Point Grey For Less Than $1 Million

4148 w 10th
4148 10th Ave, Vancouver Westside
Small 1929 SFH on 33×122 lot
Listed 14 Dec 2012, V982817
Ask Price $998K

Busy street, yes; lot value only, yes; still very overvalued, yes.
But a landmark on the way down, nonetheless.
Properties like this will likely sell for about $400K-$450K in the trough.
– vreaa

36 responses to “Point Grey For Less Than $1 Million

  1. That’s a keeper

    • Naked Official #9000

      Ah, on such a small lot, our stone lion statues will be far too close to ensure abundance and fileal subordinance/harmony

  2. theboywhocriedbubble

    Yeah , a real beaut. That is a big milestone for sure. Ive been combing MLS for at least 9mo. checking prices on all types of housing. Sometimes to feel like a winner I look on the west side of Cambie for houses under 1mil. This is the first one Ive seen other than lease hold crap on Musqueam Land. To keep things going , Im on my way over to offer 10% more that asking.

    • I know the realtor who sold this property it went way above listed price. If you want to contact the realtor his number is 604-[redacted] and I think new buyer trying to sell property.

  3. Wow. I know that place. I partied in that house too.

  4. Real Estate Tsunami

    Looks pretty tight.
    I don’t think you can just tear it down and build a monster home.

  5. Real Estate Tsunami

    Looks like a heritage building to me.
    Are there no covenants to protect buildings like these.
    Would be a shame to lose another gem like these to the developers.

    • No need to be sarcastic!

    • The attic window wan’t there when I was a kid. Boy does that ever ruin the look of the place. There is always time to squeeze a few more Grads into the space above the insulation though.

      • UBCghettodweller

        I take offense to that Farmer! Us grad students would never settle for a housing that crappy. We do get a stipend you know! And to chance rubbing elbows or other body parts with vermin (a.k.a. undergrads,) it just wouldn’t be worth it.

  6. It’s a good start

  7. All it needs is a quick reno with some Viking Sub-Zero Wolf Bosch Thermador Electrolux Miele kitchen appliances for a fast $$$$ flip. Lots of money to be made here in West Point (creme) Grey.
    Nice to see the 1 million watermark broken on the way down!

  8. “Properties like this will likely sell for about $400K-$450K in the trough.” That’s awfully pretty high. More likely 200K in the trough if it is lucky.

  9. Epte: cancel your plans to move away! Finally we have found a place for you to call home. You & your husband’s 5 graduate degrees from Harvard will have finally paid off once you get the keys to this beauty. I suggest submitting a blurb with photo to the alumni newsletter.

  10. I just realized I could formulate Toronto price drops from my database. I never even bothered trying before.

    1040 Willowdale Ave – Off the Market

    May-12 C2364804 1040 WILLOWDALE AVE $950,000
    Jun-12 C2380882 1040 WILLOWDALE AVE $888,000 -6.5%
    Jun-12 C2380882 1040 WILLOWDALE AVE $838,800 -11.7%
    Aug-12 C2439961 1040 WILLOWDALE AVE $798,000 -16%

    I can’t even believe the type of shenanigans I’m already seeing with multiple listings and prices changes. Now I know why the boards don’t want information public. Buyers would be low-balling like hell if they seen how desperate sellers are.

    Garth’s blog is going to have a field day with these.

  11. Sorry this is too fun.

    11 Gwendolen Cres, Toronto, Ontario, M2N2L9

    Jun-12 C2379894 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $2,439,800
    Jun-12 C2379894 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $2,369,800 -2.9%
    Jul-12 C2420983 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $2,269,800 -7.0%
    Sep-12 C2465023 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $2,151,000 -11.8%
    Oct-12 C2487779 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $2,098,800 -14.0%
    Nov-12 C2509247 11 GWENDOLEN CRES $1,998,800 -18.1%

    Ok enough.

    • Naked Official #9000

      Disloyal cadre!

      This is dangerous, disharmonious sedition!

      You are a reactionary splittist!

      Stop sewing discord among the plebs!

      • Naked, aren’t you sick of typing this on every thread? I sure as heck know I’m sick of reading it.

      • 4SlicesofCheese

        Cmon Ray, why so serious!

      • Naked Official #9000 never tires!

        Loyal cadre, “Ray” – such disharmony!

      • Aldus Huxtable

        Ray, It is important that the party influences the public in the desired fashion and these momentary indiscretions say, water droplets of thought, cause wider ripples in the tenuous membrane of our bubble!

      • Naked Official #9000

        Filthy imperialist Englishman! Shouldn’t you be eating mescaline and examining flowers and art work?

        (if you watch that bbc docu on the Spanish crash they show a British food shop called “geordie’s choice” I lol’d)

      • Ray: Don’t underestimate the power Naked Official wields.
        Yes, in reality he is just a petty ineffectual party wanna-be, forever hanging around the outside, seizing any minor authority he can and dreaming of the day he hits the big time. Sorta like that dragon lady who rules the strata council, going around with a measuring tape and paint swatches to ensure the garbage cans are at the precise location proscribed and no-one has changed their blind colour.

        No, no, the danger with people like Naked Official is the people he knows, who will never allow Naked Official a place at the trough, but will gladly accept such tidbits of information he can glean. Such the identity of people like Ray, who seems to harbour counter-revolutionary thoughts.

    • Naked Official #9000

      Loyal cadre, Alex

      When all hope was lost – finally someone truly understands the trials and tribulations of cadre #9000 – when Hu called and told me “emigration is patriotic” – I cleaned out my little slush fund i had quietly accumulated at my department (ministry of public toilet cleanliness) and picked up the briefcases in the YVR terminal – Unlike disloyal cadre Chang, I didn’t cancel my hukou..


      I did ensure that my mistress in Shanghai will remain loyal, I am certain her commitment will be unflappable now that I purchased for her the entire LV Line offer 2013 and bought her that macaque she always wanted – she kept muttering about needing a shearling coat, but I was in a hurry..

      Surely she will never betray me as happened to Naked Official #4444 – I think something was unlucky about him.. Surey not his big eyes.


  12. Unrelated, but check out Muir’s latest term to describe the current Vancouver market: “unsexy”. I love this jargon! Right up there with “soft landing”, “buyer’s market”, “balanced”, and so many others…

  13. If this is under 1m, I shudder to think what my parents east side mansion is worth.

  14. Drove by that house today and noticed a sold sign on it. Maybe someone with access to the mls can find out the final price

  15. Penelope Helpter

    Can’t the Chinese build rentals for us all?

  16. I know the realtor who sold this property,he said it went way above listed price. If anyone wants to contact the realtor his number is 604-[redacted], I think new buyer trying to sell property.

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