A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

“In fact, most detached homes in my neighbourhood that had stagnated for two months are now sold, but data not posted.
Is real estate board deliberately holding these sales back so it produces data that makes the market appear in “buyers market” territory?”

eyesthebye at RETalks 11 Aug 2012 7:33am

Hmmm. So, by this argument: Things are actually good but the realtors are conspiring to make them look bad in order to make them even better?
Let’s rather keep things simple: The market looks weak because it is weak.
– vreaa

6 responses to “A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

  1. they’re all buying these instead … http://tinyurl.com/9lotq6m

  2. Confirmation bias. Or the sellers dropped the price significantly enough for the buyer’s realtor to press on their client:”it is your best chance to catch the all time low”.

  3. Yes the board went out of its way to produce the lowest sales in 10 years. Vancouver is probably one of the few places in the known universe where someone would respond, “I take your point.”

  4. I’ve seen this too in Point Grey. I’ve also noticed houses that were “sold” just weeks ago suddenly have new “for sale” signs in front of them. What’s happening?

    • Most likely problems with financing; therefore house not actually sold.
      In a few instances, possible quick flip attempts, but the perpetrators would have to be deluded, given the market.

  5. Consider the source.

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