Song: ‘A House in Vancouver’ – Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market

“Will housing prices ever go down?
Well, there’s a hopeful crowd that’s stickin’ around
And there are many like me, with good job and good pay
Who can not afford a house in Vancouver

[C’mon, even a small condo is priced at half a million]
[I suppose I could buy, and not see a spare cent for the rest of my life]

From the heart of Vancouver all the way to New West
On our fine Earth, this place is the best
So say those ads, to us, every single day
All those tricks just to get us to pay

Now is always the best time to buy
Never let an opportunity go awry
But even in the ‘burbs, the prices are still high
Guess I have no hope to own in Vancouver

[I guess I’ll have to start looking elsewhere]
[Like Saskatchewan… Saskatoon… nice house for a quarter the price]

Foreign money is always what is blamed
But the racists here are never shamed
What about the locals and all their greed?
Who make every want into a need

But some out there are smellin’ the rat
In this land where the realtors get fat
Yet it won’t be me who’s caught in the trap
With an outrageous mortgage and no funds to tap

[Yep, I’d *be* the tap… that’s for sure]
[But, hey! I’d be livin’ the American dream!]

Decades of debt just for a house
But no one is as poor as a church mouse
I say the poison is all the borrowed wealth
But, how could that be bad for your health?

The interest rates are bound to go up
And many a wallet will feel the hiccup
But, it won’t be me who buys in today
And risk a worthless house long before I get to old age

[If I don’t die first]

So don’t be house rich and cash poor
Take your well-earned cash and go on a tour
See all that the world has to offer
Listen not to what the admen proffer

[You don’t need it… live life, have fun]
[Go and buy that new toy… because you can]

So, will I ever buy a house in Vancouver
[Not at this this rate]
I guess I’ll be forever paying rent in Vancouver
[Unless the bubble bursts]
‘Til then, I’ll keep paying rent in Vancouver
[And if I win the lottery?]
Then I’ll buy a tiny house in Vancouver”

– from ‘A House in Vancouver’, ‘Daily Dancer’, self posted youtube video, 2 July 2012

Excellent sentiment.
The housing market really has thoroughly saturated our psyches.
– vreaa

5 responses to “Song: ‘A House in Vancouver’ – Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market

  1. Now I am really thinking some of these new immigrant buyers and their realtors are missing a few marbles. 1116 Gordon Ave, West Vancouver. 5 year old home that was listed in April 2010 for $2,495,000 and was reduced in July 2010 for $2,388,000 then expired in September 2010. Re listed in May of this year for $2,880,000 now has just sold for $2,680,000. Hello! Did the realtor push the history tab on MLX. Did they look at the 50 or more new homes in the area that aren’t selling. This was only the 19th SFH sale of the month in West Vancouver. Yes, I now do believe people are just stupid!

  2. NoteToDailyDancer: Management advice… lose the bedroom and the glasses… nix the “MightyWind/Folk” treatment… recruit some sidemen… don WesternShirts, Stetsons… new tempo [TwoStep]… lyric wise, a little less ‘on the nose’ … lot’s of pedal steel guitar. Bingo. You’re a C&W star and even ‘NW will have to PlayList you (sans Payola). Oh, the irony!

    • Here’s the look you want, DD…

      Circa 1952… Kitty Wells – It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Realtors™

  3. Sounds like this guy would do anything to avoid renting!

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