Attaining Escape Velocity For The Constructive Evolution Of Imbalances In Order To Leverage The Opportunity And Break Through In Thought Leadership [“You know what I’m saying?”]

reggie w

“..and that’s one of the things that I enjoy most, ah, about this convention… It’s not so much, as so little, as to do with what everything is… but it is within our self interest to understand the topography of our lives unto ourselves. The future states that there is no time other than the collapsation of that sensation of the mirror of the memories in which we are living. Common knowledge, but important nonetheless. As we face fear in these times, and fear is all around us, we also have anti-fear… it’s hard to imagine or measure… the background radiation is simply too static to be able to be seen under the normal spectral analysis. [Accent alters from British to that of deep-voiced American soul singer] But we fuse though there are times when.. a lot of us.. you know what I’m saying? cos, like, as a hip-hop thing, you know what I’m saying, like TED be rocking, like, you know what I’m saying?.. so I wrote a song, and I hope that you guys dig it… it’s a song about people, and sasquatches, and other French science stuff… Okay, here we go.”
Reggie Watts, TED, March 2012, Long Beach, California. This piece was preceded by a passage in Spanish and then one in French.

“Escape Velocity” – measure of the amount of newly concocted liquidity required to allow Canadian RE to cast off the bounds of gravity and remain afloat; coined by BOC Gov. Mark Carney

“Constructive Evolution Of Imbalances” – [household debt increasing at a slower rate; the tap on the brakes that presages a housing price crash]
“With a more constructive evolution of imbalances in the household sector, residential investment is expected to decline further from historically high levels.” – Bank of Canada statement, March 2013

“Breaking Through In Thought Leadership” – [over-reaching optimism, with a twist of Orwell]
“This is a game-changer for Vancouver. We’re known as a world-class tourism destination but this shows we’re breaking through in thought leadership. I’d like to explore how we can best leverage the opportunity to vault Vancouver into the spotlight and endear us to the leading thinkers who come here.” – Mayor Gregor Robertson, commenting on Vancouver buying the TED conference, March 2013

Who writes this stuff?
The above three samples added to our growing
PS: We Love the subversive Reggie Watts. He was in Vancouver recently.
– vreaa

30 responses to “Attaining Escape Velocity For The Constructive Evolution Of Imbalances In Order To Leverage The Opportunity And Break Through In Thought Leadership [“You know what I’m saying?”]

  1. Carioca Canuck

    Well that article was just………..uuhhm………..eerrr………supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!

  2. Robertson isn’t saying that sh!t because he doesn’t give a f*ck, he says it because voters lap it up.

  3. Cyril Tourneur

    MPPOE – Most Pretentious Place On Earth

  4. TEDS latest tech. push shows them for idiots.
    “Safe nuclear”.. as if this is a new tech.
    They don’t even know what a Thorium Reactor is.
    TED… and its staff are well dated…. by the time they publish anything…
    it’s for poorly educated… publicly funded yuppies…
    … like the Mayor…
    … and his Clown Posse Staff.
    The latest rage they think they have discovered is… safe nuclear…
    They were called Thorium Reactors in the 1930’s
    Just could not…
    …… So behind the times
    … and they don’t even know the name for them…
    Waste of Space Idiot Mayor and the Clowns around him are just trying to figure out how they can profit from this…. and the real estate around it.

    … And move forward the plan to build the planned Nuke Plant in Burnaby(General Fusion)… on Winston ave in Burnaby…
    that was planned and ready to go prior to FUKUshima’s
    4 Reactor Meltdown…
    …. nice rad level increase here since then… and yes I have been running a Geiger C. since that June (… the government lied to you again bigtime)

    • UBCghettodweller

      This may be one of the few times where a tinfoil hat will actually protect you then Silver.

      I’d suggest fashioning some lead-lined underwear as well for future generations’ sake.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Lead so close to the testis may not bode well for future generations.

