Cheese Houses Billboard Ad – “More Desirable Than Vancouver Real Estate”

– image from ‘subterranian’ via e-mail 14 Sep 2012, who writes: “Thought I’d send this along… It’s been running for days on the electronic billboard at the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge. HAM and cheese?” [Many, many thanks, subterranian; an image from our bubble that we are very pleased to archive.]

No mold comments, please.
Seriously, folks… any doubt we’re living in the distorted universe of an RE mania?
– vreaa

29 responses to “Cheese Houses Billboard Ad – “More Desirable Than Vancouver Real Estate”

  1. All marketing is distorted. I have yet to land a babe opening a can of Coors Light.

  2. Talk about an uninspired tag line… Don Draper would not be impressed…

  3. Baby boomers are, on average, in their late 40’s thru early 60’s, with the Peak in the 49-53 age co-hort. This group cannot consume the amount of cheese they enjoyed during their salad years. Armstrong cheese and the advertising agency they hired probably know this quite well. Consequently, the ad is designed to appeal to people under 40. Therein lies the clue to the ‘desirability of Vancouver RE’.. the appeal is to a demographic group that is know as the Baby Bust.

    • But the under 40 crowd is a bunch of lactose intolerant wusses due to constant bacterial cleaning of their surroundings by their parents and medication and anti-biotics instead of building up their immune systems through actually getting sick. Or they are skinny jean wearing vegans. Armstrong shouldn’t even be promoting in Vancouver – dead market for cheese.

  4. It’s brilliant. Armstrong cheese is really terrible. Great way to connect a brand with those who are priced out. This could trigger the long awaited crash and build a loyal following of crappy cheese eating youngish brand advocates!

    • Wouldn’t the priced out people qualify for guvment cheese?

    • …”Saputo acquired Dairyworld Foods and its stable of brands including “Dairyland” milk and “Armstrong” cheese, which was the production and marketing arm of Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd, in 2001 for C$407 million.[4][5] Agrifoods International was itself the result of a series of mergers between dairy cooperatives in Western Canada in the 1990s. Armstrong Cheese was formerly an independent cheese maker based in Armstrong, British Columbia which was acquired by Dairyworld in 1997. After Saputo obtained the brand, it closed the plant in Armstrong. Throughout its history, Saputo has long been suspected of ties to organized crime and the Mafia in Canada (See story).”….

    • “Blessed are the cheese-makers…”

      • Toss down TheGaunlet, eh…. “Ha! Ha! I say to you!”

      • Morris Dancing: Another gentlemanly activity best avoided by gentlemen.
        Extra points for any images of Morris dancers playing accordions.

      • Or how about bears doing Morris dances?

        Chub, by the way, you’d asked if I did technodancing — I’m a Handel and minuets person, alas. But I like the accordion-playing bears.

      • epte … 🙂 … my #1 operatic option … (youtube sound horrid, cd is must have) … all great but bernarda fink’s mezzo soprano is <3^10 … especially (~ 1:59:40) … che culpa la mia si amor vuol cosi …

      • Nem and Chub! Thank you so much. Enjoyed the minuet! And the Flavio — marvellous! (Chub, if you are a Handel enthusiast, try sometime to see a Peter Sellars [not Sellers] production, if you haven’t already.) Anybody see the Orlando in Vancouver recently? Terrific.

        You know, I wound up liking that techno-dancing clip. But I guess if I could dance anything, it would be Balanchine’s Serenade.

        I know we are getting a little far from RE here, so other readers, please forgive. I had to express my thanks to two stalwarts of this blogtribe….

        Oh, and Nem, that Henri Paws de Deux clip a week or so ago was also “superbe.”

      • oops … that’s obviously not fink in the video … the rest of the cast looks the same as the cd though … this guy has inspired me to get back to accordion playing (in a conjunto band though) – uncle ben is at least good for something …

      • There is, of course, absolutely no truth whatsoever to persistent rumours that a sizable contingent of BritishColumbianRealtors™ have travelled to Egremont, Cumbria’s CrabFestival to compete in the World Gurning Championships…

        “It’s really the degree to which your face changes. If you’re ugly to start with and just get a little bit uglier it’s not as good as if you’re beautiful to start with and make yourself really ugly.” – Steve Foster, EgremontCrabFair Organising Committee Chairman

        [BBC] – Gurners prepare to grimace at Egremont Crab Fair

        …”The competition has rules, including a ban on make-up, though manipulation of false-teeth is allowed for those who have them. The gurning contest is only one part of a series of traditional sports held as part of the Crab Fair, including horse and pony leaping and pipe smoking competitions.”…

  5. Comparing cheese to houses! That just makes no sense.

  6. IMHO, it makes a perfect sense – they compare one completely unfounded desire for the processed cheese – not a real cheese at all (as it is said already, the Armstrong cheese is really terrible and who would want to consume the list of the additives along) to another one completely irrational desire for the overpriced piece of RE junk (leaky shoebox condos, rotten 50 years old tiny houses with the low ceiling that smell of…cheese?). I.E. the perfect cheese for the looser that consider the Vancouver RE desirable.

  7. This represents the top in the cheese market.

  8. Swiss cheese compares the Vancouver Re market.

  9. Not exactly related, but exuberance elsewhere that we might mirror (well at least Alberta).

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