home set to smash property price record by going on sale for a staggering £250m

      …”A London home is set to smash the record for the most expensive property in Britain by going on sale for a staggering £250 million.

      The Grade I listed Regency property in central London would cost potential buyers 700 times more than the £370,000 average property value in the capital.

      The house, which is on Carlton House Terrace, enjoys views of St James’s Park and is 30 times bigger than a typical London family house.

      According to the Evening Standard the property, which is described as the biggest private home in central London, is currently owned by an elderly member of a Middle Eastern royal family.

      The owner has reportedly spent millions restoring the six-storey town house to their former glory.

      A source told the Standard: “The building is very much as it was in its heyday. It would be for a new owner to put in the modern toys such as a swimming pool.”….


      [NoteToEd: WTF. A 1/4BillionGBP… and no pool?]

      • [UK Guardian] – A terrace house for £1 or £250m – Britain’s bizarre housing crisis: This grotesque juxtaposition of housing in Stoke and London perfectly reflects the imbalance inherent in our economy

        …”Put these two sales together and you have a picture of a country whose housing crisis has become fantastically surreal and unbalanced, reflecting its increasingly bizarre economy – a capital kept ludicrously expensive by its status as a tax haven and financial centre, in a country whose urban heartlands in the north and Midlands have depopulated ever further. Remember, though, that Stoke is one of the towns to which beleaguered London local authorities are planning to send tenants and homeless families priced out of the capital. The price gap here is not a matter of paradoxical co-existence – rather of cause and effect.”…


  52. Hymie Garshman

    Thanks for all you’ve done. I guess it’s like a kid on Christmas Eve who is waiting for Santa but just can’t stay up any longer. Ok, bye.

      • Hang on to your PopCorn, RJ… ‘cuz ThisSummer’sComingAttraction… A veritable BlockBuster as it were, will be a sudden ‘unexpected surge’ in UltraPrime WestSide listings and BulkCondoDisposals… natch, with a concomitant stratospheric MOI increase…

        [ChinaDaily] – Canada to return illegal assets

        …”Agreement would help facilitate repatriation of economic fugitives

        China and Canada will sign an agreement to share assets that Chinese fugitives illegally transfer to Canada, the North American country’s top envoy in Beijing said.

        Negotiations are in advanced stages and an agreement should be reached in the next few months, Canadian Ambassador Guy Saint-Jacques said in an exclusive interview.

        “It will provide a legal basis for Canada to share the proceeds of forfeited assets with China, once we identify the transferred illegal money belonged to some criminals or criminal organizations,” he said.

        Canada is considered a paradise for Chinese fugitives, including many corrupt officials, who flee to the country because it has no extradition treaty with China.

        According to the Ministry of Public Security, thousands of Chinese economic fugitives have transferred “billions of yuan” overseas.

        …”After the bilateral agreement is completed, it will facilitate the return of the money the fugitives illegally transferred and the recovery of the losses, which will help combat such crimes,” said Wang Gang, a senior officer with the international cooperation bureau under the Ministry of Public Security.”…


        [NoteToEd: Doesn’t anyone at the CBC or Mop&Pail read Xinhua/ChinaDaily?]

      • Editorial AfterThought….

        It’s terribly naughty of me, I know… but I simply refuse to allow the Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s choice of spokesperson to go unremarked….

        “Wang Gang”

        Hmmm… puts a WholeNew spin on ‘the long arm’ of the law, don’t it?

      • rod_jonsson

        must abstain from content … decor only … http://tinyurl.com/d6vghm6

  53. ^RE Nemesis HAM extradition story

    I wonder what happens when the Fugitive HAM has been squirreled away in the form of Vancouver RE, rather than bank accounts?

    My guess / hope: government-ordered sale.

    All it takes is one auction to devalue an entire street or an entire neighborhood. Not that we need further catalysts.

    Lesson learned by most countries in the 2000’s: do not value an entire asset class by extrapolating a few sales made by marginal traders. This can make a $1T worth of houses suddenly seem to be worth $2T, which feels very good, but it can also make an ostensibly million-dollar crack shack suddenly seem to be worth $450K. And that does not feel so good, especially if you’ve loaned someone $900k against it!

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      You can see this in Richmond, HAM has completely left the market.
      Prices of Luxury SFHs are plummeting.

  54. PS VREAA, is your break over yet? 🙂

    We’re dying here. VCI is full of bullies and greaterfool makes me want to drink.

    You are missed!

  55. Deuteronomy 32:19/20 – ” [19] The Lord saw, and was moved to wrath: because his own sons and daughters provoked him. [20] And he said: I will hide my face from them, and will consider what their last end shall be: for it is a perverse generation, and unfaithful children.”…

    [NoteToRJ EtAl: I thought it was HighTime to try GoingBiblical on IllustriousEd… Which is definitely not to be confused with GoingMedieval. NeverMind… FreeAssociation IntermissionIntermezzos are fun!]

