Vancouver Actor Bio – “When not acting, Anita enjoys flipping homes…”

actor flipper jeff murdock
– from Cast info for Metro Theatre’s ‘Lend Me A Tenor’, Nov 2012 [hat-tip Jeff Murdock]

Added to the ‘RE References In Popular Culture’ sidebar category.
The point is that there are more of these kinds of references to RE in unexpected places when we are locked in a spec mania, than in more typical times.
– vreaa

27 responses to “Vancouver Actor Bio – “When not acting, Anita enjoys flipping homes…”

  1. You know the old saying “When even the shoeshine boy is buying stocks, it’s time to get out…”

  2. As a leisure activity requiring no skill, house flipping fits nicely with international travel and running.

  3. wow, speechless…

  4. Michael Pettis once commented that, returning to his family home in Spain, all his relatives were involved, in some way, with real estate. It turned out to be a bad omen.

    I don’t think Vancouver is anywhere near as bad as Spain but it does seem like more people than I care to admit have some tie-in to making money directly off real estate.

    • I think you are wrong. I know a relative of mine – mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and even high school children trying to be ‘developers’. Non of them do the build, they just buy the lot and ask someone do it. that is how bad it is in vancouver.

    • In my experience up to now (batting, I think, 1000 on this one), it is impossible to post anything that includes the picture of a woman without somebody, at some point in the comment thread, making an observation about her looks.
      To quote myself from earlier today: “Humans are like that”

      • Naked Official #9000


      • As my family lunches, only so long until someone says, “cash flow positive”.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        Congrats on your perfect batting average, but this post is a strike out.

      • Tsunami -> I hope you realize that I’m only referring to the average concerning the kind of comment I mentioned above…. not my posting in general, where I am very familiar with strike-outs.

      • THanks VREAA. I’ve noticed this too.

        But did you mean to say “Men are like that?” Do women comment on other women’s looks in this way as much as men do? Not in my experience.

        It’s certainly true that human nature is involved here, and I understand why. It has been a bit of an education for me, however, to see how routine this kind of commentary is. “This is what guys say when there aren’t women around.” Like I said, I understand it, and I’m not in favour of censorship but — not to censor myself — as a female contributor to the blog, it has sometimes made me feel unwelcome. I mind it more than the other risqué comments and posts that are sometimes made, and sometimes I wish commenters would be a little more, as my mother might say, “gentlemanly” about not making the “hot or not” remark.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        The reason why I called it a strike out was because the post did not make any sense.
        Female Actors/Flippers, are they different from the Male
        I don’t think so. Their common bond is greed.

      • RE Tsunami -> The point of the post is that it records an RE mention in a popular culture setting, something we wouldn’t expect in more typical times. If we saw a similar mention of a doctor flipping houses in a newspaper article or a medical journal, we’d also include it here. The gender of the individual involved has nothing to do with the observation. Look through the many posts in the ‘RE References In Popular Culture’ sidebar category and you’ll get the idea.

      • Real Estate Tsunami

        I think I get it now.
        Pop artists usually don’t flip RE, but everyone else does.
        So if one flips, it becomes news.
        “imagine no possessions” John Lennon.

      • epte -> IMHO “Humans are like that” also works in this instance, in that one facet of the “men-ness” aspect of human behaviour is on display.

        The web is a challenging place; so many of its strengths are also its weaknesses.
        For instance, gentlemanliness is ‘nice’, but I’m sure you abhor political correctness. On-line you get to see thoughts uncensored, or at least less censored than in most social settings. One uncomfortable (?) truth is that the vast majority of men looking at a picture of a woman will give some consideration to the sexual angle, and online they are less inhibited about sharing that publicly. Humans are like that (in this particular case, again, male humans).

        Your contributions here have always been appreciated, and I sincerely hope that it’s never too uncomfortable for you to express your ideas.
        I also try to avoid censorship.. but notice the self censorship that has crept in… I am less and less likely to post relevant images of women, because I don’t want to have to “ride shotgun” ensuring nobody offends anybody inappropriately. On at least one prior occasion I have chosen to take down an image and offer public and e-mail apologies. [I should add that I did that in response to a request from the party involved.]

      • RE tsunami -> With respect, you still don’t get it.
        In normal RE market conditions, almost nobody ‘flips’ houses, least of all publishes it in their bio.

      • Epte – I was just talking about this with some other female friends. A good friend is an alarmingly good looking woman in a male dominated industry and hears this sort of thing continuously; the florid dudes who play this game around her don’t seem to realize that they’re ripping down a wall and inviting their own critique. Hoisted on their own petards, as it were. People who live in glass houses should probably put some underpants on, I say.

      • Naked Official #9000

        These last few posts have been.. Shall we say, very Vancouver?

        Verrrry harmonious

    • VREAA host, thanks for your thoughtful reply.

      I agree that what you’re describing (the evaluative comments about women’s appearances) is normal human behaviour; tried to indicate that in my previous post. “Nothing human is alien to me” is an ideal attitude. Furthermore, I’ve read my Richard Dawkins and understand the biological imperatives involved.

      However, it’s also human not to want to be judged by one’s appearance, or one’s bank account, or other superficialities.

      No, I don’t like political correctness. But I don’t like bad manners either, which is what is involved when someone talks about someone else’s “hotness” this way in a public forum. At the very least, aren’t comments like that irrelevant to the subject matter of this blog? This blog is in my view a classier blog because you discourage people from other offensive and irrelevant behaviour, e.g. commenters flaming each other, cussing too much, posting perhaps too repetitively about astrological influences on real estate, etc.

      I definitely wouldn’t consider it “self-censorship” on your part to have deleted a comment about someone that offended that person to the point where she wrote you to ask that it be removed.

      It also bothers me that you might not post something with a picture of a woman because of the boorish comments you might get. Why not expect and encourage the kind of civility with respect to this issue that you do with respect to people not behaving offensively in other ways?

      I do agree that the internet is a place where people tend to censor themselves less and that that can be enlightening if nothing else. And I’m not offended by some of the witty, ribald posts here.

      Absinthe, thanks for your reply; I think you know exactly where I’m coming from.

      Naked Official: Why don’t you post a picture of yourself naked and we can rate your hotness? 🙂 But seriously, I don’t see how these comments are “very Vancouver.” I think they’re “very human.”

  5. YTD dollar volume for detached is down 32% y/y. Chart That’s almost 1/3 less total dollars compared to last year. Definitely not a flipper’s market.

  6. After 1966 she needs Trudeau

    “From birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents, from 18 to 35 she needs good looks, from 35 to 55 she needs a good personality, and from 55 on she needs cash.”

    Sophie Tucker quotes (Russian born American Singer whose 62 year stage career included American burlesque, vaudeville, and nightclub and English music hall appearances. 1884-1966)

  7. What kind of person “enjoys flipping homes” ?

  8. So she’s an “eco activist” and a home flipper? They forgot to mention the multiple personality disorder. No wonder she can act.

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