HuffPost – Vancouver ‘No Fun City’ – “Ludicrously expensive housing prices…”

“There’s the ludicrously expensive housing prices downtown and shortage of young professionals…”
– from Welcome To Vancouver: ‘No Fun City’, Mitch Moxley, Huffington Post, 5 Oct 2012

Headlined largely for the description of the housing prices.
Read the whole article. 867 Comments, and counting.
Also see our own post on this ‘issue’: “What’s REALLY Good About Vancouver?”, 14 May 2012
– vreaa

11 responses to “HuffPost – Vancouver ‘No Fun City’ – “Ludicrously expensive housing prices…”

  1. Ludicrously expensive and “no fun”. What’s a precocious teenager to do!??? [NoteToEd: Rhetorically speaking, they could always pack up and move to Port Charlotte, FL]

    “I don’t want to be fake. I’m going to be one of those people that loves their fans.” – Willow Tufano, Teen HomeOwner, Landlord, Aspirant Reality TV ‘Personality’

    [NPR] – Remember The 14-Year-Old Who Bought A House? She Just Bought Another One

    …”Willow Tufano became a homeowner earlier this year. This was newsworthy because Willow was 14 years old. She raised money to buy the house by selling stuff on Craigslist.

    I spoke to Willow again last week and got an update. She’s 15 now, and her life over the past few months was sort of surreal. She got caught up in two dramas: America’s housing market and America’s media circus.

    The housing market drama is in some ways more straightforward. The people renting her house recently left in the middle of the night and skipped out on the rent. She’s trying to find new tenants.

    And, more significantly, she just bought another house near her home in Port Charlotte, Fla. This one — two bedrooms, one bath — cost $17,500. (The first one, which she split with her mom, cost $12,000, down from a value of roughly $100,000 at the peak of the boom.)”…

    • Be afraid, Willow. Very, very afraid…

    • It’d be a bit ironic if some of her tenants sold the appliances and the copper pipe and wire before skipping, because, IIRC, she got her homestake by selling stuff she’d found in vacant houses.

      But overall, I wish her the best. She’s buying stuff at such a low price that as long as it’s habitable, it’s hard for her to lose. I’d be buying rentals there too if I was close enough to supervise it.

    • And here’s more of the latest writing by the author of the cited article:
      Florida CVS Allegedly Sells Used Enemas to Customers
      New Mexico Man Arrested for Fighting Stop Sign
      Pringles Experimenting with Holiday Flavors
      Michigan Idiot Leaves Dozens Homeless, All Because He Wanted to Eat a Squirrel
      That’s the journo you want to cite as declaring part of Vancouver cool?

  2. No fun city but thousands of people more than willing to bitch about it. For the record, I think it’s fun.

  3. That article is bullshit. Vancouver has its issues but the ones listed in that article are more like positives to me. I personally dont find binge drinking and partying till 3am fun, and im 22. I live in Vancouver for the moderate winters, clean air, and outdoor activities. I like my “boring” life in Vancouver…

  4. Yeah, I know the dewey eyed type. They get all worked up about the buzz in China: “look how many bright shiny things you can build (when you exploit peasants and the environment). It’s soooo exciting here”. LOL

    There’s too many people who veer from commenting on a real estate correction in Vancouver with a chance to bash Vancouver for lame reasons. This article fits into that. I’d like to know what bar he wandered into in Gastown that wasn’t busy on a Saturday. Did everyone have their teeth?

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