‘For Sale’ Sign Orgies

– photo by Zbigniew Cylbulski, the blogger at ‘scamcouver‘, who writes: “I saw this outside the Nexus condo complex at 3588 Crowley Drive, near the Joyce Street Station and thought you might be interested.”
Yes, we are, thanks Zbig. It goes nicely with some of the shots from South Surrey captured recently by Gord Goble [VREAA 4 Sep 2012], sample below. If any readers have snaps of dense sign montages, please send them along.

14 responses to “‘For Sale’ Sign Orgies

  1. Immediately saw Paul B’s sign & hoped, of that forest of realtors, he’d make the sale… Clearly, he’s got my loyalty!

  2. Don’t worry about these little things.

    Recently a real estate pumper under the username of “JensNorris” has infiltrated the /r/vancouver subforum of reddit.com. Here is a classic post from this person when people have brought up the unaffordability of Vancouver and how real estate prices represent a bubble market:

    “There are lots of examples of ‘bubble’ markets that never pop. They just deflate a little and reinflate. There are also a lot of things that are going to attract people to living here that aren’t changing, ever.”


    “Lending has been ‘tightening’ for years. And is actually just reverting to where it was a few years previous. The trend in property values has not risen and fallen with the loosening and tightening in lending rules – it’s followed its own independent curve.”

    I sense desperation on the part of the real estate industry and a focused effort to influence opinion through social media and web2.0 sites.

    It may hearten VREAA readers that this person has regularly been downvoted in to oblivion, even on a forum where the BPOE cult is at full strength.

  3. Too bad they do not hang all the for sale signs in DT buildings.

    31 listings, granted Dolce and Vita listings are combined but can you imagine?

    27 listings. Wow.

    • Still all $1000/square foot.

      At those prices I’d rather live within the Orbital in London or somewhere in Berlin or Paris thank-you-very-muchly.

    • I’m not surprise so many people want to get out of Capitol Residences. The curved part of that building directly faces South East and it does not have AC. Units on that side are no doubt like a sauna all summer. I lived in a SE facing building once and inside temperatures would regularly exceed 35 degrees on a sunny day when it was only 20-25 outside, and this was with windows and balcony doors wide open.

      If you look you can actually see a couple of those units have completely covered their windows with tin foil.

  4. Some condos now prohibit the placing of the array of listings and instead only allow the single sigh “units for sale contact number” to avoid the impression of the avalanche of the listing there.

  5. Wow, talk about overkill. It seems that this many signs may just scare potential buyers away.

    • There are some complexes that have strata bylaws against RE signs, instead they have one sign that says, “Contact your local realtor.”

  6. orgy? that’s gross … pffft! it’s being dissected now … http://tinyurl.com/9ms6zuk … something with a local resonance

    Beneath the antic, funny surface of his world-conquering song, however, is a sharp social commentary about the country’s newly rich and Gangnam, the affluent district where many of them live. Gangnam is only a small slice of Seoul, but it inspires a complicated mixture of desire, envy and bitterness.

    • Point Grey Style? Yaletown Style?

      It’s just asking to be a local youtube hit.

      • i wouldn’t put it that way but this is in fact not far off the mark … allow a conjecture on the scholarship? – to crystallize the thesis, something otherwise inappropriate for an ap article … everyone wants something … whether and how to deny or indulge it defines your life … sales ad strategy tries to blow a hole in you and make you fill it with a purchase … eg. oppan steve_jobs-style? … this explains why people will ignore common sense and overpay outrageous amounts for anything … whether by chance or design or both, gangnam style is incredibly clever … it uses that very same hook on your while satirizing it … perhaps attribute the universal appeal to the fact that the whole world is being sold oppan something-style

  7. The half ripped off sold sticker on the top left is the icing on the cake.

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