Mark Butler – Paintings of Basement Suites

[UPDATE: Images removed 1.May.2013, at the request of the artist, Mark Butler. -ed.]

Basement Suite (Night)
(Acrylic, gouache, pencil, paper on canvas)
Mark Butler, 2012

Basement Suite (Red)
(Acrylic, gouache, pencil, paper on canvas)
Mark Butler, 2012

Basement Suite (Dusk)
(Acrylic, gouache, pencil, paper on canvas)
Mark Butler, 2012

Basement Suite
(Acrylic, gouache, pencil, paper on canvas)
Mark Butler, 2012

– paintings by Mark Butler, BFA (Visual Arts), ECUAD; from the Emily Carr UAD 2012 Grad show.

We like these paintings a lot.
Despite their low, dark subject, they are beautiful.
The third and fourth images are taken from the Emily Carr site.
The first two are cell-phone snaps taken at the 2012 ECUAD Grad exhibition.
We trust that Mark is okay with us posting them here.
Good work; many thanks to the artist.
– vreaa

43 responses to “Mark Butler – Paintings of Basement Suites

  1. It’s amazing, really… how ‘squalor’, cramped quarters… can focus the mind… and sometimes, incubate GreatArt…

    [NoteToEd: Once upon a time, so many, many StarryStarryNights ago… Nem’s ArtHovel looked like this: – 90$ pcm inc. util for 500sq.ft.]

  2. Real Estate Tsunami

    All great art comes from some form of suffering.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Brings to mind student days at UBC – long ago now. Captures the mood which interestingly was joyful – youth and learning. Great!

      • Cyril Tourneur

        I remember my basement-suite/university days fondly too. The best part was how cheap it was, the worst part was hearing the landlord and her boyfriend fighting all night long.

  3. Wonder if Bob Rennie will pick these up?

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      Don’t think so. The Kondo King does not do basements.

      • AuContraire, RET!… “Ahem”….

        [video redacted, with condolences and regrets. -ed.]

        [NoteToEd: I know… I should be punished for that. Ooops…]

  4. Amazing quote here, regarding the MAC Marketing scandal, from a Van realtor :

    “They could have just found a waitress or whatever, somebody who didn’t obviously work for them.”

  5. Nice paintings of cozy garden level suites.
    (Mark Butler should get a language update. ‘Basement’ is verboten.)

  6. Wow, one of the worst posts here in a while. So you guys still call for a crash when Garth called for a slide that could bring values back to the mean in the next decade?

    • We’ll exercise restraint in commenting on the quality of your comments.

      Yeah, we still predict 50%+-off the peak.
      Garth is (understandably) largely focused on Central Canada, what does he know about the Wild West?
      Seriously, we’ve always thought his downside targets were a bit conservative (even though his delivery is far from conservative).

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Garth does not live in my neighbor hood in Richmond, where 3 properties that were taken off the market late last year are now back on the market.
        New list prices are about 20% off from what they where last year!
        Almost feel sorry for them.

      • UBCghettodweller

        He usually does make caveats for Vancouver and Toronto with special relish reserved for Richmond.

      • Look, I live in Richmond too. Prices have slipped 10% in the last 2 years. Is that a crash or a slide? More like a slide or soft landing

      • It’s only a slide if you’ve reached the bottom. If prices continue to fall then it will become a crash. Prices have only been falling for about 9 months & 10% off in that time is the beginnings of a crash.

        Many here (myself included) predict continued price declines until we get to +40% off peak. You may disagree but it doesn’t really matter…only time will prove one of us right.

        And just so you know, if it doesn’t happen I’ll be fine – not happy (because I’ll have to move away in order to own a home of the quality I want) but financially WAY better off than if I’d bought.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Nobody cares what happened during the last 2 years.
        What matters what happens now and will happen in the future.
        Not a single sale in Westwind in February. Steveston Village is quite active, but you can buy a SFH for 600k now, something unheard of 2 years ago. Two new listings on Garry for around 700k.
        Check out the Monds. A flipper’s nightmare!
        And the list goes on.

