‘Vancouver Sun’ Paywall Will Decrease Readership

“The paywalls increasingly installed by news sources (eg. Times, G&M, Vancouver Sun, etc) are going to limit conversation to only those people who chose to look at a specific source. No-one is going to pay $20/month for each source – they will just choose one.So for example, G&M comments are going to be limited to people who prefer to read the G&M. That means less diverse opinions. I think that’s a loss for all of us.”
kcash, comment at The Globe and Mail, 3:20 PM on October 27, 2012

I’d agree. Paywalls are a step backwards.
We are almost exclusively going to be headlining articles and anecdotes that are freely available on the web.
We’ll tend to avoid articles where access is limited.
(Are RE ad revenues falling?)
– vreaa

26 responses to “‘Vancouver Sun’ Paywall Will Decrease Readership

  1. Use a proxy! Easy way around paying..

    • hendry had an interesting perspective … china levered to the west … if eu/usa slow by, say, ~5% … then china by ~15%

  2. Well to be fair Craigslist absolutely obliterated the classified section.

  3. Then again, office productivity will probably rise as bored prisoners of VFPs (Veal Fattening Pens) actually get to work.

  4. Put your iPad on private browsing, works

  5. There’s always the CBC, tyee, bloomberg, huffpo. WSJ had a paywalled article about Vancouver, a well written one at that.

    The paywall media need people like you vreaa. Those who have a juicy secret need others to know they have a secret to keep!

  6. Caarioca Canuck

    I will never pay for online.news content.


  7. I don’t understand why the Sun thinks we should pay for regurgitated Reuters and Canadian Press articles coupled with reprinted RE infomercials. I hesitate to pay for a print copy let alone pay a monthly fee for their crap site. OTOH I quite like the fact this is going to drive readers away from them towards other sources that haven’t attended the Bob Rennie School of Cheerleading.

    • Same goes for a lot of the stuff on the G&M – Reuters & CP articles re-headlined. Watch the comments drop off a cliff as readers find other sources or try to circumvent the “paywalls.” They tried this 10 years ago then abandoned it because there were no readers on-line anymore.

      “If at first you don’t fail, try again.”

  8. Going to take a contrarian view. It’s like cable TV vs network TV. This is entirely reasonable for the Sun or Globe to need revenue if they’re to maintain a newsroom. However, if a “newspaper” just ends up re-printing generic Canadian Press and doesn’t undertake any investigative journalism — they don’t deserve my money, paywall or hard copy paper.

  9. I’ll also swim against the tide here.

    I’m happy to pay for a subscription to the online version of the New York Times, because I assume some of that money is going to pay the journalists who write the articles.

  10. what is original in the sun, worth paying for? … last spent surplus time on site was when they went and trolled internet for probably every racy pic of paulina gretzky … ps. another salmon here, buy wsj + a few others

    • 300,000 construction workers? If even a portion of them suddenly become unemployed, there is going to be a lot of air under the market before it meets solid ground.

      • Yeah, one of the factors making the virtuous cycle vicious will be loss of jobs in the construction sector.
        Direct and indirect RE related economic activity now makes up roughly a 50% greater proportion of BC’s GDP than it does in typical times.. we’d expect that to normalize (and possibly even overshoot) during the coming prolonged BC RE contraction. So, economic contraction, loss of jobs, rising unemployment, probable increase in cross-province emigration… all a result of our over-dependence on RE related activity.

      • BTW, news today reveals recent loss of 11,000 jobs in BC, and national numbers, though headlined as okay, show losses of jobs in private sector.

  11. I’m happy to pay when the source adds value. One way in which they may do that is, as epte says, via actually journalism.
    But to pay for regurgitated press releases, and freely available ‘wire’ feeds, no thanks.

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