Border Services raid on migrant workers on Vancouver Eastside construction site; Reality TV camera crew in tow.

“An ordinary day on a condo construction site in east Vancouver took a turn for the dramatic Wednesday when Canada Border Services agents burst in searching for illegal migrant workers — all while being shadowed by a camera crew apparently recording footage for a reality TV show.
The raid, which took place at the Porter development on Victoria Drive near 20th Avenue, was one of about 10 that reportedly occurred throughout the city Wednesday.
A site foreman for the condo developer Cressey said two CBSA officers arrived around noon hunting for two Honduran nationals who were quickly located. A short time later, as many as 17 officers surrounded the building and began sweeping the construction site floor by floor, checking identification.
The site foreman, who did not wish to be named, said he was shocked and had not seen anything like it before. He said the raid began with two people who seemed to know who they were looking for, then there were 15 more, as well as camera crews.
He said about eight people, all of whom worked for a subcontractor, were taken away from the site.
Other witnesses reported seeing between five and eight workers handcuffed and removed by CBSA agents while a film crew circled. Many also heard workers speaking of 10 to 15 other raids occurring the same day.”

– from ‘CBSA raid on migrant workers, complete with TV camera crew, raises concerns in Vancouver’, Jessica Barrett, Vancouver Sun, 14 Mar 2013 [hat-tip Nemesis and proteus]

Allegedly ‘illegal’ migrants working a Vancouver construction site; all wrapped up with reality TV. Archived for the chronological record.
We don’t even want to begin to think of the ethical issues involved with the TV show. Who is directing who?
– vreaa

Comment below the article above:
“I know where there is an entire building that was constructed with American workers. I called CBSA and they didn’t even care. I told them that if you went there, there is an entire crew of Americans working on site right now. The agent basically said it didn’t matter. To top it off, the construction didn’t even have a construction permit. No fire inspection. Nothing. They open for business and didn’t even have a business license. Yeah trust me. This is just one case. There has got to be dozens or maybe even hundreds happening all the time.”Henry Wang, comment at Vancouver Sun

12 responses to “Border Services raid on migrant workers on Vancouver Eastside construction site; Reality TV camera crew in tow.

  1. In the last 20 years, our society has lost the objectivity it built up the previous 150 years. It’s like climbing Mount Everest above 26,000 ft. Unfortunately, because you’re a nobody if you must turn-around before the summit, you plod on, but soon run out of supplemental oxygen. Now you realize, too late, you haven’t enough energy to survive the descent.

  2. This is no surprise to me. I remember walking by the Olympic village when it was being built I walked by a group of Spanish speaking workers right around the time the the government changed the rules so people from Mexico have to get a visa to come to Canada. Coincidence?
    I have no problem with immigrant labor as long as they get the same rights as me.
    Also I still remember that my grandparents were immigrants.

  3. Raid on migrant workers …great news !!! if they legal they have nothing to worry about, if not YVR us 20 min by Skytrain….Good Bye !!! A lot of bad apples slips in as is.

  4. Maybe they were filming the pilot of “Real Illegal Construction Workers of Vancouver”?

    • Adrenal glands vs Aliens

      the call went out to employ more movie industry veterans, and I’m wondering if they didn’t get thrown a television.

  5. The illegal migrants are for the most part probably better human beings than the legal locals.

  6. Cressey needs to screen their subcontractors more. They were the developers that hired MAC to market Maddox.

  7. going fwd, there isn’t going to be a 1st world … it was squandered by everyone who thought they were entitled to it

  8. My beef is with the contractor the contractor is able to be more competitive by breaking the rules ie hiring people with no documents no wcb to pay no ei payments or benifits ect. Than a contractor that does everything above board.

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