Olympian Task – Buying A Home In Canada

“The next milestone in Olympic marathoner Reid Coolsaet’s life doesn’t involve running.
“I’m looking to buy a house over there,” he said, pointing to a row of backyards that lines Westdale’s Churchill Park.
The 33-year-old Hamiltonian returned home last week from the Olympics after a little bit of traveling.
But the London 2012 games didn’t work out as Coolsaet planned. He came in 27th.
“I already had a 25 at the World Championship so I thought top 20 was really doable,” he said. “Hopefully a top 10.”
Coolsaet said he was confident at the start of the race, running the first mile at a pace that would have medaled.
But at 26 degrees, it was a hotter day than runners expected.
“I faded bad in the last 5 km, but there were guys who faded worse,” he said.

– from ‘Olympic runner returns home to Hamilton’, CBC, 28 Aug 2012

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– vreaa

6 responses to “Olympian Task – Buying A Home In Canada

  1. with a name like Reid Coolsaet he can live anywhere in Canada except south Okanagan and be a success.

  2. I did a little analysis of how overvalued hamilton is.
    $100,000 on average.

    It might seem cheap, but incomes just don’t support current levels without marching debt loads.

  3. Carioca Canuck

    A loser buying RE during a bubble.

    How “apropos”………………snort.

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