“Last year, my friend was asking me what to do with her house in Van West, I said sell it, she said the market will keep going up.”

“Last year, my friend was asking me what to do with her house in Van West, I said sell it, she said the market will keep going up. I gave her all the reasons behind it, and now I was at a BBQ on the weekend, and my friend said to me, “You were right, the market is going down.” Finally, someone believes me!!!”
Finally at yattermatters.com 1 Aug 2012 1:42pm

22 responses to ““Last year, my friend was asking me what to do with her house in Van West, I said sell it, she said the market will keep going up.”

  1. But did she sell it?

    • Ah! Good ‘Ol Dr. Salzhauer! It’s such a pity he had to settle for Medecins Sans Brassieres with all that MaxilloFacial and reconstructive work going begging in the MENA… Still… Who are we to judge? I’ll bet you didn’t know those SiliconThingamajigs have unique SerialNumbers, ‘OlChub!

      As for Jerry… Bet he finishes, NetNet, better than the Daters… Sort of.

      As for Sgt. Perret’s CaseFile… I’m betting the Complainant’s RealBeef… was the absence of a BiddingWar. Come on now! Fort St. John! I wonder whatever to happened to NorthernLightsPizza. GreekStyle.

  2. @v sir/ma’am, my thoughts are being wordpress policed … and fwiw, i have prizes for accordion playing

    • “A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn’t.” – Author Unknown

      Less frequently quoted but nevertheless a perennial crowd pleaser @ VodkaFuelled KremlinParTay’s in the PostStalin era … “How many Cossacks does it take to play an Accordion?” – Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov (the accordionist appears in the finale)…

  3. Anecdote suggestion from the comments over at Garth’s place: (I especially like the ball peen hammer smack at the end of it)

    Philosophy (Theology?) of Denial:
    #156 John on 08.05.12 at 9:31 am
    Daystar wrote:

    #86 John on 08.04.12 at 9:32 am

    “As I read your comments, over and over I keep coming up with this. Nihilism: A philosophical doctrine or belief suggesting the negation of one or more putative meanings in life.


    What I see in this “argument” is the entire pathology of the economy ( with real estate being the undeniable dilemma): Denial.

    I can see you are struggling as the facts emerge, and instead of looking at them, you return to authority
    ( especially), and a sense of comfort that “reasonableness”, “civility” and “human dignity” will save the day. With denial, these basic values are impossible. The real root is just narcissism ( as you have brought up). If you are an adult Canadian, you have drank the koolaid. It is unavoidable.

    If all you can see is nihilism, it’s because you’re stuck at denial, unable to look at an “impossible dilemma” and find real civility, real human dignity, and all the reality that comes with looking at the facts and taking in a dose of true human uncertainty.

    Nobody wants to really do this ..and that is human. Yoi sound like you’re in the “negotiation” phase…I’d say I’m there too, but moving along. The idea is keep moving. It’s a process. Plus, the entire country ( even world) is involved.

    If you do decide to consider facts, solutions are possibile. Something beyond the denial ( and beyond nihilism as an obligatory alternative).

    What would it be? Dealing with narcissism and moving into community, with everything that entails. Of course this would have to be some kind of process.

    Your point of view on real estate, economy, government and the world is steeped in denial. You seem to see many dots, but turn to authority to connect them for you.

    They may connect your dots, but they will leave you out of the picture. This feeds narcissism ( rejection of self). Because in narcissism, you are a “non-self”, and want to build an image of self instead. Hoping to be accepted for that. A lot of pain there.

    Thus all the denial.

    There is life beyond denial and nihilism, as our all-to-human process reveals over and over. Like it or not. Th real power is likely in faith, because that’s where connection is. Visibility. Self. Grieiving. Humanity. Values. Identity.

    Connection. But you’d have to admit the problems as they are first. Start with how you’re neighbour’s house went from 300,000 in 1999 to 850,000 in 2012.

    That stuff is in our face now…and all it implies. Right to the core.

  4. It was all ok (although very patronizing) before he gives a solution – “The real power is likely in faith” – I will have to return him his own quote:
    “You seem to see many dots, but turn to authority to connect them for you.”

  5. Are you a doctor or nurse working in a rural community and still have student loan debt? Do you own a home too? Lucky you.

    Government of Canada Announces Support to New Family Doctors and Nurses

    “Family doctors and residents in family medicine will be eligible to receive up to $8,000 per year in Canada Student Loan forgiveness to a maximum of $40,000 over five years”

    Your socialist government hard at work.

  6. If professionals like doctors are willing to pay a hefty premium (we’re talking multiples of $40k) so they can live in a place like the BPOE, does the government think $21.9 per day can lure these guys to rural areas? Money aside, ask doctors who grew up in rural areas how come they’re now practising and living in the city.

    • Your comment gave me an idea. Pay the rare really quality hospital administrators to move to the rural areas and the docs will flock and follow. Much cheaper.

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