Everything Is (Still) Going To Be Alright ?

2013 everything is going to be alright
– image posted on reddit, 2013 [hat-tip proteus]

This art work, by Martin Creed, on the outside of Bob Rennie’s gastown gallery was first featured at VREAA way back in November 2009. Take a look at that post for background discussion.
We like this piece, particularly the way its meaning will change through all phases of the massive economic cycle that RE has brought this city.
An interesting issue to consider will be whether, at some point in the descent, Bob Rennie decides to take it down. While the market is ripping and everybody’s ‘rich’, it’s a battle-cry, a cheerleader slogan; it’s very easy to ‘own’ it then. But through the coming years when prices are dropping, and people are hurting (and complaining), at the very point where many will need reassurance, will Mr Rennie be able to bear the complexities of keeping this work on display?

– vreaa

16 responses to “Everything Is (Still) Going To Be Alright ?

    • [Reuters] – Special Report: The latest foreclosure horror: the zombie title

      …”Since 2006, 10 million homes have fallen into foreclosure, according to RealtyTrac, a number that in earlier, more stable times would have taken nearly two decades to reach. Of those foreclosures, more than 2 million have never come out. Some may be occupied by owners who have been living gratis. Others have been caught up in what is now known as the robo-signing scandal, when banks spun out reams of fraudulent documents to foreclose quickly on as many homeowners as they could.

      And then there are cases like the Kellers, in which homeowners moved out after receiving notice of a foreclosure sale, thinking they were leaving the house in bank hands. No national databases track zombie titles. But dozens of housing court judges, code enforcement officials, lawyers and other professionals involved in foreclosures across the country tell Reuters that these titles number in the many thousands, and that the problem is worsening.”….


  1. It might actually be a positive message in the future. Rather than the sentence meaning boom time excess, it may mean what the Stones meant by:

    You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find
    You get what you need

    Everything will be alright eventually, just like the market will recover eventually. I would not be surprised if it becomes part of a TV news intro show going forward.

    • Naked Official #9000

      Behold the great compassionate wisdom of loyal cadres in ugly sweaters and converse sneakers!

      • Still at it, eh?

      • Pay them no heed, Nekkid…

        “Our Word is our weapon… We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution.” – Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos


      • NoteToEd: In a surprising manifestation of UnintendedConsequences, a hardy band of NascentInsurgentes have burned their TFW permits, abandoned the vineyards and joined ElNorte’Nem’ in the AnarchistProtectedArea… Training & Manoeuvres are proceeding apace.

  2. President Obama nominates former COO of Citigroup, Jack Lew for the position of Secretary of the Treasury.

    Yes, everything Is (Still) Going To Be Alright…

    • “The Vancouver market, however, did fall back, with sales of homes valued at over $1 million declining by 34 per cent on the year, falling back from the stratospheric highs in 2011. Even in Vancouver, though, in the first half of the year, 22 per cent of homes listed at more than $1 million ended up selling over asking. By the latter half of the year, that dropped to five per cent.”

      Does that mean 95% of homes are selling at or below asking?

      • Yes to your rhetorical question – in roughly balanced markets it’s not unusual to see an average sell price / list price ratio of around 96% with the occasional special property selling above list. This shows that the desperate HAM has pulled back and the new CMHC insurance restriction to houses under $1 million is working as intended.

      • Didn’t ALL sales fall back by about 30% (28%, right?).
        So the drop of sales above $1M was only a tad higher than that.

  3. Mr. Rennie’s portrait and art motto are still in the side of the Larwill Park retaining wall as part of a City sanctioned wall mural oppostite the Beatty Street Armouries.

  4. Real Estate Tsunami

    Have not heard from or seen the Condo King in a while.
    His “The Gardens” highrise project in Richmond is finally getting started with the foundations for phase one being poured.
    “The Gardens” is located where 91 and Steveston feed into the Massey Tunnel. This area is now already a major traffic bottleneck.
    Interestingly, the development is on the former “Fantasy Island” owned by
    Vander Zalm.
    We know how that story ended.

  5. Interestingly, things now seem to be going full steam ahead with the tunnel replacement (which was originally looked at back in 2006 roughly around the same time plans for new Port Mann were announced). This is “fantastic” news for all those cross border shoppers and the few thousand folks who make the trip over to the island each day.

    09-26-12 Premier Clark announces tunnel replacement plans

    11-21-12 Gov’t announces commencement of Phase 1 consultation
    11-28-12 Details of Phase 1 consultation made available
    12-20-12 Phase 1 consultation closed

    Jan/Feb 2013 Phase 2 consultation underway.

    “This phase seeks input on potential options/scenarios based on the refined evaluation criteria developed by the Ministry as a result of community and stakeholder input in Phase 1…”

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