Vancouver Through The Eyes Of Neal

– from ‘Neal ‘n’ Nikki’ trailer, youtube, 29 May 2012.
“Neal ‘n’ Nikki is a Bollywood film, released in 2005… directed by Canadian-based director Arjun Sablok. The film was critically panned and was a failure at the box office in India though it did well overseas. This film created quite a stir… characters were seen engaging in sexual behavior, which was not approached before in any major Bollywood film.” – from Wikipedia
[hat-tip ‘scamcouver’]

Vancouver is portrayed as a highly desirable ‘party’ city for the male protagonist, with lots of women walking, biking and lying about in public places; hot-dog stands; lame statue buskers; and a sky-train that needs to be sped up to look exciting. -ed.

8 responses to “Vancouver Through The Eyes Of Neal

    • Amazing. Vancouver made another top ten list (but in a bit of a back-handed fashion):
      “If you want to gaze at gorgeous Asians and freckled Scotch-Irish descendants, it’s hard to beat Vancouver. Nobody rocks bum-hugging yoga pants like a Vancouver lass strutting the seawall. Granted, you’ll never get to meet one. To quote my hot friend Jane, “the sixes here have the attitudes of tens.” Worse, no Vancouver babe will ever say hi in public, possibly because they’re busy pursuing solitary sports (kayaking, jogging, preening) while sporting iPods and oversized sunglasses on cloudy, lonely days. Still…nice bums.”

  1. “I bought it only six months ago… it’s already worth $900,000!” – Mr. Kohli

  2. Still can’t compete with how the Fonz and Chachi made Milwaukee look like the party town of the last century. Waa wa wa.

  3. Neal looks so out of place in Vancouver. He needs to be more miserable, self important and standoffish.

    • >He needs to be more miserable, self important and standoffish.

      If this were reddit, you’d receive an upvote from me.

      But you forgot to add having an ever present anxiety about how this place might not actually be the best place on earth.

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