RE Mentions In Popular Culture – Canada’s Largest Model Railway Out; Condos In – “This is kinda depressing, and I don’t even like trains.”

see my train a leavin'
See my train a leavin’

“Canada’s largest model railway is facing the daunting task of tearing apart its massive layout and years of rebuilding in a new location. A planned condo development is driving the Model Railway Club of Toronto from the basement area it has called home for nearly 70 years.”
Globe and Mail, 6 Feb 2013 [hat-tip 4SlicesofCheese, who added “This is kinda depressing, and I don’t even like trains.”]

There’s gotta be a blues lyric in here somewhere…
– vreaa

20 responses to “RE Mentions In Popular Culture – Canada’s Largest Model Railway Out; Condos In – “This is kinda depressing, and I don’t even like trains.”

  1. Royce McCutcheon

    I thought I’d seen all kinds
    Of housing bubble pain
    But now on top of it all
    The hype’s displacing model trains!

    Oh I got the condo-hype blues.
    Spelled C!
    On!… Doh!

    • I wonder if we could adapt Royce’s lyric to Arlo Guthry’s “City of New Orleans”…

      Nobody was croonin’ the Blues when the MightyChooChoo ‘O Chattanooga was King… of course, Condos had been invented yet.

      [NoteToEd: Musicologically, BigBand “Sweet” was the SoundTrack ‘o the GoldenEra ‘O Rail… and no, I don’t have a train set but CanadianPacific did once let me borrow one of theirs.]

  2. [NoteToEd: I don’t think… somehow… that one would air so well today.]

  3. I believe our miniature world on Granville Island still remains!

  4. And in a few years when later there will be the hole in ground. Hobbyists will say that’s where the train museum used to be. It was torn down to build condos that never sold during the bust.

  5. Driving that train, high on cocaine
    Condo developers watch your speed
    Trouble ahead but everyone says that its fine
    Housing bubble never seemed to cross anyone’s mind…

  6. We had all the coolest trains
    Had ’em in a train museum
    Fun Saturday
    Only cost a buck and a half to see ’em

    But don’t go dreaming all condo
    That isn’t worth the time and trouble
    They buried my paradise
    ‘Cos of the housing bubble

  7. Toronto has everything big cities have, Vancouver has nothing big cities have

  8. Model train, she left me
    You know she left me for ‘The Blues‘*…
    Yeah, my model train she left me,
    Oh yeah she left me… for ‘The Blues
    Now I’m so sad an’ lonely,
    I just don’t know what to do.

    I’m standin’ in the rain,
    rain is fallin’ on my head
    yeah, I’m standin’ in the rain,
    water tricklin’ down my neck…
    Gonna buy me one-na these presales,
    gonna get my baby back on track.

    Condo man he tells me
    buy three, or none at all
    Condo man wants to sell me
    three (count ’em three) or one or two
    Says I can put ’em on the card,
    flip ’em before anythin’ is charged.

    Now I’m standin’ at the station
    with my brochure in my hand,
    yeah I’m at the sky-train station,
    doing math on the back of my hand..
    Guess I’ll take a real train outta here,
    figure my baby will understand.

  9. I remember going to that exhibit as a child. Hopefully they can find somewhere else even better.

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