“The agent in China was caught off guard as well – the brochure showed trees and ocean!!!”

“With regards to ‘Yu Living’ green condo at UBC south campus, my in-laws in China bought a place site unseen. They are furious now that the view overlooks a future BC Liqour store and Save on Foods. The agent in China was caught off guard as well – the brochure showed a trees and ocean!!!
They should not bought a place with so little advance research; they come from a generation that respected universities and assumed that they were buying into a quality life style for future grand kids.”

‘Not too happy’ at VCI 27 Aug 2012 6:02am

It’s easy to be happy with almost any property when prices are barrelling upwards.
When prices stagnate or start falling, owners become more critical of a property’s shortcomings.
Expect lots of stories like this in the downturn.
– vreaa

20 responses to ““The agent in China was caught off guard as well – the brochure showed trees and ocean!!!”

  1. If they’re worried about the view of a liquor store and parking lot, they needn’t be– another condo will be built between YU and the Save-On-Foods parking lot. So they’ll have a lovely view of a very-close condo building!

  2. “Expect lots of stories like this in the downturn.”

    There’s no save on foods downtown. 👍

  3. Who cares about Trees&Ocean!!! My brochure promised a gratis Veyron and ContinentalGTC in every living room!…

    “These buyers are very discerning. They’ve seen a lot, so they’re very exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that’s unique and different.” – Leny Suparman, CEO KOP Properties, Singapore

    [SydneyMorningHerald] – Glitzy high-rise development in Singapore offers elevator for cars.

    …”The new 30-storey Hamilton Scotts building in the ritzy Orchard Road area has an elevator for cars, which will deliver the vehicles to the “en suite sky garages”, glass cases for cars next to the living room. The owner must drive the car into a garage and on to a turnstile, and then hop out and scan a fingerprint on a biometric scanner, which will use a computer system to send the car to the correct apartment.”…


    [NoteToEd: Yes, a developer who changed his name to SuparMan.]

  4. “Bought” nothing, all those places are leasehold stratas. Savvy investors abound …

  5. Something wong with this pictcha.
    They should try reading the fine print, and no the bikini clad realtor on the back of the brochure is not included.

  6. Respecting universities is fine. Automatically attaching more respect to housing because of its proximity to a university is stupid. Anyone that pays for something sight unseen deserves what they get.

  7. Saw an open house 2 weeks ago on 5th and chesterfield in north van. Listed for 949K.
    Just saw price reduced to 867K ! Only a 9% drop, so not quite vancouverpricedrop ready, but wow.

    Somebody needs to sell bad. The owner was the realtor too, she was giving some spiel about how she was moving back to Kits after being on the shore for 4 years. Probably bought another place and needs to unload fast.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out !

    • Ah yes, OldChub!… Never say “No” to ‘Panda’!… a lesson that I can assure you has been absorbed by many a Canadian PrivateBanker catering to the ‘holiday’ needs of the YellowEmperor’s emissaries…

      [AFP] – China official flees country with funds: report

      …”The communist party chief of Fengcheng, a city in Liaoning province, left in April with as much as 200 million yuan ($32 million), the official China Daily Newspaper said. The report quoted a spokesman for Dandong city, which administers Fengcheng, confirming the disappearance of party head Wang Guoqiang…

      A Chinese study released last year estimated corrupt officials have siphoned off more than $120 billion from the country in less than two decades. Between 16,000 and 18,000 government officials and executives of state-owned firms have fled China or simply vanished with illegal gains, according to the study by the country’s central bank.

      …In one notable case, three managers at a Bank of China branch fled to the United States and Canada in 2001 with $483 million.”…


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  9. “…site unseen.”

    Normally my grammar Naziism would go into full swing. But that is a perfect turn-of-phrase.

  10. Too bad so sad suckas.

  11. so they are looking for something that’s unique and different.” – Leny Suparman, CEO KOP Properties, Singapore.

    Unique AND different, wow, tough to find both.

    • When you decide to call yourself, “SuparMan”… Tautological indiscretions come naturally, KC… Then again, Leny is – apparently – actually a woman…

  12. UBCghettodweller

    Bwwwahahaha. This so makes my day. They deserve every last bit of crap they get for specking on a UBC property. I can only encourage UBC to take even greater advantage of these people and subsidize tuition for its students or use this money to re-invest in student and research infrastructure. Think of how quickly new research institutes could be build if we took greater advantage of HAM. Let the foreigners pay for us locals. Some compensation is finally due.

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