Globe & Mail Poll – 84% Say That Vancouver Is In A “Housing Price Bubble”

Poll at the Globe and Mail, 12 Jun 2012 [hat-tip patriotz at VCI]

There were 1004 respondents by the time we took the above snap-shot.
A remarkable 84% of respondents voiced the opinion that Vancouver is in a bubble.
Even with a caveat concerning the validity of online polls of this nature, it is fair to say that this represents a significant change in general public opinion and sentiment.
– vreaa

4 responses to “Globe & Mail Poll – 84% Say That Vancouver Is In A “Housing Price Bubble”

  1. So most city Realtors, the Cam Goods, the staff at Global involved in pumping up the market, Tsur and all the others bubble deniers and pumpers are now lumped in with the small 8% minority of the general public that is actually delusional, uninformed or desperately hoping no bubble exists…..

    Hmmm. That feels good!

  2. the poll is unreliable. Most believe that prices have run away with logic and are due for a correction. I don’t see that option anywhere in the poll – it forces the polled to choose “bubble”

  3. If you bough into the market now you must have “Had To” as you need a place to live and are prepared to lose at least 35% of your investment.

  4. Unsustainable for Canadians obviously.

    This meaningless poll should have been taken in Hong Kong.

    Why is the mainstream press so blinded by 70s style idealogy?

    Why does no-one have the balls to follow the money?

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