Armstrong Cheese II – “Looks like they’re a wee bit late to the party.”

Above photo from Gord Goble [via e-mail, 15 Sep 2012], who writes: “Not the best photo (totally against the sun, taken from a long distance while in my car), but I found the subject pretty interesting nonetheless. Armstrong Cheese = Vancouver real estate. Looks like they’re a wee bit late to the party.
I like the other elements too – the guy walking away disgusted and another billboard that’s also all about fantasy.
Anywho, thought you’d like it. Taken at the Highway 99 – 8th Ave interchange near the border.”

[Thanks Gord, nice shot. We particularly like the fantasy and disgust components. A companion piece to subterranian’s photo near Lion’s Gate Bridge, 14 Sep 2012. Looks like these guys have the North and the South covered. – vreaa]

5 responses to “Armstrong Cheese II – “Looks like they’re a wee bit late to the party.”

  1. NiceOne! [as with ALL your others, Gord… HighTime you ASMP’d yourself Gord and ‘expanded’ your horizons]…

    Ok, Ed… Dare I say it? All right, then…

    YVR RE is now… We may safely say….



  2. Don’t forget the lessons you learned in the nursery.

    The cheese stands alone. Always.

  3. The other billboard made me laugh.
    Dorothy = poor misguided young condo buyer given only one route in life.
    Yellow brick road = gold or greed.
    Field of poppies = drugs, all around her.
    Green towers with chattering mental munchkins everywhere = typical Vancouverites.
    I could go on… 🙂

  4. All that’s missing from this photo is a homeless guy and his dog sleeping beneath the billboard.

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