Bears Invade Burnaby – “Drop your prices and we’ll play nice.”

Bear admiring a gorgeous, south-facing 42 x 122 foot lot in Burnaby

Thinks: “This formwork stinks.. the hell if I’d fork over $120K to this ‘landscaper’.”

“The Burnaby RCMP is warning the public and morning commuters about a bear sighting.
Officers say shortly before 8 a.m., a big black bear was spotted lumbering down Rosser Avenue at Willingdon Avenue.
Police have not had any reports of aggression or interaction between the bear and people.”

– from Vancouver Sun 13 Sep 2012 [hat-tip epte]

Bears aren’t violent so long as you don’t get in their way, and let them take what they want.
– vreaa

12 responses to “Bears Invade Burnaby – “Drop your prices and we’ll play nice.”

  1. What a wonderful sight. A bear coming out to inspect. I wonder whether he smashed any realtors signs down in his tour of properties. That would be amusing. (Acknowledged not for the realtor who may need to replace the sign.)

  2. Ah.. suddenly it all makes sense now!… He’s a ScotiaBear™!

    [G&M] – Housing Market Weakens, More ‘Softening’ Seen

    “While the Canadian residential real estate market remains relatively buoyant, it has shifted to a slower growth trajectory, says Adrienne Warren, senior economist at Bank of Nova Scotia. The bank released its second-quarter survey of global housing trends Friday, and found that the number of countries reporting that house prices declined from last year outnumbered those reporting increases by more than two to one. Globally, weak consumer confidence, high unemployment and tight credit conditions continue to weigh heavily on housing demand and pricing, the report said.”…

  3. sadly, not up to the thematic challenge … what would hollywood do? …. right! … take it down a notch … … note to gentlemens aspiring to fashion said knowledge into strategy and tactics… there is a catch! … you must plan for your own demise … tbc while i gather materials to demonstrate
    ps. sir_nem, i neglected to tie up loose thematic associations by noting that sir_lancelot is presently history’s most notorious postal employee … who inspired millions to similarly suit up in blue, then to dream they too could work for the postal service (thankfully, i was never so afflicted)

    • follow up … so the enquiring mind must ask ‘what could be problematic about the sexually-aroused female?’ it is simply that the idea of an aroused and receptive female is a highly-potent male stimulant … and that arousal in the male is necessarily accompanied by debilitating diminishment in cognitive capacity (know thyself gentlemens, the women have known this forever) … yes – to be successful, gentlemens need apply windage adjustments of sorts, anticipating that they will deploy their scheme(s) into eventual gale-force cognitive cross winds … submitting items #4 and #2 in illustration … … all of the above and supporting article are entirely relevant to the discussion of yvr_RE, except items #5, #3 and especially #1 … so please don’t read those

  4. Who says reporting in Vancouver is biased? 🙂

  5. thematic challenge? I’ll try it:

    the bear indicates that the severe market correction is gestated, one year to ‘birth’

    I was living in the Interlakes area of B.C. during the summer of 2007, when the lodge I was living in was overrun by bears. (anyone remember Little Horse Lodge, 70 Mile House?) One year after this we had our Stock Market correction in 2008.

    • If you remember the story, Little Horse Lodge was the location of an amazing event further in 2008, when a man was walking his dog, his dog was attacked by a bear, but remarkably, the man Killed the bear with a walking stick. The stock market went straight back up.

  6. sir/madam_v … +1 in comment_purgatory

  7. I swear, Ed… you just can’t make this sfuff up…

    Quote ‘O TheWeekend!

    “The bears came around, and it was pitch black. I didn’t have my cellphone with me. I was in my bathing suit, I had no shoes, I had nothing. It was horrifying, Absolutely horrifying!” – Stephanie Puls of MapleRidge

    [CBC] – Woman spends ‘horrifying’ night in B.C. forest

    A 25-year-old B.C. woman is thanking her rescuers after spending a frightening night alone in a Fraser Valley forest, dressed in little more than a bikini.

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