  56. Real Estate Tsunami

    Copper Sky,
    Luxury Waterfront Condominiums at the Imperial Landing in Steveston.
    Only 10 years old and appears to be leaking already.
    Massive scaffolding going up.
    Does anyone know what’s going on?

    • Yup. After 5000 years of engineering experimentation, roof design and construction advancement the human race still cannot figure out how to keep water from getting inside a building. Really makes you wonder how all those adobe and mud brick houses are still standing in India and elsewhere after centuries despite torrential monsoon rains. It is only in Vancouver where designers are too stupid to appreciate that water flows to the points of least resistance and in the offices of the Vancouver planner and engineering departments that puts a stamp of approval on structures designed for desert climates that this is noticed. Hell, even burrowing rodents like Ground Squirrels are smarter as they do indeed make underground dens that resist flooding during a rain.

      I would add “it makes you wonder” but I am too cynical for that.

      • realtor behavior

        I heard from renovation guys that most Vancouver houses, especially those around 10-year-newly-built or renovated have green furry mildrews wrapped under plastic; and even concrete materials, which are mixed with glass shard aren’t even any better. As we are the greenest city in Canada, people here use the most recyclable materials, aka degenerable materials which likely crumble to dust by itself with time!

      • The whole vapour barrier thesis has been a disaster in Vancouver construction. Not that it was all a bad idea but mostly because nobody understands the correct implementation and so we get wet houses both inside and out in an effort to cut energy bills.

        The whole premise is based around evacuating collected humidity but the process is self defeating. I refer you to case study #1 of the shower stall with the moisture exhaust fan that either never shuts off or does not function at all and ask how that idea is useful in sub zero weather or in the high humidity days of heavy rainfall.

        We were honestly better off with homes that could actually breathe (and remained healthy) even when heat was lost due to the many small openings. The sacrifice made in preserving an indoor climate has been offset by the losses associated with structural degradation, mold, rot, perpetual dampness or in other cases energy wastage as the exhaust fans in effect drive up heating bills by pumping your hard earned dollars out into the evening air.

        Might make you think twice when you sit down with a calculator and figure the Cubic Feet per Minute that exit your building that are required to meet new codes. I say “dump the plastic wrap” and return to good old fashioned tar paper for siding protection. After that, dismantle the fans and throw the damn things in the garbage where they belong. We used to have much healthier and drier houses in Vancouver before the advent of all the genius ideas that cause us so much grief today…..

        But nobody even questions the new codes. We foolishly just accept them at face value as if they are some kind of dictum from the angels on high. How the hell did we all manage to stay warm and dry before the advent of plastic wrap and exhaust fans anyway?

        The answers are obvious.

        If you already have a forced air furnace you do not need other methods to exchange air in your house if you have already made the correct decision to shun vapour barriers and plastic wrap which are only making the cost of owning a home more difficult than need be.

        Then again, I am in the school that thinks it is OK to wear boots indoors!

      • realtor behavior

        Thanks very much for the advice! You see, nowadays, just can’t get all this from most of our supposed-to-be professional guys!

      • They just don’t teach this stuff in school anymore. I remain convinced we are doomed as a society because almost nobody even understands the basics of staying dry and warm (never mind feeding yourself and preserving food). If the gas ever gets shut off this whole God-Damned country is going down the tubes.

  57. Seeking Knowledge...

    Thanks to those who still contribute to this blog. I check back daily for my fix. My brain needs to be fed.

    • Seeking Knowledge...

      I miss the anecdotes.

    • How’s this……The shit is about to hit the fan. We may have just days left before a significant stock market correction. Precious metals will likely explode hgher as stocks fall and that will be the biggest nail in the coffin for Vanocuver’s real estate scene. Just saying….it is about to get very ugly out there.

      • If not Tuesday it will be Wednesday. I hate to hedge my bets but that is as accurate as I can get right now.

      • Well bite my tongue. The Russell which I had been watching closely violated the upward trend and broke through to new highs after testing 5 times against the upper boundary. The double tops anticipated for the S&P and Dow also did not confirm and rose above resistance. We are off to the races again and my diagnosis of a correction is back on ice.

  58. I’ve been a regular lurker for a couple years now and never posted but I am grateful to everyone who has and I feel thanks are due.

