Now THAT Is A Laneway House








– found at, by proteus (the poster with many names).

Somewhere in Europe, it seems.
Inexpensive, but sound workmanship. ($280K? We think not.)
Pleasant interior.
Non-leaking tiled roof.
– vreaa

15 responses to “Now THAT Is A Laneway House

  1. I’m all for VREAA, but this is more an architectural experiment than anything else with everything custom made. Therefore, really expensive.

  2. It’d make a nice safehouse for James Bond.

  3. Vreaa, nice one indeed. This is in the South of France, near Bordeaux. You might want to add the video presenting the project, which is pretty cool in my mind:

    • By the way, the most ingenuous “tiny apartment” I’ve ever seen was from this guy in Spain. I just love the way he did it:

      • Naked Official #9000

        Disloyal cadres! These boxes are well and good for red haired barbarians, but where do you put the wok kitchen and portraits of birds?

  4. The concept is very similar to this one in Japan. They really make the most out of every “square millimeter”.

    I hope there won’t be one like that in such a vast country like Canada.

    Don’t tell me you run out of land in the lower mainland BC.

    • Believe it or not, that is what people have been telling themselves.

    • Pretzels...thirsty

      Speaking of running out land, I recently met this guy from Kelowna who went on and on about how the real estate will take off in Kelowna. Why? you guessed it…because there is not enough land in Kelowna. There is lake on one side..wineries on the other, and he went on and on.

      People are so out of reality…

  5. The original stylish laneway [or GetAway]… Liberating the Peripatetic from the shackles of RE since 1936. Recyclable, too.

    [BloombergBizWeek] – Airstream Office

    …”Much of the mobile office buzz stems from the weakened economy. Airstreams cost from $50,000 to $60,000; for an independent contractor on a budget with a demanding travel schedule, that makes them a tantalizing alternative to renting expensive office space by the square foot, says Wally Hofmann, co-owner of Hofmann Architecture in Santa Barbara, Calif., which specializes in the renovation of Airstream interiors. With 12 trailers in production, Hofmann says he’s operating at peak capacity and receives more than 50 calls a month. Sales of brand-new Airstreams are up, too. Over the past 12 to 18 months, says Airstream Chief Executive Officer Bob Wheeler, “we have seen a significant increase in the amount of people who are utilizing their Airstream for both professional and recreational use.” ….

  6. Didn’t vancouver had those 270 sq ft condos near Chinatown??

  7. I can’t help but fixate on that concrete block on the edge of the wall (probably on the next property over) that is separating and threatening to fall.

    It’s a gorgeous place though. Shows that design can overcome pretty much anything.

    • That ‘concrete block’ is actually a carved piece of stone, and it has probably been sitting on that wall for more than 600 years. It’s likely still to be at the top of that wall long after we’ve all passed on. I’d take my chances with that over most of the construction we see in Vancouver, which appears to have built in obsolescence. Roofs that need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years! By European standards, quite bizarre.

      Agree re the design; it’s good.

      • The top two layers look like cinder block to me. The third layer down looks carved from solid stone.

      • No, they are all solid stone. The cinder-block-like square deficits in the top blocks are actually carved square holes, probably used to seat timber cross beams (or other carved masonry) in years past.

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