    • My read of Garth’s exposition of the idea that fundamentals will eventually catch up is that the more people understand how long the slide will take, the faster it will resolve via price changes.

    • Turner was on the local news a couple of months ago and called for -40% for Vancouver. I would call that a crash.

  7. Village Whisperer

    These are paintings, right? Not ‘renditions’ of paintings?

    Oh, right… Mark’s day job isn’t in real estate so no need to ask.

    • Those are what Mark’s evil twin – Chris Butler – WOULD have painted if someone had given him the materials. And if they had taught him how to paint.
      (Sorry, Mark…..I like your work!)

  8. Whether it be the Property’Peccadilloes’ ‘o PalpitatingPremiers… or the carefully staged TheatricalEntrances ‘o RapaciousRealtors™…

    Art always has the LastLaugh… the BestLaugh. An EnduringLaugh.

    [RichmondNews: 2012.01.31] – Fantasy Faye laps limelight

    ..”Faye Leung – the ever-colourful woman who some say was responsible for former premier Bill Vander Zalm’s downfall – was one of the first to attend the opening of the Richmond Art Gallery’s exhibit, Fantasy Gardens, Converging Narratives last week.

    Artist Neil Wedman said it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

    “I think she was among the first to arrive and it seemed kind of obvious, really,” he said in reference to Leung’s attraction to the limelight. “I wouldn’t say she was subdued, but she was pleasant and seemed to be enjoying herself.”

    Leung brokered the deal in which Vander Zalm, while in office, sold Fantasy Gardens World to a Taiwanese conglomorate. That sale led to Vander Zalm’s breach of trust criminal trial in 1992.

    The exhibit is a juxtaposition of Wedman’s courtroom sketches made during Vander Zalm’s trial and Stuart McCall’s photographs of the Fantasy Gardens “ruins” years later.

    Vander Zalm had bought Fantasy Garden World, a nursery and theme park, in 1984 for $1.7 million. Four years later, his application to the Agricultural Land Reserve to have the development restrictions lifted was approved, hence dramatically increasing the property’s worth.

    In 1990, he then sold the site for a whopping $16 million.

    The court ruled that while Vander Zalm had put himself in a conflict of interest, he had not done anything illegal and was found not guilty in B.C. Supreme Court in 1992.”…

    [NoteToEd: I’d almost forgotten about that one… and then it came to me, a verdict as redolent of fresh manure… as a SunnySpringDay’s Blast along WestMinsterHighway. Just between the two of us, I couldn’t help but notice that the leader illustration was attributed to a Mr. Chung Chow – who, no doubt, is eternally grateful to his parents for overcoming the momentary temptation to name him Tung…]

    • Real Estate Tsunami

      Fantasy Gardens has now morphed into The Gardens, a high rise project flogged by Bob Rennie.
      They kept the castle.

  9. pffft! … feels like my accordion just got violated …

  10. Receding Gains

    Love these images. Best post I’ve read in ages. Thanks VRAA. Thanks Mark Butler.

  11. Agree with R.G. Great work, Mark Butler, and thanks for sharing, VREAA.

  12. I can still hear the 60 Hz hum from the lights, even today. It was when the mouse nibbled on my Toblerone I woke up.

  13. Pingback: Realtor On Marketing Deceit – “They could have just found a waitress or whatever, somebody who didn’t obviously work for them.” | Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive

  14. I’m one of those evil basement suite owners, but hopefully not a slumlord. The suite is kept up but I’m not going to lavish money on granite countertops etc. That would be the worst thing for my tenant who would have to pay higher rent to cover it. Right now she gets a large, clean space in one of the cities hot neighbourhoods with great transit, for a very good price. In turn, I get a bit of extra money and the peace of mind knowing the house is occupied when I travel.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself; you sound like a sensible landlord; we wouldn’t characterize you as ‘evil’.
      When did you purchase the property?

  15. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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