    I found this blog after I started getting pressure from relatives with varying degrees of real estate “success” to “Buy now or…” I figured RE here was overvalued but did not fully appreciate how much or how precariously until I started digging beyond the nightly Global News propaganda. I haven’t been able to convince one family member to dump her “retirement strategy” that she bought at peak and has nevery really been able to afford but at least I can say I tried…

    My s/o and I still dream of raising our family in our very own picket-fenced (or not — they’re annoying to paint) house in our particular ‘burb of choice (No judgment, please.) but certainly not in this climate. If we had family outside the BPOE we would have left a long time ago… We are currently growing a healthy nest egg that will make a solid DP if the market ever returns to sanity. If not then we’ll have a nice investment portfolio. My biological clock is still ticking but at least now it’s separate from fantasies of home ownership. I owe much of that enlightenment to this site!

    Thank you, vreaa (and all of the regular contributors), for arming me with solid information and thoughtful perspective to stand up to the Kool-Aiders. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of the most rational and useful discourse out there happens to come from such a civil and respectful community of posters. Truly a pleasure to read every day. Hope you return but, if not, please know that you have already made a difference to at least one household.

  59. Hymie Garshman

    Your departure has not gone unnoticed at Real Estate Talks.
    See here http://realestatetalks.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=128605

    • Just read the whole thread. It was my first time reading at RET. What a depressing site. By the time I was through I was totally exhausted from the preponderance of brain-dead chatter. I would join and kick some butt if I thought I could stomach reading “Whipmaster” but 30 minutes is my absolute limit when it comes to children.

  60. Hymie Garshman

    When is VREAA coming back?

  61. Hymie Garshman

    That’s it. If you don’t come back we all know that you are a turncoat to the cause. You probably quit because you bought a house and didn’t tell anyone.

  62. So you’re back VREAA? Arent you kind of tired of being wrong everyday for 10 years? Also, why are all your anecdotes of people who lost? There were lots of winners living happily in their own homes today? I think this is a place where malcontents come to commiserate. Maybe if some people changed their attitudes there would be a different outcome for them. Why don’t you encourage that?

    • So you’re back VREAA?


      Arent you kind of tired of being wrong everyday for 10 years?

      One gets used to it.

      Also, why are all your anecdotes of people who lost? There were lots of winners living happily in their own homes today?

      We’d gladly publish stories from “the winners”. Please reference them.

      I think this is a place where malcontents come to commiserate.

      One man’s “malcontents” are another man’s wise friends.

      Maybe if some people changed their attitudes there would be a different outcome for them. Why don’t you encourage that?

      That desperate for more sales, huh?

    • VREAA has been right the entire time, gentle troll.

      VREAA’s message is that the market is in the midst of a wild speculative bubble, and will collapse in the future. This is 100% correct, and has been since before VREAA’s first post.

      If you actually believe that everything is fine and that the bears are out to lunch, you wouldn’t waste a second trolling these blogs and trying to create doubt. Because why would it matter.

      For example, supposing that I started the following blog:

      http://water does not exist .wordpress.com

      …and began to post anecdotes that purported to demonstrate that Water is not actually real. Would I be inundated by trolls who were upset and angry (malcontent, you might say,) about my contention?

      Not likely.

      I might get a visit from concerned family members and possibly a psychiatrist, but apart from those who might wonder about my mental stability I would not ruffle a single feather on planet earth.

      The reason why Bear bloggers (in the few remaining bubble economies, as the rest have already collapsed) inspire so much fear and anger is that they’re bloody well right and a lot of people know it.

      I would surmise that your family’s financial future is staked on the riskiest horse in Canada: your real estate “holdings”. Because those holdings are priced at >2x their fundamental value, you are angry at and terrified of anyone who would dare to posit such a viewpoint in public.

      Instead of trying to fight the tide, friend, perhaps you should concentrate your efforts on diversifying your portfolio a tad.

      Try buying the Chinese markets, for instance. They’re down 20% today but claim that they are not in any bubble. Now there’s an opportunity that can’t fail!

  63. Hi VREAA, well at least you are polite. But here’s where you Bears go wrong… why do you think that everybody is a salesman or industry shill? Also, you are doing people a disservice to people by not pointing out the inflation of the money supply by the Central Banks around the world, and these rigged ultra low interest rates in causing the markets to have an upward effect on the market. You, and the rest of your crew have no clue. It’s pointless to comment on real estate if you don’t understand the fundamental forces driving the market at this time.

    If you want to see a positive anecdote I will supply one that was sent by Property Magnate yesterday in Realestatetalks.com.

    Thank you,


  64. Here is the link on RET…. see the third post
    Note that Property Magnate’s anecdote spans about 9 years, so it’s not a flip story. But it fairly reflects the market over the last 9 years.

  65. So, go ahead and post it any time.
    Or is it against your religion???
    Haw! Haw! Haw!

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