      • I know no one cares…
        There is no tin foil hat here… and i’m not a breeder… so don’t need to wear the shorts… and should I want to go there Silver works so much better than tin.
        …what was once background at .04-06 uSv/hr… is now .140-.156 uSv/hr and the difference is not background radiation… and its 24/7… based on 1.5+ years of data
        … there are also two “safe” uranium nuke plants planned for the oil sands…. in alberta.
        Ganny was at Hiroshima… so I don’t need to make things up.
        TEDS latest current big push is around “Safe” industry nuke plants which are Uranium based…, like the planned but stalled Burnaby Plant… so yes I would think the two are related…
        TED is for the I phone generation and its 3 line of chopped and clipped thoughts… dated… nothing new there… ever…
        … which is why our Mayor may think they count… He too is not so very very bright… nor creative,
        …. And I’m sure a “safe” TED style running Nuke plant in Burnaby would raise the Real Estate prices in Vancouver… just like they did in japan…
        TED is used to promote policy… that’s its job…to guide its rabid followers…
        sorry for the rant…but this has a very personal tag…

  5. Speaking of the ‘constructive evolution of imbalances’… here’s your FridayMorningZen and Quote’OTheDay, DearReaders…

    “Needing two agents to cooperate in a transaction allows a full-service agent to punish discount agents” – Steven Levitt & Chad Syverson, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

    [BloomBergBizWeek] – Why Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia Haven’t Killed Off Real Estate Brokers

    …”Real Trends, a research firm, reports the average commission paid to the buying and selling brokers was 5.4 percent of the price of a home in 2011, up from 5 percent in 2008. (The seller’s agent collects the commission from the seller and then splits it evenly with the buyer’s agent.) That’s considerably higher than the median rate in markets abroad, where there may only be one agent involved in the transaction, such as the U.K. (a 1 percent to 2 percent fee), Germany (3 percent to 6 percent), Israel (4 percent), and the Netherlands (1.5 percent to 2 percent), according to a 2007 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. “Ten years ago almost no one started their home search online. And yet none of that value has come back to the consumer,” says Glenn Kelman, Redfin’s chief executive officer.”….

    [NoteToEd: I wonder where they do their punishing?… Could be a new HighConcept RealityTV premise… Hmmm… “The Agents of Hazard”?]

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      There was an article in The Economist a while ago also pointing out the high cost of RE buying/selling in North America.

  6. Real Estate Tsunami

    Break on through to the other side.

    • For some reason I found this very funny.

    • I think it hit a note with its suggestion of an ‘other worldly’/’parallel universe’ quality that somehow seems very apropos given the surreal quality of local RE and world events.
      Bingo, RET.

    • Apropos of nothing, I too smiled… and instantly made the synaptic leap to, “Run Through The Jungle”

      For BuddingMusicologists… a comparative…

      [NoteToEd: Fogerty’s ‘axe’ is a LesPaulCustom… GoldPlated pickups, mother ‘o pearl inlay, silver frets on a mahogony/neck+body with an ebony fingerboard. From a percussionist’s perspective, Jungle’s syncopated rhytms present the more satisfying challenge… And now, DearReaders having exhausted the potential of CaffeineAssisted FreeAssociation – we return to our regular programming.]

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      That’s why Jim Morrison called the band The Doors.

  7. So you go to TED to listen to people on substances free associate? There are any number of music festivals I could go to for that, which cost much less per ticket. Actually, a few guys on the corners downtown sound about like that.

  8. I love TED people! Vision trumps reality. Just ask my mistress.

  9. they’ve got nice sound …

    • [NoteToEd: It always starts the same way… A lonely child playing the accordion… mocked by his contemporaries… and who, one day, suddenly vows revenge. As I’m sure Dr. B would be happy to attest, the literature on pre-natal exposure is equally shocking… and conclusive.]

      • [NoteToEd: I often wonder she is now… Khoba Prosla – a SouthAsian refugee of Idi’s tyranny with the biggest BrownEyes you ever saw… We DancedSlow that night… Dal was conducting… he even offered to let me ‘SitIn’…]

      • rod_jonsson

        don’t mess with accordionistas … we’re born counter-revolutionaries …

    • Touché two… Mon Amis.

      [NoteToEd: Once upon a time… I actually teamed up with Holmes and Watson to vanquish Moriarty. Legal names all. What are the odds? Seriously. I shit you not. “Branche Spéciale”. Perfidious Albion.]

  10. LOL The gyp gyp gyp gyp gypsey

  11. Well, maybe someone will talk about Yurts and sustainable housing at TED. Forget RE, buy a Yurt instead. Extra bonus is we have at least 1 manufacturer of Yurts in BC.

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