Ikea’s Imaginary Home Office Belonging To An Imaginary Realtor




– The above images from Lex Limo, via e-mail, to VREAA, 13 Jan 2012.
Lex also writes: “I’m not sure if this counts as popular culture, but I got a kick out of the way this one particular workspace was decorated at IKEA. It seems this imaginary home office belongs to an imaginary realtor, a pretty successful one in 2011 it would seem. I’d be curious to know if this is a standard staging across all IKEAs or if this was a choice made at the local level. Also, do realtors really put up pictures of their sold signs in their RIBBA picture frames on their HEMNES desk shelves?”

Ask yourself: Would an Ikea in Spain be doing this now?
(We think not.)
Another sign of our speculative mania, in this case a ‘latter-day’ sign. Also evidence that general sentiment has yet to turn in a significant way; the guys at Ikea still see the idea of selling real estate as attractive enough to use as subliminal bait. This will change as prices descend.
Thanks to Lex for capturing and sharing the images.  Archived under the ‘References To RE In Popular Culture’ category.
– vreaa

13 responses to “Ikea’s Imaginary Home Office Belonging To An Imaginary Realtor

  1. Where’s the monkey!

    [NoteToEd: VisualMerchandisers/Stylists are renowned for their typically ironic take on PostModernity/PopCulture, ergo – I say it’s an ArtJoke… e.g., did you know that Warhol got his start ‘dressing windows’.]

    • Realtor space… or real estate lawyer space, complete with:
      Korprol wooden spoon
      Kaptiv crating system
      Sinjky diaper pail for the particularly ripe diapers

  2. I’m sucessfull. I’m a realtor. I buy ikea.

    More like, I use my commission from selling particle board houses to buy particle board furniture. Appropriate.

  3. glistens1@yahoo.ca

    All things make the economy go round – Brokers take huge chunks of Realtors’ income, rent office and conference space, etc. Realtors lease or buy cars, advertise, buy gifts, on and on – fewer sales, less money going into the economy – round and round, down and down – much money to spend came from home equity, also – lower prices – all kinds of repercussions

    • Yes, it’s the housing economy. A new paradigm, where everything real estate is at the center of all economic activity. We can all live from buying and selling houses. Realtors are god’s workers.

  4. For $80/mth you could get your Professional Real Estate Law parchment too!

    • “Prerequisite: None”
      “Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams”
      “Program Length: As few as 3 Months”
      And it looks like a Macaw monkey would qualify for admission.

  5. For some realtors, making that 1 sale may be worth celebrating.

    Frame it, display it and cherish it on the desk like a picture of their only child.

  6. I can assure you this is a local thing… I was in the Ikea Monkey’s shop of choice in North York this past weekend and the “office” was not real estate related here.

  7. I wonder if today’s little children in Vancouver dream of becoming realtors.
    When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, but realtors are way cooler…

  8. For aspiring kids, “Realtor” as a profession would be more politically correct in a BC Ikea store than “Grow Operator”

  9. In the mid-1990s, it would have been an investment advisor’s office. In the late 1990s, it would have been a day trader’s office. Circa 2000, it would have been an IT consultant’s office. Now it’s a realtor’s office. Next year it will be a debt collector’s office. IKEA is nothing if not trendy.

  10. Ikea does indeed have a an advertising program that ties in with real estate as a means to promote their products. The Norwegian advertising firm Forsman & Bodenfors partners with home sellers and Realtors to promote the companies furniture.


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