“Free Car With House In Richmond.”

– image submitted with comment from ‘derp’, VREAA, 23 Sep 2012 11:12pm, who noted: “Free car with house in Richmond”.

20 responses to ““Free Car With House In Richmond.”

  1. Gee, who wouldn’t want to live beside busy Steveston Hwy?

  2. LandlordRescue.ca

    In Detroit it’s free house with car 🙂

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen! The shitshow has officially started!

  4. This is hilarious. They’re this desparate to sell now and the bubble has barely just started to pop. Maybe soon it will be two free cars. Two free cars and an iphone 5….. and a lifetime supply of kleenex for all the crying you’ll do having sold yourself into debt slavery to these bottom feeders.

  5. Stuff like this reminds me of a family friend who owned a furniture store in Toronto. He had two broad sets of clientele, one that was uncomfortable with bargaining, the other that insisted on bargaining. He had to figure out how to set list price to accommodate both sets of people. If he offered the full list price to the former set they would say it’s too expensive and take offence if he started to bargain. If he offered the price too low, the latter would become offended when he refused to bargain a significantly lower price.

    He ended up listing the higher price but let the non-bargainers in on “upcoming” or “previous” sale prices. The trick was figuring which group the customer fell under.

  6. Throw in a Tesla model S with all the bells and whistles and I’m in!

  7. recall was policy initiative to take down ppty speculation hard

    “Nearly 50% of China’s top 1,000 wealthiest citizens have faced financial losses this year, with the average wealth falling 9% to $860 million from a year earlier, according to a new ranking of China’s richest from Hurun Report, a Shanghai-based group that follows wealth trends in the country. Thirty-seven of China’s richest have lost as much as half of their wealth and the number of dollar billionaires dropped to 251, 20 fewer than a year earlier, the report said.” … http://tinyurl.com/9eccyz3

  8. Civic…. BMW… Ferrari. They can offer progressively lower net prices by offering better cars 😀

  9. what a great way for some fool to buy two money losing liabilities, and two liabilities that will lose 50% of its value on the first year. lol. I pity those fools

  10. Is it his car?

  11. That ad is just more evidence that Vancouver is still in the denial stage.

  12. Uh oh. We definitely saw this offer in the US. When the homes in those new subdivisions or condo towers stopped selling.

  13. I was saddened when my Nortel stock collapsed. However that is nothing compared to the impending carnage of homeowners gettting crushed.

  14. The price of the car is included in the condo, maybe with a slight reduction. 15 000$ hidden in a several hundreds of thousands pile.

    It just shows that car sellers also struggles. So, those 2 slowing industries help each other to boost their numbers. And you are happy with the illusion that you made a good deal by buying a condo with a “free” car. At the end, you paid for it just like you paid your “free” cellphone at the end of your swollen 3 years contract.

  15. Kimpton in North Vancouver is offering 3 BMW series 3s to offload their overpriced units… Even parked them in front of the development on the weekends… They are still using their hackneyed “Expect the Unexpected” tagline (which makes no sense logically) under the “75% Sold” (which sounds better than “1 ouf of every 4 Units Unsold”).

  16. Regarding the car, GM(Government motors)has fully 86 days of inventory in their US dealerships, and about the same in China, more than double the normal inventory.
    Likely this is the case in other places and with other dealers, have to pump those “recovery” stats somehow.

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