“You will buy this unit, and four others like it…”

– image from ‘Vancouver Housing Bubble Doesn’t Scare Chinese Investors’, Huffington Post BC, 4 Oct 2012

Headlined for the nature of the image, and the quality of the emotion portrayed. 
Infatuated. Besotted. Entranced. Lustful.
When price drops establish themselves, these feelings change to disillusionment; guaranteed.
– vreaa

12 responses to ““You will buy this unit, and four others like it…”

  1. Najmuddin Finkelstein

    >> When price drops establish themselves
    these guys will buy 10 more.

    At this point (late 2012) there are only two ways out: find the roots of your aversion to “ownership” and reinforce you trust in yourself against what the whole world says, or surrender and buy now (it really is as good a time as any to buy, if you want to buy).

    Reason, calculation, logic, charts, fundamentals are not involved in the slightest. It’s a choice between betraying oneself for a mess of pottage, or not.

    I don’t “own” because it’s not owning. Try ignoring your property tax even once the “home” is 100% paid for. It’s never “mine”. I can’t lie to myself skillfully enough to believe that anything on this planet is “mine”.

    Long, but relevant:

    Once upon a time Khidr, called upon mankind with a warning. At a certain date, he said, all the water in the world which had not been specially hoarded, would disappear. It would then be renewed, with different water, which would drive men mad.

    Only one man listened to the meaning of this advice. He collected water and went to a secure place where he stored it, and waited for the water to change its character.

    On the appointed date the streams stopped running, the wells went dry, and the man who had listened, seeing this happening, went to his retreat and drank his preserved water.

    When he saw the waterfalls again begin to flow, this man descended among the other sons of men. He found that they were thinking and talking in an entirely different way from before; yet they had no memory of what had happened, nor of having been warned.

    When he tried to talk to them, he realized that they thought that he was mad, and they showed hostility or compassion, not understanding.

    At first, he drank none of the new water, but went back to his concealment, to draw on his supplies, every day.

    Finally, however, he took the decision to drink the new water because he could not bear the loneliness of living, behaving and thinking in a different way from everyone else.

    He drank the new water, and became like the rest. Then he forgot all about his own store of special water, and his fellows began to look upon him as a madman who had miraculously been restored to sanity.

  2. That Huffpo article is another fail. They should mention what percentage of immigrants to BC in recent years are from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

  3. Eschewing, for the moment, the HypnosisHypothesis… or the alternative explanation, that those two ladies are just really hot for the salesman’s WristWatch…

    Perhaps it’s simply that they’re just tremendously pleased to have finally secured local lodgings for their contract labour force?…

    [CBC] – Plan to bring foreign workers to B.C. mines irks union

    …”The United Steelworkers Union is angry over a plan to bring in temporary Chinese workers to several coal mines in northeastern BC.

    About 200 Chinese nationals will be arriving in B.C. in the coming weeks to work at the Murray River project southwest of Tumbler Ridge.

    The companies backing the mines say there aren’t enough Canadian workers with the skills and experience needed to work underground.”…


    [NoteToEd: Doubtless, when they’re finished helping the Premier boost our metallurgical coal exports… they can help Mayor Gregor sort out those streets that are too wide?]

    • Oh, TheIrony…

      [G&M] – Harper Pledges Canadian Aid for Senegalese JobTraining Centre

      …”Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicked off his African trip by visiting a vocational training centre in the Senegalese capital of Dakar today. Mr. Harper announced that Canada will contribute $5 million between 2012 and 2017 in order to improve employment opportunities for young people in Senegal. He will be in Senegal until Friday when he leaves for the summit of French-speaking nations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”


  4. [FurtherNoteToEd: I neglected to mention, that for some curious reason known only to the CBC’s WebMeister… that particular piece has not been opened to Readers’Commentary.]

  5. pffft! … a hook clever enough to almost merit a buy – on principle alone, cheers NF … http://tinyurl.com/clqhfrx … frendz, LA not tbtf apparently … the dominoes keep falling … someday this is uncle ben … ps. read a couple days ago (forget where) a chinese comment on the west – why are all the smart kids employed at picking people’s pockets?

  6. Nem of course it’s not open…the entire purpose of the article is to get people to look at the slideshow of under $300,000 properties in the middle of the article, MLS numbers included.

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