RE Mentions In Popular Culture – Realtor Wins Canucks 50/50 Draw – “The last quarter of real estate was the toughest in 24 years, there were periods where we spent more than we made.”

“Phil Moore was in the stands on October 9, 2008, and when Candice, joined by Roberto Luongo and Alex Burrows, presented the Bourdon family with Luc’s jersey, he came up with a plan.
When – not if – but when I win the Canucks For Kids Fund 50/50, I’ll give back.
“I just knew I was going to win sooner or later,” said Moore, a real estate agent and Canucks season ticket holder. “I visualized it over and over again, winning and handing out this big cheque.
“If you’re in the shootout and you’re skating down the ice, you have to visualize your move and visualize scoring. If you visualize something over and over again, it just happens.”
And, wouldn’t you know it, it happened.”

“The last quarter of real estate was the toughest in 24 years, there were periods where we spent more than we made,” explained Moore. “The majority of the winnings will go to pay bills, but it was a unanimous decision within the family that we didn’t want a vacation or anything, we’d rather give a chunk back to help out as much as possible.”
– from ‘Giver’s gain’,, Derek Jory, 19 Feb 2013 [hat-tip rob]

Nice of him to give some back.
Interesting word from the trenches regarding market conditions.
Also, noteworthy for the magical thinking, something common to a good percentage of market participants.
– vreaa

45 responses to “RE Mentions In Popular Culture – Realtor Wins Canucks 50/50 Draw – “The last quarter of real estate was the toughest in 24 years, there were periods where we spent more than we made.”

  1. “If you visualize something over and over again, it just happens.”
    Really? I keep visualizing my 6/49 numbers and so far…nothing! Maybe I’m just not visualizing hard enough?

    • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

    • A juxtaposition of CurrentEvents too tempting by far not to embed here… now…

      [CBC] – Kits Coast Guard loses out to N.L. base

      …”Meanwhile, Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang has slammed the closure in Kitsilano, labelling it “shocking and amazing”. Speaking to Stephen Quinn on CBC Radio One’s On the Coast, Jang said Vancouver Police, Fire and even mariners were not aware of the closure until it was underway on Tuesday. “It was all pre-meditated and done on the sly,” he said.

      Although the station was slated to close in two months’ time, the councillor said the decision to shut the doors early puts boaters at risk. “This is actually one of the most dangerous times for boaters here on the West Coast, it’s cold water and this is when most of the accidents do occur,” he said.”….

      [CBC] – 4 questions about Canada’s new Office of Religious Freedom

      …”What will the Office of Religious Freedom do? – Its mandate is to promote freedom of religion or belief. The government says this promotion will be a Canadian “foreign policy priority.” …The office will have a full-time staff of five, including Ambassador Bennett, and has been given a budget of $5 million a year. It will operate within the Department of Foreign Affairs.”…

      [NoteToEd: Clearly, Vancouver MarinersInDistress would be well advised to ‘abandon ye all hope’ of rescue/EarthlyIntercession… but at least they’ve got a ‘prayer’.]

  2. It’s amazing what people will say when they think they’re talking about something else. Pretty telling for a thankful Realtor to win a lottery and talk about how bad the market has become as subtext.

  3. Smells a lot like “The Secret.” I miss the good old days when even self-help books like Think and Grow Rich actually involved DOING something. I’ll snarkily note that, to a first approximation, The Secret has been a huge failure. Millions of Americans visualized themselves getting rich and, shortly thereafter, most of them had their asses handed to them by the housing market. Beware!

  4. According to several realtors in the blogosphere, things are picking up and west side prices are stabilizing. It’s true, but for how long. Typically, spring time prices rise a few points and sales pickup. No crash expected yet as moi is only 8. We need moi north if 12 for a sustained period of time for a market crash.

    • Prices never stabilize.

      • Really? Look at Surrey sfh prices over the last 2 years. Moi rose and prices followed or flat for other areas. I’d like prices to fall, but sitting and praying wont make prices fall. Just because you want and hope for something to happen, doesn’t mean it will happen.

        Like I’ve said many times, there will be no crash. There will be a correction, that’s still bad enough. Sales peaked in May 11. We haven’t seen sales at those levels ever since. If the market were to crash, it would of happen already don’t you think?

      • SETHY QUOTE: “Like I’ve said many times, there will be no crash. There will be a correction, that’s still bad enough.”

        You’re on record, amigo: No crash.

        As it happens, this puts you in agreement with most of the bright financial, insurance, and real estate market makers of your time.

        Who first posted the Upton Sinclair quote here?

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

      • Naked Official #9000

        Loyal cadre, “Seth”! Wu mao has been deposited in your account! If you visualize it, many more yuan are coming your way! Don’t spend it all at once!

        * “would of happened already..” lol reads like the MLS listings on vancouverpricedrop

      • Ralph Cramdown

        Hoping and praying have nothing to do with my investment choices. I believe I’ll generate a better return elsewhere, so that’s where I’m invested.

    • Things are picking up? Is it February already?

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      Really? Can you link up some blogs? Would be good to archive.

    • “According to several realtors in the blogosphere, things are picking up and west side prices are stabilizing.”

      Stinks like Astroturfing:

    • I’ve got sales data for the mlslink.mlxchange at my finger tip. Going to sites like vancouverpricedrop just shows reductions of homes that were crazy overpriced.

      If I list my home 500k over market value and then reduced it by 500k, then the market is crashing?

      There will be close to 2000 sales this month. Find me 50 sales out of 2000 that indicates a crash. At the end of each month, the sake price sets the market, not a bunch of price reductions that don’t result in a sale which is the real data.

      Once again, I’m a bear and I want a crash. But it just ain’t happening.

      Bring some sales data people before you make assumptions!!!!

