Amateur Landlords Underwater And ‘Swinning Poor’

swinning poor
– from craigslist, Nov 2012 [hat-tip Terminalcitygirl]

22 responses to “Amateur Landlords Underwater And ‘Swinning Poor’

  1. The title says ‘swinning poor’ but the body of the ad says ‘swanning poor’. Which is it? Swans or swines? That’s something I’ll need to know before making an offer.

  2. Actually its “swanning poor”, maybe wildfowl are included in the rental?

  3. Real Estate Tsunami

    Off topic, but there’s in interesting article in the latest The Economist pg. 77. Have a look.

    • Thanks.
      For the information of others:
      “The Big Long: A new generation of investors is betting on America’s housing market.”
      Economist 1 Dec 2012
      From the last para:
      “.. a 7% yield is hardly the stuff of investment lore, even if greater profits may come. As sequels to blockbusters go, the Big Long is mercifully dull.”

      Imagine Vancouver RE when yields here hit 7%.

  4. Seeking knowledge...

    This can’t be true, right(?) You have to really try to be this bad.
    Did one of you guys take out the ad for our entertainment?

  5. This ad has been up for at least two months; I remember seeing it in October. So I guess the market for swinning (and swanning) has gone soft.

  6. Credit check?
    How about spell check!

  7. Bulls make money, bears make money, swine (and swans) get slaughtered.

  8. Wouldn’t be surprise is a HAM and really just want to get some spare change with the cash used to bought the house.

  9. I don’t think the landlord will get slaughtered. I bet this is a free-title home and it probably one of those three homes bought by “my huzbah”. They are probably just testing waters. They probably can afford having it for sale or rent for years.

    • Seeking knowledge...

      It is possible that they are so rich, any losses are easily affordable. I use my own anecdote of holding my 100 shares of Nortel until the bitter end…lesson learned 😦
      It was unpleasant, but not life changing.

  10. ranrord not rike swinning in the poor….

  11. 7000$/4bdrm. I don’t get who the target customer would be for this place??

  12. Even if the poor are swanning, I do not like to rent my poor. I like to buy poor people – with CASH.

  13. This house would be great if it had a hope tube.

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