Rick Mercer On Housing – ‘Flaherty’s Mixtures’ – “My hand sort of looks like a house” ; “When your property market isn’t erratic enough.”

Subtitle: ‘6 Months Ago’
He: I’m starting to think that buying this house was a very shrewd move.
She: I know.. look how much house prices are up
He: Well, believe me, I know the housing market and..(reads newspaper) whoooa!..(coughing fit)
She: I’ll go and get Flaherty’s Mixture!
Announcer: Flaherty’s Mixture is an acrid blend of Higher Down Payments and Shorter Mortgage Terms that cools off a feverish housing market
He: (drinks mixture) oh my gawd!
She: Tastes like a hockey bag.. but it works!

Subtitle: ‘6 Months Later’
She: Housing prices are down..
He: Down a little?
She: Seventeen percent!
He: (coughing fit; pounds chest)
She: I’ll get Flaherty’s Other Mixture!
Announcer: Flaherty’s Other Mixture is a blend of No Money Down and 40 Year Terms that caused the market to overheat in the first place.
He: (drinks other mixture) Hmmm.. tastes like crantinis.. let’s buy ten more houses!
She: They should put warning labels on these things..
He: My hand sort of looks like a house… (drinks again)
She: You shouldn’t mix Flaherty’s Mixtures!
He: Solarium is a funny word!
(both drink)
Announcer: Flaherty’s Mixture and Flaherty’s Other Mixture. When your property market isn’t erratic enough.

– from Rick Mercer Report, 29 Jan 2013

Transcribed here for the record.
Many a true word… Spot on regarding the effects of Flaherty’s changes.
Also, noteworthy for making light of the seriousness of the beginning of the downturn; implying just another wrinkle in the ‘erratic’ market.
– vreaa

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6 responses to “Rick Mercer On Housing – ‘Flaherty’s Mixtures’ – “My hand sort of looks like a house” ; “When your property market isn’t erratic enough.”

  1. Hmmm… I wonder whether “Flaherty’s Mixtures” would qualify as a socially corrosive inducement to conspicuously consume “luxury goods” as defined by the PRC’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television…

    DearReaders… your WednesdayMorningZen & Quote ‘O TheDay…

    “These ads transmit an incorrect value system and can easily foster a harmful social atmosphere.” – SARFT

    [G&M] – China Bans ‘Gift Ads’ in Graft Fight

    …”China has banned television advertisements touting expensive watches, gold coins and other luxury items as “gifts for leaders” because of concerns that they will undermine public faith in government.

    China has been hit by a wave of corruption scandals in recent months, with a series of officials exposed for owning vast numbers of homes and luxury watches among other trappings of illicit wealth…

    …SARFT, which regularly bans television shows seen as too racy or politically subversive, said broadcasters had a responsibility to support Mr. Xi’s efforts to stamp out ostentatious displays of power and privilege.

    “Some television and radio stations have broadcast advertisements with ‘gift giving’ slogans such as ‘premium gift choice’, ‘a gift for leaders’ and ‘giving honour to your superiors’, and the ads have been for a wide range of products including famous watches, rare stamps and commemorative gold and silver coins,” it said in a statement published on its website on Wednesday.”…


  2. Real Estate Tsunami

    Trappings of illicit wealth…..
    Any mention of “vacation homes” in Vancouver West?

  3. Funny but incorrect. Flaherty had little to do with it in fact. He’s just trying to fix it, unsuccessfully.

  4. Rick Mercer does tend to make skits that reflect current thinkings, and this is another one that I thought was funny and entertaining, yet also hits that “stinging point” in the truths it brings to the forefront.

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