      • I don’t think you understand the dynamics of a real estate crash as well as you think you do. The timeline goes roughly like this:

        1) extended increases in prices at many times the rate of inflation + other factors that have been discussed over and over – CHECK
        2) Sales drop and inventory increases – CHECK
        3) index price increases begin to drop to 0 and then low decreases, generally under 0.5% per month for the first year – CHECK (we are 8 months into this)
        4) After a year of low decreases the prices begin to drop at a much faster rate (roughly 3 times faster than the first 12 months) for the next 24 months – STAY TUNED

        You talk about surrey SFH but even though sales may have peaked in 2011, the peak price wasn’t reached until probably some time this past summer. That bubble is early but MOI is horrendous and large price drops without sales are becoming more and more common.

        On top of all this we have so many extenuating factors that could make this crash pretty horrible but it never happens quickly. Also, you talk about the 2000 sales in February and how there aren’t 50 that indicate a crash. Well 1) we aren’t in a crash yet and 2) there are only going to be 2000 sales in February which is the 2nd lowest in at least a dozen years plus we have the highest inventory in a dozen years – that is what tells you we could be heading towards a crash.

        VancouverPriceDrop (my blog) is entertainment and for the most part price drops on there having nothing to do with reality – like you said, it is mainly people who were too greedy and had ridiculous initial prices.

      • Just to add one more point to this, the fact that we have hit steps 1 through 3 does not mean that we are definitely going to now transition into step 4 right now although I do feel it is likely based on everything I am seeing.

      • Observer,

        I appreciate the work on your blog. But price drops in areas where people don’t want to live, is almost irrelevant. Also, some of those properties are ex grow shows or bank owned.

        If you focus on the demand areas or the rebgv, then you have a bigger point.

      • I’m not sure if you read my post – Nothing in my post was talking about the price drop site except for the end where I said that it was mainly for entertainment value!

      • 2000 sales in Feb. is a horrible market. 8 MOI in Feb. is a horrible market. MOI almost always is at its lowest in Feb/Mar. 8 MOI in Feb. indicates 12 MOI later in the year.

        8 MOI will typically lead to a 1-2% decrease in prices. 12 MOI will typically lead to a 3-6% decrease. That would mean price decreases of over 20% per year for this year. Two years of that and we’re down 45%. That’s a crash by any standard.

        Obviously you disagree Sethy & I respect your right to hold that opinion. I suppose time will tell.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Bally, agree!
        One of the most crucial spring RE season in memory is just a few weeks away.

      • I suspect that the February is going to be a top month for the sale numbers in a year and from now on it is going to only go down – for the last few years the pattern was like that – Chinese New Year holidays bring some cash in Vancouver but it is getting less and less HAM willing to support our market and it does not last long, only few weeks or a month so the spring is not a selling season anymore, but February is. Expect lots of disappointed sellers that were hoping to capitalize on a Chinese new year visitors. Most of the properties were listed lower than the BC assessment price and none of them were sold at the listed price – so we go down from the new level here.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        I think you’re bang on. February is the new Spring.
        We’ll see a minor uptick (a dead cat bounce) in February, and then the fun begins, if you are a buyer.
        We’ll learn the true meaning “A buyers’ market”.

  5. It’s a quick exercise of multiplying sales by price and dividing by the number of agents to see that 2012 was close to the worst income per Realtor in a while.

    And that only resulted in prices dropping 4%!

  6. I visualize a tasty pizza. It is called the Debt Lovers pizza. On it, are yummy chunks of Heloc, CC, Mortgage, Autoloan, Studentloan. The pizza is consumed, but people are throwing up. Food poisoning! Shiet happens!

  7. The dude is a season tix holder. RE biz can’t be that bad. Yet.

    • 24 years in the biz, him and his wife Sophia are very successful. Very nice people too. I’m sure they have saved enough money over the years to pay for the tix.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        I’m sure they are nice people and very successful.
        But, selling RE in Vancouver in the last decade was like shooting fish in a barrel.
        I know two people who did on the side.
        Now they are glad that they did not give up their real jobs.

      • Ralph Cramdown

        When a guy’s praying to win a 50/50 draw, wins it and says most of the money will go towards bills, it doesn’t sound to me like he’s been managing his money very well. But who knows?

  8. Did the guy wil the 50:50 in 2008 or 2013? If in 2013, he was sure visualizing for a long time! Kinda amazing people buy into the visualization myth! I guess it beats being down and depressed 🙂

  9. The majority of the winnings will go to pay bills lol! Well start by cutting useless season tix you selfish consumerist!
    I’m happy realtors have trouble to find buyers and now they’ll need to convince sellers to lower their asking prices. After years of misinformation and lies, it’s going to be hard to speak the truth! I’m sure prices will plato in this denial market for a while with a little bounce in sell this spring-summer and we won’t see big drop in prices before the interests raises. Well I guess I’ll wait even if it take 2, 3 years…

    • Exactly! If he sooo wanted to “…give a chunk…” why did he buy his season ticket. He could have given that money to charity instead and watched the hockey on TV.

      What a self-promoting, self-serving, hypocrite. Makes me want to vomit.

  10. ed has soft spot for magic but remains annoyingly balanced … a demo … … pffft!

    • He taught me everything I ever needed to know about about a StackedPack/DreckDeck, RJ… They don’t make ’em like Martin anymore…

      [NoteToEd: Banned from the tables at every Casino on at least four continents… Private consultant to TheBureau… and the Nevada Gaming Commission… and occasionally, an habitué of BrentwoodMall…]

      • brentwood mall – vague but overpowering recollections of brown decor – could be wrong … lived a few yrs south of deer lake … magic talk is conjuring (omg) … xanadu! … farrah fawcett-ish hair and wtf is she wearing? …

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